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--- Quote from: tjagoda on February 17, 2009, 09:23:36 am ---I encountered a lot of MXP errors when I used your bundle - do driver upgrades fix those?

--- End quote ---

I've no idea. I'm not a DW guy. It's "my" bundle only in that I put the
lib and driver together in a way that runs. How they do so is between
you, the lib, the driver, and the DW spirits.

Try it with 2.15 and see.


PS: An advantage of just getting a lib up and running, even if it's not to your
standards of elegance, is that you can then be on intermud. That gives
you another way of seeking help.

I tried your bundle with 2.15 - same exact error messages, simply minus the socket_create.  Here is the current error message readout:

root@host2 [/home/penmud/bin]# ./driver ./dw.cfg
using config file: ./dw.cfg
Initializing internal tables....
PenguiHost (FluffOS v2.15) starting up on Linux - Tue Feb 17 11:47:21 2009

System Error: init_addr_server: socket:Address family not supported by protocol
/include/all_inc.h line 10: Warning: Unknown #pragma, ignored. before #pragma st                                                                                                                               rict_types
/include/all_inc.h line 10: Warning: Unknown #pragma, ignored. before #pragma st                                                                                                                               rict_types

....about 30 more instances of the same line listed above....

Loading preloaded files ...
Initializations complete.

Accepting connections on port 1701.
System Error: init_user_conn: socket:Address family not supported by protocol

IPV6 is set to undef. 

local_options.dw is for current discworld, it may be better to start with the local_options crat bundled and take it from there. That said, looking at that last output, looks like your mud is up and running? Did you try to connect?

You can either ignore the pragma warning or remove that line, discworld sets all pragmas in the global include file, but not all of them still exist, so the driver warns about those.


It is not running.  As long as that last init_user_conn error appears, it is neither up nor accepting connections on 1701.

I'm not using the version of Fluff crit originally bundled, is it still wise to use his local_options?

Yes, it'll be closer to what you need then current dw or local_options we had back when that lib was released. It will likely fail to compile with that file, but the error messages should tell you which options to add.
I'll see if I can find some time to try this driver/lib combination myself.



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