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About GurbaLib
« on: March 18, 2009, 01:41:01 am »
GurbaLib is a lightweight mudlib designed to run on the DGD driver.  It was originally written for DGD v.1.1 by Fudge.  It is original work, in the sense that the vast majority of the code is not based on existing libs.  It is also fairly simple and straightforward in design, making it relatively easy to learn and extend.  It boasts a modest set of game-oriented features, and aims to be at least somewhat easy for a coder used to FluffOS to poke at.

Recently, it has been picked up by a group of interested coders.  Nullinfinite has done the initial work to make the lib compatible with the newer "experimental" DGD 1.2 version, and since then a group of coders linked by the DGD Intermud channel have been collaborating to improve the lib in various ways and make the results available for public use.  As such, it is one of just a small handful of mudlibs publicly available for the current version of the DGD driver.

The lib in its current state includes Intermud support (the only publicly available DGD lib with this feature), MudOS/FluffOS style verb parsing, a reasonable selection of game objects, rooms, NPCs, ANSI colors, guilds, races, channels, and an FTP server.  It also has an increasingly advanced kernel, with TLS support and tracking of inheritance and clones.  We are actively working to improve the lib and make it more secure as well as adding more features.

The current release of the update GurbaLib may be found at  Any questions, comments, patches, or bug reports may be directed to this forum section or by email gurba AT
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