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LPMuds.net: Frequently Asked Questions about the Site

  1. What's this site about?

  2. What's a MUD?

  3. What's an LPmud?

  4. What is LPC?

  5. Why dedicate a site to this stuff?

  6. What is the advantage/difference of LPmuds over Diku?

  7. What LPmud types are available?

  8. Where can I find documentation on LPC?

  9. You are a tricksy trickster! This is not an LPC site, it is a Dead Souls site!

  10. What are the rules for the forum?

  LPMuds.net - Site FAQ

What's this site about?

This site is intended to be a resource for information on LPmuds and related downloads. Since I have a decided preference for a particular kind of LPmud, you can expect some bias, but hopefully it isn't excessive.

What's a MUD?

A kind of online text-based adventure game that people can play on the Internets. See this Wikipedia entry for details, and this Jargon file entry for more context.

What's an LPmud?

An LPmud is a type of mud program that is programmed in a scripted language called LPC.

What is LPC?

It is a scripting language that looks a lot like the C programming language but is much, much easier to learn than C and is designed for making muds.

Why dedicate a site to this stuff?

I spent a lot of time working on an LPmud, and I'm hoping other people will, too. It'll make me feel like less of a loser. Right now Diku-style muds are dominant, and that makes me sad. Hopefully, having more LP info out there will help people recognize the goodness that is LPmuds.

What is the advantage/difference of LPmuds over Diku?

Please see this online discussion for an explanation.

What LPmud types are available?

The different kinds of LPmuds are usually called "libs" which stands for "libraries". You can find information on various libs here:

The LPmud lib list

Where can I find documentation on LPC?

The Dead Souls Homepage is a good start.

See also:
darkrifts.org lpc manual

You are a tricksy trickster! This is not an LPC site, it is a Dead Souls site!

There is no debate about what, as of this writing, is the overwhelming
content of the site: discussion of the Dead Souls 2 LP mudlib. I maintain
that lib, and I own this site. There is an obvious bias in the current
demographics of the site membership.

I mean...you know. Duh.

However, the point of my work has been not only a revival of Dead Souls, but
a revival of LPC by using Dead Souls as a tool to get to that renaissance.

Perhaps I am deluded in my belief that spreading popularity of Dead Souls
is a net plus for LPC. I grant you that. But don't doubt that this is my
honest belief. My maniacal fanaticism in support of Dead Souls should be
clear evidence that I may not be rational on this point, and merit a
little humoring.

That aside, I do think that a reliable, trustworthy site open to any and all
LPC discussion is sorely needed, and I want to make it possible for that
site to be lpmuds.net. I have been making clear to everyone that all
LPC discussion, regardless of driver or lib, is welcome and encouraged,
and it is my hope that, though started as largely a DS support site, it
becomes a hub for activity and discussion of LPC of all persuasions.

Call me nutty or mistaken. But don't call me deceptive. I'm up front about
what I'm trying to do, and people can decide for themselves whether
they like it. 

What are the rules for the forum?

The previous question should make it clear that I'm interested in
promoting a wider adoption of LPMuds. If you are at all familiar with
the history of LPMuds, it should be obvious that allowing things to
happen as they have, without intervention, has only promoted decline.
Therefore it is logical that a successful approach to reviving the
LPMud community involves something other than what has already been

There are various other forums that provide an avenue for
nearly-no-holds-barred discussion. This, in my opinion, can provide
for fun debate, but just as often it provides for non-fun flames
which are not of any constructive help, and tend to deter new people
from participating.

The participation of new folks is key in my strategy to help
grow the LPMudding community. In my experience, allowing
free-fire discussion zones does not help. So, as uncomfortable
as I am with being a forum nanny (or perhaps as some might term it,
a forum nazi), the LPMud discussion boards will have a fairly
restrictive set of rules, which include the following:

1) Offtopic posts may be moved to the appropriate topics or threads.

2) Illegal activity will not be tolerated.

3) Behavior I judge to be in conflict with the stated objectives of this site won't be tolerated.

4) Undue hostility, flaming, and/or swearing is likely to be moved to The Toilet.

The Toilet is a sort of compromise. I really dislike being a
content nazi, but it suits my objectives. In order to maintain
decorum while using the minimum violence in suppressing
free speech, I've chosen to create a topic for flames, offensive
material, etc. This topic is The Toilet. Guests and members do not have
access to The Toilet by default. You need to send me a Private Message
asking me to add you to the Pottymouth group, and then you'll have
access to toilet talk.

I don't really have the spare time to be always fair, I'm afraid,
so I hope you'll forgive me if I censor material unjustly. Just
send me a PM explaining why I was unfair, and the chances are I'll
take the time to go over it with you. If not, too bad. I want
everyone to have a chance to participate, and your unique
contribution might interfere with that, so despite its value, it
may just have to go into the elite, special area called The Toilet.

- Cratylus
<my name here>@comcast.net