Author Topic: Fighters - Overpowered?  (Read 2152 times)

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Fighters - Overpowered?
« on: December 01, 2008, 06:47:41 am »
Hi guys,

I've left the classes as they are (aside from making a couple of basic attacking spells available for mages) and have noticed that fighters are extremely more capable than all other classes.  Is this purely down to the files in the cfg directory or is there something elsewhere that dictates this?  The only other reference I can find in one of the files is an entry saying to SetMelee(1) for fighters, but that's purely for unarmed combat, isn't it?



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Re: Fighters - Overpowered?
« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2008, 07:39:07 am »
fighters are extremely more capable than all other classes

This is fairly typical of fantasy games. Fighter classes tend to be
ridiculously overpowered at lower levels, but comparatively less
so as all classes progress.

It's partly a function of having all their skills available "up front".
Fighters have as primary-class skills the use of weapons, two-handed
weapons, and multi-weapon combat, as well as unarmed combat, as
you pointed out. Typically you will use a "strong" race as a fighter,
such as orc or dwarf, meaning that your strength bonus plus
your weapon skill makes you slice through the npc's in the orc
fortress almost as if they weren't there. Add to this the ease with
which you can carry heavy armor, and you're quite a tank at
lower levers as a fighter.

Whereas mages can't even learn fireball until their abilities are high
enough. Last time I playtested this, it meant level 7 or 8. And a mage
will usually be a "smart" race, meaning they're wusses and can't
carry much armor or hit very hard, plus they literally *lack* skill with
swords, unarmed combat, etc, etc.

A level 1 mage is a weak, sickly creature compared to a level 1
fighter, yes.

On the other hand, a patient mage can eventually gain
effectiveness that fighters never will. If you use the
energy whip as your primary weapon, and cast lots of
buffers, you'll find a mage can be surprisingly deadly.
The only thing that gets through a buffer cleanly is
a bite attack...other than that, if you're a 5th level
mage and have a ton of buffers stacked up, you're darn
hard to hurt. Marry that protection with a whip that
does magical damage, which practically no armor defends
against, and it's like you're hitting unarmored opponents
every time. As their magic attack/defense skills increase,
mages become easily a match for their fighter counterparts...
probably by level 10 or so, though I haven't tested this.

Explorers are a mix of both of these classes, so you can
expect them to be a bit weaker than both in individual
aspects, but more well rounded for general challenges.

And clerics are just not a combat class, period. They're
meant to be support characters, doing healing, raising
the dead, etc.

Having said all that...this is just the stock setup.
You're expected to change everything to suit you, once
you're comfortable enough with the code. This default
setup is just a "typical fantasy roles" thing that should be
somewhat acceptable as a starting point.