A resource site for LPC, LPMuds, and related stuffs.
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LPMuds.net: MUD (not necessarily LP) related forums
A swell discussion forum. Largely centered around Diku/Smaug/etc.
The Mud Connector
The largest MUD community I'm aware of. Messy on occasion, and contentious, but there is signal with the noise.
Top Mud Sites
A sort of sister site to TMC, but very aggressive on censoring.
A site dedicated strictly to design and implementation discussion...no promotions allowed.
Electric Soup
MUSH discussion. Alien to me, but they are members of the MUD family, like it or not.
Recently revived site.
Mud Quest
Started as an alternative to Top Mud Sites, focusing on free muds.

  LPMuds.net: MUD related downloads

An extensive repository of much MUD stuff.
LPMuds.net lib list
Fixed up, "easy-ish to install" libs are here.
Lysator FTP
The ole grandpappy of LPMud related downloads (not frequently updated)
Mudbytes repository
A growing archive managed by the Mudbytes guys

  LPMuds.net: Drivers

Old Reliable: the most popular workhorse in the LPMud stable.
Lars Duening's interpretation of LPC.
An early fork from original LPMud, but info on it is scarce. Run by Genesis and Outerspace.
A clean-room implementation of LPC which can be commercially licensed, but with a catch.
Pike (aka LPC4)
Those who look into it tend to fall deeply in love. Apparently, however, it requires some commitment up-front.
Amylaar (aka LPMud 3.x)
Amylaar is just a name given to the least old incarnation of the original LPMud driver.
Written by a famously detail-oriented programmer to be backward compatible (mostly) with MudOS.

  LPMuds.net: General resource and information sites

MUDs at The Living Internet
The Living Internet is a sort of repository of general internet information, and the MUD entry is interesting.
MUDs at Wikipedia Wikipedia is basically the best thing ever. This is their article on muds.
Archived CIE Articles
Imaginary Realities used to have some nifty content. It is dead now, but you can read some articles still.

  LPMuds.net: LP Muds of pedigree

Genesis LPMud
The original LPMud, and still the 800-pound gorilla.
BatMUD One of the first, and still in operation.
Darker Realms
Another of The Old Ones. A sentimental favorite, as it is where I learned to code LPC.
Ancient Anguish
A venerable and still popular LPMud. Friends tried to drag me over there but I was just too stuck on DR!
An insanely popular LPMud that's been around for a good while.
Somewhat less popular than the other Old Ones, but still in operation and making mischief.