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« on: August 12, 2008, 04:43:32 pm »
I've been staring at /domains/Praxis/sherrif.c, which no longer seems to work, trying to decypher the code; dreaming about adapting a similar system. I'm under the impression that almost any mud - with more than a handfull of active players - could use a law system for more than just the obvious reasons; catching, sentencing and executing criminals. It can be very thematic, in most cases, and will probably easily fit in just about any setting (with the needed modifications to make it fit)

So I was talking to a more experienced coder today, who seemed to be interested in a similar system as well, and we came to the conclusion that this idea was worth opening a new topic. So I'm trying to wake the interest of those who haven't payed much attention to the old domains in DS, or the code in question, but would like to see a similar system for DS.

In other words: We would like to use this topic as a schoolboard, so to speak, for those who are willing and able to teach - read: help - to leave messages/notes on what is needed, what to do, and especially what not to do.

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Re: law-system
« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2008, 06:09:03 pm »
As it looks that nobody dares to answer, lemme bump the topic up by adding some background.

We were talking about that system two days ago. Few of the points we agreed at were:

* This kind of system is very useful for keeping the mud.
* Well-defined and publicly available rules are a must.
* There are two different levels a law system may/should work. First deals with
"crimes" against the mud, like bug exploiting, spamming, newbie killing etc.
It probably have to be "manually" managed by mud's admins. Second is
a "roleplaying" law system, in the lines of coded in-mud
police/guard/what_fits_your_theme force. This one should be mostly automatic,
* The former one probably should be 100% proof. The latter would be
more realistic if a player would have a chance to escape, both by fighting,
sneaking, or even bribing at the moment he's catched by the law enforcenment
officers, and by a (small) posibility of escaping from prison. (or something ;)
* The "roleplaying" law system may be independent and have different rules
in different areas.

Finally, a quote from our discussion of which I thought that it's definately worth publication:
Irmo says in Common, "What was so attractive about this law system, was that it would function almost entirely on itself. It
  would just need a sign from an immortal (or perhaps some code to determine someone has broken a law)."
Irmo says in Common, "I like the part where immortals will no longer be fully seen as judges and what not."

I'm gonna followup with some code, probably in about a week... or month ;(


PS. Big thanks for the "more experienced coder" tag ;)
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Re: law-system
« Reply #2 on: August 22, 2008, 06:09:34 am »
Just to post my support for this idea. If I can help in away please let me know.

I am still dissapointed that I did not make more time to help Detah with combat, so I will not make any rash promises
to do too much.

But I still have desire to learn lpc and this is a project that interests me as it would help create a more reallistic
world in which to explore.

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Re: law-system
« Reply #3 on: August 30, 2008, 03:36:37 pm »
I should've replied a bit earlier, sorry about that. I want to clarify a few things: I'm not at all experienced and probably won't be able to come up with, or help writing the needed code for this project. I'm an experienced writer/designer/admin however, and I'm willing to jump in and help out whenever I can.

You can reach me here, on the intermud, or by email, if you want to discuss ideas or need someone to test the code, look for typos, build additional stuff like rooms and objects that interact with the code. I feel I'm in no position to make any further suggestions at this point, not being a good coder. I just want to make clear that I still think this is an awesome idea. So I'd like to help out and add on, just give me a shout when you need me.

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Re: law-system
« Reply #4 on: August 31, 2008, 11:07:47 am »
I'm working on a similar system on Canland - two parts (one punishing RP crimes (murdering NPCs, theft, etc.), and one for personal punishment of rule-breakers).  This post is about the punishment of RP crimes.

Just like the real world, the system has two parts: executive and judicial (and I guess legislative, a third part, which is the code that determines the punishment).

The executive system is made up of cops who can sight for different crimes and punish appropriate for their area.  For example,a  cop in Cityville may only look for murder and theft, while a cop in Townsburg may look for murder, theft, and possession of weapons.  (Those crazy liberals in Townsburg...)

Upon witnessing a crime or seeing a well known criminal (done with a heartbeat and a foreach object in environment check), the cop would provide a thorough beatdown to the offender (I *suppose* you could have your police force give them a stern warning, but... I dunno.  A thorough beatdown is more in line for my mud.  Anyway.)  and give them the option to "surrender".  Upon surrendering, the player have any lockpicks he had taken, and would be taken to a holding cell, to endure the tragedy that is the...

After waiting in the holding cell for a few minutes (depending on whether the court room is in use or not), the prisoner would be moved to the court room, where an NPC court would be held.  The judicial system i plan on having would work where the player could collect points of crime (possession, 1 point, theft, 2 points, assault, 3, murder, 8, or something similar) when they commit a crime.  They then receive a punishment based on how many points they have.

Points | Punishment
1-20      Jail time of varying length
15-35    Put in public stockades
30-50    Public stoning - but not to death (I'd love to set it up so players can throw the stones ;))
45-65    Exile
60-80    Sent to a slave labor camp
80+      Execution of many varied flavors and tastes

As you can see, there is some overlap of points/punishment.  It would be randomly determined which of the punishments, then, to administer.

As I progress more on getting the actual system up, I'll probably post again with links to code examples.

If anyone seems any flaws/has a suggestion, please, feel more than free to post!