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intro system?
« on: September 24, 2006, 06:56:48 am »


Not sure if this has come up before or not, so thought I'd ask here. One of the major features planned for my mud is a system where players must first introduce to one another before they recognize each other. The mud will be very strongly RP based, so this is a way to add a sense of realism, and is a rather popular feature in rp based games. At this point I'm still learning the code and the mud layout, so we're talking something far down the road if I code it myself, and I'm not opposed to that. However, it occurred to me that, especially since LP muds in general are quite popular for RP muds, this might be something others would want, or perhaps someone's already done it. Being as it would be a fairly complicated system to implement, I don't see the point in several people duplicating effort for the basis of this. So this brings up a few questions.

One, to Crat, is this something you would consider adding to your project, perhaps as a configurable option for those who may want to use it?

Two, if not, has anyone else implemented such a system on their mud that might be willing to share?

And if no to both of those the third question, when I do reach a point that I'm able to get it working on my mud, would anyone be interested in the code and details, either for an individual mud or to be added to the distro? I don't mind at all sharing if I end up being the one coding it, though it could be quite some time before I'm able to pull it off.

For those not familiar with how such a system would or could work I'll give a little more detail here, feel free to skip it if you don't care or have already seen such a system in action.

Basically, if two people have never met before, instead of seeing a name, they would see something like, "female human" when they looked at a room. They also cannot send tells to the person, and the gender/race combo is seen when they enter or leave the room as well. When one introduces to another, they would issue a command like this:

intro faylen

and I would see:

tester tells you her name.

Now, looking at a room instead of saying "female human" would actually show, "tester." Same with entering/leaving a room, and anywhere else. Tells would also now be enabled.

Players can type:

intro list

or a similar command to get a list of all the people they know, who have introduced to them, whether they are online or off. Intro status does not affect the ability to use their name in commands, and it doesn't hide names when the person speaks or does something for ooc clarification. Another possibility is to only allow the who command to show those who have introed to the player.

There are of course, lots of variations on this, but I figure if the basic concept is included with the distro, those admins that choose to use it can modify it to their tastes. The base system is the hard part. Some muds expand it to have intro as a basic introduction and introlong to include tells and such, as an example.

Any thoughts?

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intro system?
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2006, 07:55:38 am »

Hey Faylen!

My MUD project has a feature similar to that you speak of. (As do many other LPMUD:s aswell, I am sure.) I am not a Dead Souls or even MudOS user, so obviously my code isn't something you can plug into your project - even if my code was public domain, which it isn't. I am however happy to help out and share my experiences and solution with anyone that would attempt an implementation on Dead Souls or other.

One first thing that I think you should consider is to take a reverse approach to the introduction system. The way I had it done, you do not introduce yourself to other players to let them see your name, but rather you yourself have to recognize other players by whatever name you think they should be going by. To me this is a more natural approach from the player perspective.

I happen to have a log showing a bit of my system in action, if anyone is bored:">

Good luck! It's an interesting topic.

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intro system?
« Reply #2 on: September 24, 2006, 09:11:41 am »


That's a neat idea. I'm certainly open to it as something that could

be toggled in the config, since it's one of those things some

people love, and some people hate.

I have to admit that I won't get to it anytime soon, but it

will go on my feature request list, and I'll probably get to it

eventually. To see the "front burner" stuff I'm working on,

log on to the demo mud and type: finger cratylus

As you'll see, it's already a hefty list, which is why I'm not

in a position to make promises about if/when I might

start to work on it.


That looks pretty cool. Looks like a fun mud :)


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intro system?
« Reply #3 on: September 24, 2006, 10:38:45 pm »
I am planning something very similar to this concept myself. Mine will encompass all the places you could see a name though. So even if you speak to someone, your name is not revealed.

I was thinking of going with a few variation on 'My name is ...' And have those picked up for the Player and added into their list. But I like the idea of also being able to tag people with your own names if you wish.

A Player will then have a few options concerning how visible they wish to be to this new person. Still considering all the possible angles to this though, giving people enough control is a multi-layered problem.

At the very least, if you attach who-like information you should give each Player the ability to decide who gets that info.



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intro system?
« Reply #4 on: October 05, 2006, 09:44:10 am »

A little offtopic perhaps, but I agree with Crat, that looks interesting.

now I want to know what happened to the girl, and indeed her sword.

Although why anyone would bath in the wilderness without taking their sword -with- them... Rust I guess.

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intro system?
« Reply #5 on: October 05, 2006, 12:17:06 pm »

Thanks for the positive words!

And darloth, as for what happened after the log ends, I think I must disappoint you. That scene is set up. The two characters, Alressin and Fimbla (which is the name of the point of view girl), actually knew each other before that meeting. But hey, you shouldn't let that stop your imagination!

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intro system?
« Reply #6 on: October 05, 2006, 09:10:23 pm »
Im interested in seeing how people do an introduction system, I am planning on one myself.