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community council meeting
« on: September 11, 2006, 08:05:43 am »

The transcipt of the last meeting can be found here:">

The next one is scheduled for 24 September, 2006,

at 17:00 (5pm) Eastern time.

The conference room is on, port 6666.

Type: goto /domains/campus/room/conf to enter.


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community council meeting
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2006, 07:50:58 am »

For technical reasons I've removed the log from that URL

for now, but will paste the log here helow.

The next meeting is scheduled for 24 September, 2006,

at 17:00 (5pm) Eastern time.

The conference room is on, port 6666.

Type: goto /domains/campus/room/conf to enter


New log: 2006.09.10-14.18

New log: 2006.09.10-14.18

New log: 2006.09.10-14.18

2006.09.10-14.19: Cratylus says: Ahem.

2006.09.10-14.19: Cratylus looks around.

2006.09.10-14.19: Cratylus leaves north.

2006.09.10-15.43: Cratylus enters.

2006.09.10-15.43: Cratylus leaves north.

2006.09.10-17.02: Memrosh enters.

2006.09.10-17.03: Memrosh leaves north.

2006.09.10-17.06: Karri enters.

2006.09.10-17.06: Karri looks around.

2006.09.10-17.06: Tricky enters.

2006.09.10-17.06: Karri waves.

2006.09.10-17.06: Karri grins stupidly.

2006.09.10-17.06: Cratylus enters.

2006.09.10-17.06: Tricky says: Hi.

2006.09.10-17.06: Cratylus says: The meeting room is a channel dead zone, btw.

2006.09.10-17.06: Memrosh enters.

2006.09.10-17.07: Karri says: Cool.

2006.09.10-17.07: Cratylus says: You wont get channel messages while in here.

2006.09.10-17.07: Karri says: Nice.

2006.09.10-17.07: Karri smiles happily.

2006.09.10-17.07: Tricky says: Was wondering about that.

2006.09.10-17.07: Karri sits down.

2006.09.10-17.07: Tricky lies down.

2006.09.10-17.07: Karri looks around.

2006.09.10-17.07: Tricky smiles

2006.09.10-17.08: Cratylus says: Also,">

2006.09.10-17.08: Karri nods at Cratylus.

2006.09.10-17.08: Cratylus says: But without the dot at the end.

2006.09.10-17.08: Karri says: K.

2006.09.10-17.08: Tricky says: Brb.

2006.09.10-17.08: Aten enters.

2006.09.10-17.08: Karri grins at Aten.

2006.09.10-17.09: Aten smiles happily.

2006.09.10-17.09: Ninja enters.

2006.09.10-17.09: Aten looks around.

2006.09.10-17.09: Ninja bows.

2006.09.10-17.09: Aten bows.

2006.09.10-17.09: Cratylus bows.

2006.09.10-17.09: Cratylus smiles happily.

2006.09.10-17.09: Aten smiles happily.

2006.09.10-17.09: Aten sits down.

2006.09.10-17.09: Aten says: Nice place :).

2006.09.10-17.09: Cratylus says: Thx.

2006.09.10-17.09: Ninja looks around.

2006.09.10-17.09: Cratylus says: I shuda cloned some chairs.

2006.09.10-17.09: Aten says: Np there.

2006.09.10-17.09: Cratylus clones a beat-up old couch.

2006.09.10-17.10: Karri looks around.

2006.09.10-17.10: Cratylus drops a beat-up old couch.

2006.09.10-17.10: Karri looks at a beat-up old couch.

2006.09.10-17.10: Cratylus sits down on a beat-up old couch.

2006.09.10-17.10: Ninja says: Idle, running cross street, pick up food order.

2006.09.10-17.10: Cratylus says: K.

2006.09.10-17.10: Chronos enters.

2006.09.10-17.10: Chronos mumbles.

2006.09.10-17.10: Aten says: Waiting for the person to come around with the choc ices and ice creams ;).

2006.09.10-17.10: Chronos says: I had to read the code to find a way in here. :P.

2006.09.10-17.10: Memrosh grins at Chronos.

2006.09.10-17.10: Karri says: You don't say.

2006.09.10-17.11: Karri giggles at Chronos.

2006.09.10-17.11: Tricky stands up.

2006.09.10-17.11: Chronos says: English.

2006.09.10-17.11: Chronos ponders.

2006.09.10-17.11: Aten looks around.

2006.09.10-17.11: Cratylus codesays: %^BOLDif you guys have language probs, type: polyglottize me%^RESET%^

2006.09.10-17.11: Karri says: Sounds painful.

2006.09.10-17.11: Chronos grins.

2006.09.10-17.11: Cratylus says: Only the first time.

2006.09.10-17.11: Karri says: Ok.

2006.09.10-17.11: Aten grins stupidly.

2006.09.10-17.12: Karri exclaims: Ouch!

2006.09.10-17.12: Karri says: Wicked.

2006.09.10-17.12: Cratylus says: Smile.

2006.09.10-17.12: Cratylus smiles happily.

2006.09.10-17.12: Cratylus says: Heh.

2006.09.10-17.12: Aten looks you over.

2006.09.10-17.12: Aten smiles happily.

2006.09.10-17.12: Chronos looks around.

2006.09.10-17.13: Chronos asks: No Tacitus?

2006.09.10-17.13: Cratylus shrugs.

2006.09.10-17.13: Karri shrugs.

2006.09.10-17.13: Cratylus says: I thought it was his meeting.

2006.09.10-17.13: Karri says: He is always late.

2006.09.10-17.13: Chronos asks: He is?

2006.09.10-17.13: Cratylus says: He's so busy and important dotcha know.

2006.09.10-17.13: Karri looks at her watch.

2006.09.10-17.13: Tricky says: Said he would be back about now.

2006.09.10-17.13: Aten asks: Does this have the fifteen minute rule?

2006.09.10-17.13: Karri mutters, "In his dreams."

2006.09.10-17.14: Aten looks around.

2006.09.10-17.14: Chronos sails around on Tricky.

2006.09.10-17.14: Tricky says: Parthenon and Tac afk on lpuni.

2006.09.10-17.14: Chronos says: I just raised Parthenon.

2006.09.10-17.14: Karri says: Ugh.

2006.09.10-17.14: Karri says: Good.

2006.09.10-17.14: Tricky says: I can't clone /lib/std/chair.

2006.09.10-17.14: Karri asks: You raised the Parthenon?

2006.09.10-17.14: Chronos is very strong.

2006.09.10-17.14: Tricky lol

2006.09.10-17.15: Chronos clones a generic chair.

2006.09.10-17.15: Chronos drops a generic chair.

2006.09.10-17.15: Chronos sits down on a generic chair.

2006.09.10-17.15: Chronos pokes Tricky in the tummy.

2006.09.10-17.15: Cratylus looks around.

2006.09.10-17.15: Chronos clones a generic chair.

2006.09.10-17.15: Chronos gives Tricky a generic chair.

2006.09.10-17.15: Tricky checks his possessions.

2006.09.10-17.15: Tricky looks around.

2006.09.10-17.15: Tricky checks his possessions.

2006.09.10-17.15: Tricky drops a generic chair.

2006.09.10-17.15: Tricky looks around.

2006.09.10-17.15: Cratylus says: Try /domains/town/obj/chair.c.

2006.09.10-17.15: Tricky sits down on a generic chair.

2006.09.10-17.16: Tricky checks his possessions.

2006.09.10-17.16: Tricky looks around.

2006.09.10-17.16: Tricky looks at HMS Tricky (Destroyer Class) (stealthed).

2006.09.10-17.16: Chronos rotates his thumbs in an anticlockwise fashion.

2006.09.10-17.16: Cratylus lies down on a beat-up old couch.

2006.09.10-17.17: Chronos looks around.

2006.09.10-17.17: Karri looks around.

2006.09.10-17.17: Karri looks at a podium.

2006.09.10-17.17: Chronos clones a beat-up old couch.

2006.09.10-17.17: Chronos drops a beat-up old couch.

2006.09.10-17.18: Chronos says: Take a seat.

2006.09.10-17.18: Chronos grins stupidly.

2006.09.10-17.18: Karri gets a beat-up old couch.

2006.09.10-17.18: Karri says: Ok.

2006.09.10-17.18: Chronos laughs.

2006.09.10-17.18: Karri giggles.

2006.09.10-17.18: Karri drops a beat-up old couch.

2006.09.10-17.18: Chronos clones a toilet.

2006.09.10-17.18: Chronos drops a toilet.

2006.09.10-17.18: Chronos says: Just in case.

2006.09.10-17.18: Chronos says: Tacitus may be a while.

2006.09.10-17.18: Karri asks: Why?

2006.09.10-17.19: Karri looks around.

2006.09.10-17.19: Karri says: We will flush him if he is.

2006.09.10-17.19: Aten says: Tick tock.

2006.09.10-17.19: Aten looks around.

2006.09.10-17.19: Tacitus enters.

2006.09.10-17.19: Cratylus flushes the toilet. ba-WHOOSH!

2006.09.10-17.19: Tacitus bows.

2006.09.10-17.19: Aten smiles happily.

2006.09.10-17.19: Cratylus says: Heh great timing.

2006.09.10-17.19: Aten says: Very.

2006.09.10-17.19: Aten smiles happily at Cratylus.

2006.09.10-17.20: Tacitus says: Just about to cancel? lol.

2006.09.10-17.20: Chronos eats Tacitus.

2006.09.10-17.20: Cratylus says: Whenever yer ready, i think folks here are eager to start.

2006.09.10-17.20: Karri nods rapidly.

2006.09.10-17.20: Tacitus says: Sorry, my real life meeting that I had at 3:45 that was suppose to end at 5:30 - didn't end until 6pm.

2006.09.10-17.21: Cratylus says: I may have a little-boy-related unannounced afk from time to time.

2006.09.10-17.21: Aten asks: And?

2006.09.10-17.21: Cratylus says: Just in case i'm asked a question and seem unresponsive.

2006.09.10-17.21: Chronos asks: Cratylus. What is your favourite colour?

2006.09.10-17.21: Tricky says: What's new? :).

2006.09.10-17.21: Karri nods at Cratylus.

2006.09.10-17.21: Chronos grins stupidly.

2006.09.10-17.22: Tacitus looks around.

2006.09.10-17.22: Tricky looks around.

2006.09.10-17.22: Chronos looks around.

2006.09.10-17.22: Aten blinks

2006.09.10-17.22: Tricky looks at a toilet.

2006.09.10-17.22: Aten looks around.

2006.09.10-17.22: Chronos looks at a toilet.

2006.09.10-17.22: Aten looks at a toilet.

2006.09.10-17.22: Chronos stands up.

2006.09.10-17.22: Aten wiggles

2006.09.10-17.22: Chronos sits down on a toilet.

2006.09.10-17.22: Cratylus says: Blue.

2006.09.10-17.22: Chronos says: 'scuse me.

2006.09.10-17.22: Karri laughs.

2006.09.10-17.22: Tricky lol

2006.09.10-17.22: Cratylus exclaims: NO YELLOW!

2006.09.10-17.22: Aten smiles happily.

2006.09.10-17.23: Tricky asks: Made by Armitage Shanks?

2006.09.10-17.23: Aten pokes Tacitus in the tummy.

2006.09.10-17.23: Aten looks at Tacitus (%^BOLD%^YELLOW%^idle%^RESET%^).

2006.09.10-17.23: Karri checks Tacitus for vital signs.

2006.09.10-17.24: Tacitus looks around.

2006.09.10-17.24: Karri says: There he be.

2006.09.10-17.24: Aten nods at Karri.

2006.09.10-17.24: Tacitus looks around.

2006.09.10-17.24: Tacitus says: Ok, the website still appears to be down so just give me a second to recall the agenda from memory.

2006.09.10-17.24: Aten says: Thanks for letting this take place here btw Cratylus.

2006.09.10-17.25: Tacitus smiles happily.

2006.09.10-17.25: Cratylus says: My pleasure.

2006.09.10-17.25: Karri nods solemnly.

2006.09.10-17.25: Karri says: Yes, indeedy.

2006.09.10-17.25: Karri smiles happily at Cratylus.

2006.09.10-17.25: Cratylus smirks.

2006.09.10-17.25: Memrosh applaudes Crats hospitality.

2006.09.10-17.25: Karri says: More funnerer.

2006.09.10-17.25: Chronos says: Er.

2006.09.10-17.25: Tricky asks: How old are you?

2006.09.10-17.25: Cratylus says: Ya i'm not such a big fan of irc.

2006.09.10-17.25: Tacitus says: If anyone added something to the agendaor would like to right now.

2006.09.10-17.25: Tacitus says: Please send me a tell.

2006.09.10-17.26: Aten looks around.

2006.09.10-17.27: Zac enters.

2006.09.10-17.27: Tacitus looks around.

2006.09.10-17.27: Aten waves to Zac.

2006.09.10-17.27: Zac says: Heh, why the heck can't I use goto? :P.

2006.09.10-17.27: Zaroth teleports in.

2006.09.10-17.27: Cratylus says: This room is protected from gotos.

2006.09.10-17.27: Zaroth says: Apparently not.

2006.09.10-17.27: Karri looks around.

2006.09.10-17.27: Cratylus says: Heh i'll have to look at that.

2006.09.10-17.27: Zaroth looks around.

2006.09.10-17.27: Chronos says: It is. I told zac how to get here more easily. :P.

2006.09.10-17.28: Cratylus asks: Were you north of here when you teleported?

2006.09.10-17.28: Zaroth shrugs.

2006.09.10-17.28: Zac says: He was.

2006.09.10-17.28: Cratylus says: You can teleport in from the room north of here.

2006.09.10-17.28: Chronos asks: Why is this room protected from goto?

2006.09.10-17.28: Tacitus looks around.

2006.09.10-17.29: Cratylus says: Dunno. seemed like a good idea at the time, but it doesnt really make tha tmuch sense.

2006.09.10-17.29: Memrosh looks around.

2006.09.10-17.29: Chronos would agree. ;)

2006.09.10-17.29: Jamie enters.

2006.09.10-17.29: Cratylus says: Hi jamie.

2006.09.10-17.29: Tacitus looks around.

2006.09.10-17.29: Aten looks around.

2006.09.10-17.29: Jamie waves.

2006.09.10-17.29: Zac looks around.

2006.09.10-17.29: Aten waves to Jamie.

2006.09.10-17.30: Tacitus looks around.

2006.09.10-17.30: Tricky does a Mexican wave

2006.09.10-17.30: Chronos wonders what that is.

2006.09.10-17.30: Karri waves to Jamie.

2006.09.10-17.30: Zaroth looks around.

2006.09.10-17.30: Aten continues the Mexican wave

2006.09.10-17.30: Tacitus asks: Is anyone looking to apply for membership tonight?

2006.09.10-17.30: Parthenon enters.

2006.09.10-17.30: Tacitus looks around.

2006.09.10-17.30: Zaroth asks: Membership in what?

2006.09.10-17.30: Aten asks: Membership?

2006.09.10-17.30: Karri looks around.

2006.09.10-17.30: Tricky says: Secrect handshakes and all that.

2006.09.10-17.30: Chronos smirks.

2006.09.10-17.30: Zac says: The Cult of Tacitus.

2006.09.10-17.30: Tacitus says: Something like that.

2006.09.10-17.31: Tacitus winks.

2006.09.10-17.31: Zaroth looks around.

2006.09.10-17.31: Zac says: The kool-aid is very good.

2006.09.10-17.31: Zaroth looks around.

2006.09.10-17.31: Tacitus looks around.

2006.09.10-17.31: Memrosh raises his hand tenatively.

2006.09.10-17.31: Zaroth says: Occult de Tacitus. :).

2006.09.10-17.31: Zaroth looks around.

2006.09.10-17.31: Tricky says: Priory de Tacitus.

2006.09.10-17.31: Eugenides enters.

2006.09.10-17.31: Tacitus says: Ok, before we start I just want to mention that there is a touchy subject in tonight's agenda that needs to be addressed.

2006.09.10-17.31: Zaroth looks around.

2006.09.10-17.31: Cratylus exclaims: Sounds like it involves me!

2006.09.10-17.31: Zaroth asks: Making LPC easier?

2006.09.10-17.31: Zaroth looks around.

2006.09.10-17.31: Tacitus says: Afraid not Cratylus ;].

2006.09.10-17.31: Zaroth says: :P.

2006.09.10-17.32: Zaroth looks around.

2006.09.10-17.32: Zac says: English.

2006.09.10-17.32: Parthenon looks around.

2006.09.10-17.32: Zaroth looks around.

2006.09.10-17.32: Zaroth looks around.

2006.09.10-17.32: Zaroth says: Gah.

2006.09.10-17.32: Chronos thinks the <who> looks around messages are a bit spammy.

2006.09.10-17.32: Tacitus says: We'll just to get through it quickly as to not distract us from the other stuff.

2006.09.10-17.32: Tricky says: Zaroth: Poly... whatever it is yourself.

2006.09.10-17.32: Zac nods solemnly.

2006.09.10-17.32: Zaroth asks: Huh?

2006.09.10-17.32: Chronos says: Polyglotize me.

2006.09.10-17.33: Zac says: 'polyglottize'.

2006.09.10-17.33: Tacitus asks: Cratylus, can everyone understand everyone else?

2006.09.10-17.33: Zaroth asks: What's polyglottize?

2006.09.10-17.33: Tricky asks: Why two t's ?

2006.09.10-17.33: Zaroth looks around.

2006.09.10-17.33: Cratylus says: Seemed more grammatical that way.

2006.09.10-17.33: Karri says: It makes you be able to understand all languages here.

2006.09.10-17.34: Zaroth looks around.

2006.09.10-17.34: Karri grins at Zaroth.

2006.09.10-17.34: Cratylus says: Well if someone doesnt understand, they have an idea what they need to do.

2006.09.10-17.34: Zaroth looks around.

2006.09.10-17.34: Cratylus codesays: %^BOLDtype: polyglottize me%^RESET%^

2006.09.10-17.34: Zaroth says: My link might be going down.

2006.09.10-17.34: Zaroth says: Lightning storm.

2006.09.10-17.34: Zaroth looks around.

2006.09.10-17.34: Cratylus asks: So tacitus, what's the touchy subject?

2006.09.10-17.34: Zaroth looks around.

2006.09.10-17.35: Zaroth looks around.

2006.09.10-17.35: Eugenides looks at Zaroth the unaccomplished.

2006.09.10-17.35: Zaroth looks around.

2006.09.10-17.35: Eugenides exclaims: Stop looking around!

2006.09.10-17.35: Zaroth says: It's a habbit.

2006.09.10-17.35: Zaroth looks around.

2006.09.10-17.35: Zaroth looks around.

2006.09.10-17.35: Chronos doesn't look around.

2006.09.10-17.35: Eugenides says: I already did that.

2006.09.10-17.35: Karri laughs.

2006.09.10-17.35: Zaroth says: I scroll text off my screen.

2006.09.10-17.35: Zaroth looks around.

2006.09.10-17.35: Zaroth forces you to: polyglottize

2006.09.10-17.35: Eugenides says: Try /clear.

2006.09.10-17.35: Tacitus says: Ok, lets being.

2006.09.10-17.35: Eugenides says: I am being here.

2006.09.10-17.35: Zaroth looks around.

2006.09.10-17.35: Zaroth looks around.

2006.09.10-17.35: Tacitus says: So if everyone could please refrian from looking around ;].

2006.09.10-17.36: Zaroth looks around.

2006.09.10-17.36: Zaroth looks around.

2006.09.10-17.36: Eugenides asks: How did that g in "being" move over 2 chars?

2006.09.10-17.36: Tricky says: 'zap zaroth'.

2006.09.10-17.36: Tacitus looks around.

2006.09.10-17.36: Zaroth raises a hand and %^RED%^ZAPS%^RESET%^ Tricky!

2006.09.10-17.36: Tricky removes a robe.

2006.09.10-17.36: Tricky drops dead by the hand of Zaroth.

2006.09.10-17.36: Zaroth smiles happily.

2006.09.10-17.36: Tacitus looks around.

2006.09.10-17.36: Zaroth says: Now let's geton withit.

2006.09.10-17.36: Tacitus looks around.

2006.09.10-17.36: Tacitus looks around.

2006.09.10-17.36: Eugenides raises a hand and %^RED%^ZAPS%^RESET%^ Zaroth!

2006.09.10-17.36: Zaroth removes a robe.

2006.09.10-17.36: Zaroth drops dead by the hand of Eugenides.

2006.09.10-17.36: Tacitus says: Alrighty.

2006.09.10-17.36: Tacitus looks around.

2006.09.10-17.36: Eugenides raises a hand and %^RED%^ZAPS%^RESET%^ Tacitus!

2006.09.10-17.36: Tacitus removes a robe.

2006.09.10-17.36: Tacitus drops dead by the hand of Eugenides.

2006.09.10-17.36: Eugenides exclaims: QUIT LOOKING AROUND!

2006.09.10-17.37: Eugenides looks around.

2006.09.10-17.37: Tacitus looks around.

2006.09.10-17.37: Zac asks: Let me guess, the touchy subject is 'how do we deal with people who spam constantly'?

2006.09.10-17.37: Cratylus stands up.

2006.09.10-17.37: Cratylus leaves north.

2006.09.10-17.37: Chronos says: Nope.

2006.09.10-17.37: Eugenides says: YES.

2006.09.10-17.37: Eugenides sits down.

2006.09.10-17.37: Cratylus enters.

2006.09.10-17.37: Tacitus enters.

2006.09.10-17.37: Tricky enters.

2006.09.10-17.37: Eugenides looks around.

2006.09.10-17.37: Cratylus gets a beat-up old couch.

2006.09.10-17.37: Cratylus gets a generic chair.

2006.09.10-17.37: Cratylus gets a generic chair.

2006.09.10-17.37: Cratylus gets a beat-up old couch.

2006.09.10-17.37: Cratylus gets the corpse of HMS Tricky (Destroyer Class) (stealthed).

2006.09.10-17.37: Cratylus gets the corpse of Zaroth the unaccomplished.

2006.09.10-17.37: Cratylus gets the corpse of Tacitus (%^BOLD%^YELLOW%^idle%^RESET%^).

2006.09.10-17.37: Cratylus looks around.

2006.09.10-17.37: Tacitus looks around.

2006.09.10-17.37: Cratylus leaves north.

2006.09.10-17.37: Tacitus says: Hmm...

2006.09.10-17.37: Cratylus enters.

2006.09.10-17.37: Tricky looks around.

2006.09.10-17.37: Tacitus says: The first topic on the agenda tonight is the LPUniversity Website.

2006.09.10-17.37: Cratylus says: All right let's ge ton with it.

2006.09.10-17.37: Tacitus looks around.

2006.09.10-17.37: Zaroth enters.

2006.09.10-17.37: Zaroth nods solemnly.

2006.09.10-17.37: Zaroth looks around.

2006.09.10-17.37: Zaroth looks around.

2006.09.10-17.38: Eugenides asks: Am I going to have to set up a gag filter to prevent this?

2006.09.10-17.38: Zaroth raises a hand and %^RED%^ZAPS%^RESET%^ Eugenides!

2006.09.10-17.38: Eugenides removes a robe.

2006.09.10-17.38: Eugenides drops dead by the hand of Zaroth.

2006.09.10-17.38: Tacitus says: We can mvoe to IRC if you want.

2006.09.10-17.38: Cratylus dests Zaroth the reborn.

2006.09.10-17.38: Tricky looks at HMS Tricky (Destroyer Class) (stealthed).

2006.09.10-17.38: Tacitus looks around.

2006.09.10-17.38: Cratylus says: He should be unable to reconnect.

2006.09.10-17.38: Tacitus smirks.

2006.09.10-17.38: Tacitus says: Alrighty, lets continue.

2006.09.10-17.38: Chronos says: Seriously. Stop looking around. Let's get on with this. There should be no reason anyone needs to look in here.

2006.09.10-17.38: Eugenides enters.

2006.09.10-17.38: Chronos looks around.

2006.09.10-17.38: Zaroth enters.

2006.09.10-17.39: Zaroth frowns.

2006.09.10-17.39: Eugenides says: You know, this "goto" without the ability to target uniques is silly.

2006.09.10-17.39: Zaroth looks around.

2006.09.10-17.39: Chronos nods at Eugenides.

2006.09.10-17.39: Eugenides looks you over.

2006.09.10-17.39: Zaroth says: It's just a habit, I look around, it is what I do.

2006.09.10-17.39: Chronos says: Tacitus, please continue.

2006.09.10-17.39: Tricky exclaims: Shhh!!!!

2006.09.10-17.39: Zaroth looks around.

2006.09.10-17.39: Zaroth looks around.

2006.09.10-17.39: Zaroth looks around.

2006.09.10-17.40: Eugenides twitches

2006.09.10-17.40: Tacitus is gone from this reality!

2006.09.10-17.40: Chronos sighs.

2006.09.10-17.40: Aten looks around.

2006.09.10-17.40: Karri asks: What the....?

2006.09.10-17.40: Karri sighs.

2006.09.10-17.41: Zac checks his possessions.

2006.09.10-17.41: Eugenides is going to start looking now if this keeps going.

2006.09.10-17.41: Eugenides looks around.

2006.09.10-17.41: Zac looks at a wooden staff.

2006.09.10-17.41: Tricky says: At least with IRC there is 'voice' which stops all this.

2006.09.10-17.41: Eugenides says: Indeed.

2006.09.10-17.41: Eugenides says: I"m tempted to just set gag rules.

2006.09.10-17.41: Eugenides says: On my client.

2006.09.10-17.42: Cratylus leaves north.

2006.09.10-17.42: Cratylus enters.

2006.09.10-17.42: Tacitus enters.

2006.09.10-17.42: Zac says: I'm tempted to code an item which will override the 'look' command in this room and drop it here.

2006.09.10-17.42: Tacitus looks at a podium.

2006.09.10-17.42: Cratylus says: Yeah, next meeting that will be captured.

2006.09.10-17.42: Tacitus is the speaker.

2006.09.10-17.42: Cratylus gets the corpse of Eugenides the unaccomplished.

2006.09.10-17.42: Cratylus leaves north.

2006.09.10-17.42: Cratylus enters.

2006.09.10-17.42: Tacitus says: Ok.

2006.09.10-17.42: Tacitus says: We're going to try this podium thing.

2006.09.10-17.43: Tacitus says: Type "help podium" to see how to use it.

2006.09.10-17.43: Tacitus says: Alrighty, the first item on the agenda is the LPUniversity Website & Hosting.

2006.09.10-17.44: Tacitus says: Earlier this week, Paradigm told me he was moving his hosting to a new server, new os, etc.

2006.09.10-17.44: Tacitus says: And that it should solve stability issues.

2006.09.10-17.44: Tacitus says: Since we hadn't been able to get the site setup on Wolfpaw.

2006.09.10-17.44: Tacitus says: We decided to consider Trenden again.

2006.09.10-17.45: Tricky raises his hand.

2006.09.10-17.45: Tacitus says: After talking with Cratylus, I setup the website on the Trenden server.

2006.09.10-17.45: Tacitus says: Unfortunatly the website has been down all day (including the old server).

2006.09.10-17.45: Tacitus says: I dunno whats up but I'm about to shoot myself in fustration.

2006.09.10-17.45: Tricky asks: Will we be moving to the new server in Aus once the funds come through?

2006.09.10-17.45: Tacitus says: Yes.

2006.09.10-17.46: Tacitus says: Everything will be coloc. in our server if we raise enough funds.

2006.09.10-17.46: Eugenides raises his hand.

2006.09.10-17.46: Tacitus says: And update on that project will be made later this evening.

2006.09.10-17.46: Eugenides asks: Coloc? What is coloc?

2006.09.10-17.47: Tacitus says: http://Http://">http://Http://

2006.09.10-17.48: Tacitus says: Now, we need to figure out what we're going to do in the short term.

2006.09.10-17.48: Tacitus says: Because we have been accepting donations for a few months now (though we haven't had any big donation drive) and we've only got 45%.

2006.09.10-17.48: Zac raises his hand.

2006.09.10-17.48: Chronos raises his hand.

2006.09.10-17.49: Tacitus says: That might sound good but a good chunk of it is from Adam himself.

2006.09.10-17.49: Zac asks: What's the donation goal? And who's Adam?

2006.09.10-17.49: Tacitus says: Adam is the Team Leader for our Hosting project.

2006.09.10-17.49: Tacitus says: The donation goal is $950.

2006.09.10-17.49: Tacitus says: Adam goes by the alias keeperofthekeys.

2006.09.10-17.49: Tacitus asks: Have I answered your question?

2006.09.10-17.49: Zac nods solemnly.

2006.09.10-17.50: Chronos says: I'd like to point out that 45% is not bad ... if it wasn't done with much effort. We should be able to raise much more if someone is concentrating on raising funds.

2006.09.10-17.50: Parthenon suddenly disappears into a sea of irreality.

2006.09.10-17.50: Tacitus says: True but $300 dollars is from Adam himself.

2006.09.10-17.50: Tacitus says: We've only raised just under $100 dollars.

2006.09.10-17.51: Zac raises his hand.

2006.09.10-17.51: Chronos raises his hand.

2006.09.10-17.52: Zac says: I'd just like to point out that in the past, StarMUD has collected donations. It was a horrible experience in many ways and I think it caused long-term damage to our mud.

2006.09.10-17.52: Tacitus asks: Could you elaborate?

2006.09.10-17.52: Zac says: Donators expected special treatment and additional input into the mud, and there was a lot of mismanagement.

2006.09.10-17.52: Zac says: Plus, the admin at the time may have absconded with a significant amount of the money.

2006.09.10-17.52: Zac says: Since Ravnos and I took complete control of Star, we've funded it 100% ourselves.

2006.09.10-17.53: Zac says: I personally am not a fan of donations.

2006.09.10-17.53: Cratylus nods solemnly.

2006.09.10-17.53: Zac says: Over $5000 was donated, also.

2006.09.10-17.53: Tacitus ponders.

2006.09.10-17.53: Tacitus nods solemnly.

2006.09.10-17.54: Chronos raises his hand.

2006.09.10-17.54: Tacitus says: Unfortunatly, I can't fund it all myself and other projects have succesfully maintained themselves through donations.

2006.09.10-17.54: Chronos says: Additionally, if a ^reliable place to host the site is needed in the interim, I have a xubuntu box that doesn't do anything at the moment that could be used to host the web site. And while donations on one mud may have turned out poorly, that may not need be the story for everyone. We can learn from your Starmud experience, Zac, but Computers aren't free. ;).

2006.09.10-17.54: Tacitus nods solemnly.

2006.09.10-17.54: Zac nods at Chronos.

2006.09.10-17.55: Tacitus says: We'll discuss donations next but we need to talk about the website right now.

2006.09.10-17.55: Tacitus says: I jsut got word from Paradigm.

2006.09.10-17.55: Zac raises his hand.

2006.09.10-17.55: Tacitus says: Apparently our website caused the issue w/ the server.

2006.09.10-17.55: Tacitus boggles.

2006.09.10-17.55: Chronos acks.

2006.09.10-17.55: Zac says: I'm mostly bringing it up to point out that you should lay out exactly what donors can expect for their money. Sorry to interrupt - I'll bring that up later.

2006.09.10-17.55: Tacitus nods solemnly.

2006.09.10-17.55: Tricky raises his hand.

2006.09.10-17.56: Tricky says: Personally I a m not expecting anything.

2006.09.10-17.56: Tacitus smiles happily at Tricky.

2006.09.10-17.56: Tricky says: Check the balance.

2006.09.10-17.57: Tacitus says: So, since Trenden seems like it physically can not host us as is.

2006.09.10-17.57: Tacitus says: We need to find another hot.

2006.09.10-17.57: Tacitus says: *host.

2006.09.10-17.57: Zac raises his hand.

2006.09.10-17.57: Tacitus says: But TBH, I'm just getting so peved off with all the delays - I just want to get the damn thing up.

2006.09.10-17.57: Zac says: I also have a server that can be offered for temporary hosting.

2006.09.10-17.58: Tacitus asks: Are you root?

2006.09.10-17.58: Zac says: Yes, it's sitting in the next room over.

2006.09.10-17.58: Tacitus ponders.

2006.09.10-17.58: Tacitus asks: Static IP?

2006.09.10-17.58: Zac says: If necessary, but I usually run it through a dynamic.

2006.09.10-17.59: Zac says: Which changes about every 6 months.

2006.09.10-17.59: Tacitus says: It should be noted that I have very little control over the domain name.

2006.09.10-17.59: Tacitus says: I have to e-mail Adam and he is a very busy person right now.

2006.09.10-17.59: Tacitus says: So we need to be rather settled before we can move it.

2006.09.10-17.59: Zac says: All you'd have to do is CNAME"> or whatever.

2006.09.10-17.59: Tacitus says: Adam uses his own name servers for the domain.

2006.09.10-18.00: Tacitus says: And I don't have access to them.

2006.09.10-18.00: Zac nods solemnly.

2006.09.10-18.00: Chronos raises his hand.

2006.09.10-18.00: Chronos asks: Why not use a dyndns address like or some such and point it to either Zac's or my server?

2006.09.10-18.01: Tacitus says: The same reason why most people get their own second level domain ;].

2006.09.10-18.01: Tacitus says: I mean, I suppose we could.

2006.09.10-18.02: Tacitus says: However, people would get lost.

2006.09.10-18.02: Zac raises his hand.

2006.09.10-18.02: Tacitus says: is our address.

2006.09.10-18.02: Tacitus says: Changing the address would be a bad move IMHO.

2006.09.10-18.02: Zac says: The way it would work if you hosted on mine was you'd CNAME it to; there wouldn't need to be any dyndns involved.

2006.09.10-18.02: Tacitus nods solemnly.

2006.09.10-18.02: Zac says: Since I change that address if my dynamic changes (which, as I said, is about once or twice a year).

2006.09.10-18.03: Ninja raises his hand.

2006.09.10-18.03: Ninja says: I don't have that code now, but...

2006.09.10-18.03: Ninja says: Years ago, i wrote a c program that got my numeric addy...

2006.09.10-18.03: Ninja says: Stuck it into an html doc...

2006.09.10-18.03: Ninja says: Ftp-ed that doc to a website...

2006.09.10-18.04: Ninja says: So people could click on the stable doc...and reach my home box.

2006.09.10-18.04: Tacitus nods solemnly.

2006.09.10-18.04: Ninja asks: Would that kinda thing work here?

2006.09.10-18.04: Tacitus says: Well, it is just that if people are going to donate and trust LPUniversity, we need to present a certain type of image.

2006.09.10-18.04: Ninja says: Wuz just thinking of a temp solution.

2006.09.10-18.04: Tacitus nods solemnly.

2006.09.10-18.05: Tacitus says: Thanks :].

2006.09.10-18.05: Tacitus says: But before we deal with the domain name, we need to secure hosting.

2006.09.10-18.05: Tacitus asks: Zac, could we get it setup ASAP?

2006.09.10-18.05: Tacitus asks: Also, do you have mod_rewrite enabled?

2006.09.10-18.05: Tacitus says: Our website also uses a lot of memory, Paradigm said 32mb per visitor or something :S.

2006.09.10-18.05: Zac nods solemnly.

2006.09.10-18.05: Zac nods solemnly.

2006.09.10-18.05: Zac nods solemnly.

2006.09.10-18.06: Zac raises his hand.

2006.09.10-18.06: Tacitus says: Also, we host more then just websites.

2006.09.10-18.06: Zac asks: How so?

2006.09.10-18.07: Tacitus says: We also use ports 6000-6010 and 6500-6520.

2006.09.10-18.07: Tacitus says: LPUniversity mudlib development, mud-farm, etc.

2006.09.10-18.07: Tacitus says: Mail is handled by google, btw.

2006.09.10-18.07: Zac says: Ah, I don't have the resources to offer non-web hosting right now.

2006.09.10-18.07: Zac says: I will in a couple of months, but not this instant.

2006.09.10-18.08: Zac says: You might need to go with Chronos.

2006.09.10-18.08: Cratylus raises his hand.

2006.09.10-18.08: Cratylus asks: 32m per visitor seems excessive. couldnt that be addressed?

2006.09.10-18.08: Chronos agrees wholeheartedly with Cratylus.

2006.09.10-18.09: Cratylus asks: I mean, couldnt you fix the website, instead of move it?

2006.09.10-18.09: Tacitus says: I'm getting the feeling that 32mb per visitor isn't the case.

2006.09.10-18.09: Zac raises his hand.

2006.09.10-18.09: Zac says: He might be looking at memory per httpd process.

2006.09.10-18.09: Zac says: That's not memory per visitor.

2006.09.10-18.09: Chronos nods at Zac.

2006.09.10-18.09: Zac says: Star runs a mediawiki, and we don't use that much per visitor.

2006.09.10-18.10: Tacitus says: Well, we don't have anyone competent enough (that I know of) that could fix the website if we did have a memory leak.

2006.09.10-18.11: Tacitus says: Well, I'm getting the feeling that LPUniversity is going to have NO hosting very soon if we don't get a solution.

2006.09.10-18.11: Tacitus says: We can always split the website and the mud hosting up.

2006.09.10-18.11: Tacitus says: Not something I want to do but something we might have to do.

2006.09.10-18.12: Chronos raises his hand.

2006.09.10-18.13: Chronos says: Well, to that end, I have a box with an available web server. I can grant root to the webmaster for lpuni. It all ready hosts two small muds, so as long as the memory usage isn't out of control, it should do for the time being.

2006.09.10-18.13: Tacitus asks: Do you have a static IP and authorative nameservers?

2006.09.10-18.13: Chronos chuckles.

2006.09.10-18.13: Chronos says: I have dynamic IP and no nameservers. ;).

2006.09.10-18.14: Chronos says: However, that's not to say Zac's DNS solution wouldn't work.

2006.09.10-18.14: Tacitus says: Could we setup a domain name through no-ip and then CNAME it or w/e? I'm not a DNS expert.

2006.09.10-18.14: Zac nods at Tacitus.

2006.09.10-18.15: Chronos nods solemnly.

2006.09.10-18.15: Tacitus asks: And it wouldn't redirect, it would actually use or w/e?

2006.09.10-18.15: Chronos says: I think there's a fee if you use your own domain name, though.

2006.09.10-18.15: Tacitus says: I mean, we setup to your server.

2006.09.10-18.15: Tacitus says: IT'll get updated with their client.

2006.09.10-18.15: Tacitus asks: And then have CNAME

2006.09.10-18.16: Chronos says: The CNAME record would force the DNS client to lookup and from there, the address is automatically updated by my router.

2006.09.10-18.16: Tacitus asks: Are there any cons?

2006.09.10-18.17: Chronos says: Yes.

2006.09.10-18.17: Chronos says: It's not a new machine.

2006.09.10-18.17: Tacitus says: I meant with the domain name stuff.

2006.09.10-18.17: Tacitus asks: Like, if we set it up like that then it'll work like normal?

2006.09.10-18.17: Chronos asks: I don't see why not. You agree, Zac?

2006.09.10-18.18: Zac nods solemnly.

2006.09.10-18.18: Zac agrees wholeheartedly with Chronos.

2006.09.10-18.18: Tacitus says: Excellent.

2006.09.10-18.18: Tacitus asks: What are the stats of your machine?

2006.09.10-18.18: Chronos says: You've just got to get Adam to update his side.

2006.09.10-18.19: Tacitus nods solemnly.

2006.09.10-18.19: Tacitus says: And the best part is that it effectively transfers control to us.

2006.09.10-18.19: Chronos says: It's a PIII 500 320M memory.

2006.09.10-18.19: Tacitus says: Because we can update our domain at will.

2006.09.10-18.19: Chronos says: I might be able to cram some more RAM in it.

2006.09.10-18.20: Tacitus says: We can certainly try it out.

2006.09.10-18.20: Chronos says: Or at least reduce the memory footprint on what it's running now.

2006.09.10-18.20: Tacitus nods solemnly.

2006.09.10-18.20: Tacitus says: We'll investigate this avenue then.

2006.09.10-18.21: Tacitus says: Unless anyone else has a comment, concern, or idea about this then we'll move onto donations.

2006.09.10-18.21: Chronos asks: The question is, who will be responsible for installing and maintaining the site, behind the scenes?

2006.09.10-18.21: Tacitus nods solemnly.

2006.09.10-18.21: Tacitus says: I can set it up.

2006.09.10-18.21: Chronos says: I can perform backups, but my time constraints with work et. al. would preclude my being the webmaster.

2006.09.10-18.21: Tacitus nods solemnly.

2006.09.10-18.21: Chronos says: Which is why I have no problem granting root to whoever does end up doing it.

2006.09.10-18.22: Tacitus says: Well, most people won't need root.

2006.09.10-18.22: Chronos says: It's there if needed.

2006.09.10-18.22: Chronos shrugs.

2006.09.10-18.22: Tacitus says: If someone needs to do something w/ root then they should talk to me or you.

2006.09.10-18.22: Chronos nods solemnly.

2006.09.10-18.23: Tacitus says: Alright, next on the Agenda is donations.

2006.09.10-18.23: Tacitus says: Since the website is down, I can't give exact details.

2006.09.10-18.23: Tacitus says: However, I believe we are at 45%.

2006.09.10-18.23: Tacitus says: 45.1% to be exact.

2006.09.10-18.24: Tacitus says: Err.. breaking news.

2006.09.10-18.24: Tacitus says: We just got anotehr $50 donation about 20 minutes ago.

2006.09.10-18.24: Zac points at Tricky.

2006.09.10-18.24: Tacitus claps wildly.

2006.09.10-18.25: Eugenides claps wildly.

2006.09.10-18.25: Tacitus says: So that puts us up around another 2.5%.

2006.09.10-18.26: Zac raises his hand.

2006.09.10-18.26: Zac says: Closer to 5%.

2006.09.10-18.26: Zac grins stupidly.

2006.09.10-18.26: Cratylus raises his hand.

2006.09.10-18.26: Tacitus says: I calculated it yesterday and it was like 98 for another 5%.

2006.09.10-18.26: Tacitus says: So since thats almost 100 and 50 is half, I guessed 2.5%.

2006.09.10-18.27: Zac raises his hand.

2006.09.10-18.27: Cratylus says: We've been some 40 minutes and gotten one item.

2006.09.10-18.27: Tacitus says: I agree, we need to keep trucking but the website - and I think you'll agree - is very important.

2006.09.10-18.27: Zac says: Sorry, I hit raise again. Nothing to say.

2006.09.10-18.27: Tacitus laughs.

2006.09.10-18.27: Ninja grins stupidly.

2006.09.10-18.28: Tacitus says: I think we should do some sort of donation drive after we get the website setup.

2006.09.10-18.28: Chronos raises Zac's hand for him.

2006.09.10-18.28: Tacitus smiles happily.

2006.09.10-18.28: Tacitus says: I'll talk to Vagnor about it.

2006.09.10-18.28: Zac says: (but 5% of $1000 is $50 =).

2006.09.10-18.28: Eugenides looks around.

2006.09.10-18.28: Tacitus says: Maybe I calculated it wrong, lol.

2006.09.10-18.28: Tacitus says: Shrugs.

2006.09.10-18.28: Zac grins stupidly.

2006.09.10-18.28: Eugenides raises his hand.

2006.09.10-18.29: Eugenides asks: Is there any other way of fundraising other than donations?

2006.09.10-18.29: Tacitus asks: Like selling things?

2006.09.10-18.29: Eugenides says: I mean, I'd love to donate, but financial constraints are terrible.

2006.09.10-18.29: Zac raises his hand.

2006.09.10-18.29: Tacitus nods solemnly.

2006.09.10-18.29: Eugenides asks: How's our site traffic? Perhaps advertisements?

2006.09.10-18.29: Tacitus says: One sec Eugenides, we'll touch on that.

2006.09.10-18.29: Jamie is gone from this reality!

2006.09.10-18.29: Jamie removes a white t-shirt.

2006.09.10-18.29: Jamie removes a pair of blue jeans.

2006.09.10-18.29: Zac says: You could also look at Cafepress or another schlock seller.

2006.09.10-18.29: Tacitus looks around.

2006.09.10-18.29: Tacitus nods solemnly.

2006.09.10-18.30: Tacitus says: We'll need some sort of logo though and we don't really have anythign concrete - no real artist.

2006.09.10-18.30: Tacitus says: Just crappy gimping done by me, lol.

2006.09.10-18.31: Tacitus says: It is something we'll have to discuss at a future meeting.

2006.09.10-18.31: Tacitus says: Next item on the agenda is the touchy one.

2006.09.10-18.31: Tacitus gasps in shock!

2006.09.10-18.32: Tacitus says: Unfortunatly Shigs won't be with us anymore, to my understanding.

2006.09.10-18.33: Tacitus says: There were a few incidents where people (including myself) have pointed out that he violated the community code of conduct.

2006.09.10-18.34: Tacitus says: Specifically, there has been a few times where has been extreamly rude and down right mean to other individuals.

2006.09.10-18.34: Tacitus says: Like, literally stripping them down in front of other individuals for no apparent reason.

2006.09.10-18.35: Tricky raises his hand.

2006.09.10-18.35: Tacitus says: I had a chat with him and he seemed receptive to the issue - he thanked me for bringing it to his attention.

2006.09.10-18.36: Tacitus says: However, the issue was never... "corrected".

2006.09.10-18.36: Tacitus says: As a result, he was reassigned to Team Leader of the Wiki project.

2006.09.10-18.37: Tacitus says: He was reassigned from the Director of Community & Outreach and Community Council Member.

2006.09.10-18.37: Tricky raises his hand.

2006.09.10-18.37: Tricky asks: Is it fair to hold the disciplinary action with him not here?

2006.09.10-18.37: Tacitus says: I'm getting to that.

2006.09.10-18.38: Tacitus says: You do bring up a very valid point.

2006.09.10-18.38: Tacitus says: Now, we sent him an e-mail informing him of this change.

2006.09.10-18.38: Tacitus says: And yesterday I sent him an IM to see if he has recieved it as I had got no response or indication he had read it.

2006.09.10-18.39: Tacitus says: At first, he didn't remember the e-mail.

2006.09.10-18.39: Tacitus says: But then I reminded him what it was about and I guess that let the flood gates go.

2006.09.10-18.39: Tacitus says: Because he had some very colourful words for me.

2006.09.10-18.40: Tacitus says: In conclusion, he has resigned completly including membership and ask me to never contact him again.

2006.09.10-18.41: Tacitus says: I don't think we need to go into anymore detail unless someone feels a formal investigation is required.

2006.09.10-18.41: Ninja shakes his head no.

2006.09.10-18.41: Eugenides looks at Teenage Mutant Ninja Frog.

2006.09.10-18.42: Tacitus looks around.

2006.09.10-18.42: Tacitus says: Chronos is the acting director of Community + Outreach at this time.

2006.09.10-18.43: Tacitus says: However, we'll need to fill that position and the unstaffed projects in that department (wiki, web, etc.).

2006.09.10-18.44: Tacitus says: If anyone wants to apply for these positions (Director of Community & Outreach, Team Leader Wiki, and Team Leader Web) then I can down your name and will contact you.

2006.09.10-18.44: Tacitus says: Also, if you know anyone who might want to fill this positions then please ask them to contact me.

2006.09.10-18.44: Tacitus says: *these.

2006.09.10-18.45: Tacitus says: The next item, and I think the final item, is the CCM meeting location.

2006.09.10-18.45: Tacitus says: Two weeks ago we had it on IRC and this week we had it here.

2006.09.10-18.45: Tacitus says: I'd like to get input to see where people prefer to have it.

2006.09.10-18.45: Karri raises her hand.

2006.09.10-18.46: Karri says: Here please.

2006.09.10-18.46: Chronos grins stupidly.

2006.09.10-18.46: Karri smiles happily.

2006.09.10-18.46: Chronos nods at Karri.

2006.09.10-18.46: Chronos raises his hand.

2006.09.10-18.46: Zac raises his hand.

2006.09.10-18.46: Aten raises his hand.

2006.09.10-18.46: Tacitus asks: Lets have a vote?

2006.09.10-18.46: Karri nods solemnly.

2006.09.10-18.46: Chronos asks: I agree with Karri, but let's get the "looks around" suppression built in here?

2006.09.10-18.46: Aten nods solemnly.

2006.09.10-18.46: Chronos says: Aso..

2006.09.10-18.46: Chronos says: Also..

2006.09.10-18.46: Cratylus raises his hand.

2006.09.10-18.47: Chronos says: I think it would be beneficial to allow more than one person (perhaps not all) to have the floor at a given time.

2006.09.10-18.47: Tacitus nods solemnly.

2006.09.10-18.47: Eugenides raises his hand.

2006.09.10-18.48: Eugenides says: Perhaps two, in the case of a debate, but I do not see the point of allowing more to speak at once.

2006.09.10-18.48: Zac raises his hand.

2006.09.10-18.48: Zac asks: Why not host them on LPUni itself?

2006.09.10-18.48: Chronos nods at Eugenides.

2006.09.10-18.48: Tacitus says: We could have the meeting location rotate.

2006.09.10-18.48: Chronos shakes his head no.

2006.09.10-18.48: Chronos raises his hand.

2006.09.10-18.48: Tacitus laughs.

2006.09.10-18.48: Cratylus raises his hand.

2006.09.10-18.49: Aten raises his hand.

2006.09.10-18.49: Cratylus says: Maybe we dont need the podium right this minute.

2006.09.10-18.49: Tacitus looks around.

2006.09.10-18.49: Cratylus says: Anyway this mud is always welcome to youse for that purpose. and yes, there will be better spam suppression next time.

2006.09.10-18.49: Tacitus nods solemnly.

2006.09.10-18.49: Karri smiles happily at Cratylus.

2006.09.10-18.49: Tacitus looks around.

2006.09.10-18.50: Zac raises his hand.

2006.09.10-18.50: Chronos raises his hand.

2006.09.10-18.50: Tacitus laughs.

2006.09.10-18.50: Tacitus says: We're about to have a vote on the issue.

2006.09.10-18.50: Cratylus says: K.

2006.09.10-18.50: Tacitus asks: Is it critical you talk before we have the vote Zac and Chronos?

2006.09.10-18.50: Chronos nods solemnly.

2006.09.10-18.50: Zac shakes his head no.

2006.09.10-18.50: Chronos pokes Zac in the tummy.

2006.09.10-18.51: Zac points at Zac.

2006.09.10-18.51: Zac shakes his head no.

2006.09.10-18.51: Zac points at Chronos.

2006.09.10-18.51: Zac nods solemnly.

2006.09.10-18.51: Cratylus smirks.

2006.09.10-18.51: Chronos says: Our meeting spot should be consistent, and if it does change, it should only change once in a great while. Meetings need to be help in consistent places at consistent times. That way, we can avoid the confusions we had with the first 2 meetings. It doesn't matter where we hold it from here on out, let's just keep it the same.

2006.09.10-18.51: Chronos tickles Zac mercilessly.

2006.09.10-18.51: Zac grins stupidly.

2006.09.10-18.51: Tacitus nods solemnly.

2006.09.10-18.51: Chronos says: *held.

2006.09.10-18.51: Chronos says: Help. Haw.

2006.09.10-18.53: Tacitus calls for a vote on Should we use this mud/room for hosting CCMs for the next 6 months?.

2006.09.10-18.53: Tacitus sets the clock to 30 seconds Should we use this mud/room for hosting CCMs for the next 6 months?.

2006.09.10-18.53: The clock runs out. Voting is over.

2006.09.10-18.53: The results of the vote were:

Yes:  3     No:   0       Abstain:  0

2006.09.10-18.53: Tacitus looks around.

2006.09.10-18.53: Karri raises her hand.

2006.09.10-18.53: Aten raises his hand.

2006.09.10-18.54: Karri says: I was still reading the help vote.

2006.09.10-18.54: Aten nods solemnly.

2006.09.10-18.54: Chronos laughs.

2006.09.10-18.54: Karri blushes

2006.09.10-18.54: Tacitus says: Ok, I declare that vote null.

2006.09.10-18.54: Tacitus says: To vote yes, type: vote yes.

2006.09.10-18.54: Tacitus says: To vote no, type: vote no.

2006.09.10-18.54: Aten nods solemnly.

2006.09.10-18.54: Karri says: Ahhh.

2006.09.10-18.54: Karri nods solemnly.

2006.09.10-18.54: Tacitus says: To vote abstain, type: vote abstain.

2006.09.10-18.54: Tacitus calls for a vote on Should we use this mud/room for hosting CCMs for the next 6 months?.

2006.09.10-18.54: Tacitus sets the clock to 1 minutes Should we use this mud/room for hosting CCMs for the next 6 months?.

2006.09.10-18.55: Ninja nods solemnly.

2006.09.10-18.55: Zac looks around.

2006.09.10-18.55: Tacitus looks around.

2006.09.10-18.55: The clock runs out. Voting is over.

2006.09.10-18.55: The results of the vote were:

Yes:  8     No:   0       Abstain:  1

2006.09.10-18.55: Chronos grins stupidly.

2006.09.10-18.55: Tacitus says: Motion carried.

2006.09.10-18.55: Tacitus laughs.

2006.09.10-18.56: Tacitus says: We'll pick a new meeting place after 6 months.

2006.09.10-18.56: Tacitus says: *every.

2006.09.10-18.56: Chronos raises his hand.

2006.09.10-18.56: Chronos says: I vote for Tacitus' house in 6 months.

2006.09.10-18.56: Tacitus laughs.

2006.09.10-18.56: Chronos nods firmly.

2006.09.10-18.56: Ninja drools disgustingly.

2006.09.10-18.57: Tacitus looks around.

2006.09.10-18.57: Tacitus says: Ok, I'd now like to hear from present department heads and leaders on their progress.

2006.09.10-18.57: Chronos nods solemnly.

2006.09.10-18.58: Chronos says: For Education & Development:.

2006.09.10-18.59: Chronos says: Our section of the website and overall progress has done very well. I'd like to commend the folks in the dept. for putting forth a good effort on establishing project outlines and so forth.

2006.09.10-18.59: Chronos says: On that note, I need to get with you later, Karri, on developing a page for the site for your project (once the site is up).

2006.09.10-19.00: Karri raises her hand.

2006.09.10-19.00: Chronos says: Go ahead.

2006.09.10-19.00: Karri says: I have my outline but have never figured out how to put it on the website.

2006.09.10-19.00: Chronos nods solemnly.

2006.09.10-19.00: Tacitus nods solemnly.

2006.09.10-19.01: Karri says: Also, we I need to coordinate some to know how many levels we intend to educate and test for.

2006.09.10-19.01: Tacitus nods solemnly.

2006.09.10-19.01: Karri says: Coordinate with education.

2006.09.10-19.01: Chronos raises his hand.

2006.09.10-19.01: Tacitus has stepped down as the head speaker.

2006.09.10-19.01: Tacitus looks around.

2006.09.10-19.01: Chronos grins stupidly.

2006.09.10-19.01: Tacitus says: Ok, I think everyone can talk now.

2006.09.10-19.02: Chronos says: Tacitus and I discussed that earlier, Karri, and our initial thought was that there'd be three levels.

2006.09.10-19.02: Karri says: That is what I have too.

2006.09.10-19.02: Karri grins stupidly.

2006.09.10-19.02: Chronos says: But we can get together and work on the sordid details.

2006.09.10-19.02: Karri nods solemnly.

2006.09.10-19.02: Chronos smiles happily.

2006.09.10-19.02: Tacitus smiles happily.

2006.09.10-19.02: Tacitus asks: Aten: Hows your project coming along?

2006.09.10-19.03: Aten says: I have the proposed new structure for the file repo, but have been unable to establish how to post it.

2006.09.10-19.03: Tacitus nods solemnly.

2006.09.10-19.03: Tacitus says: Chronos will help you with that.

2006.09.10-19.03: Tacitus smiles happily.

2006.09.10-19.03: Karri says: That is also my dilemma.

2006.09.10-19.03: Aten nods solemnly.

2006.09.10-19.03: Chronos says: As for Community and Outreach, I think that much of that department's progress will be on hold until we solve the web site's issues and get it stable.

2006.09.10-19.03: Karri says: Cannot post, seems to go in a circle.

2006.09.10-19.03: Tacitus nods solemnly.

2006.09.10-19.04: Aten says: Also.

2006.09.10-19.04: Aten says: We have been unable to contact Chronos via email.

2006.09.10-19.04: Cratylus says: You could always use the lpmuds site to communicate til the lpuni site is up.

2006.09.10-19.04: Tacitus nods solemnly.

2006.09.10-19.04: Chronos asks: Really?

2006.09.10-19.04: Aten nods solemnly.

2006.09.10-19.04: Chronos ponders.

2006.09.10-19.04: Tacitus asks: - Right?

2006.09.10-19.04: Cratylus codesays: %^BOLD^RESET%^

2006.09.10-19.04: Chronos says: Strange.

2006.09.10-19.05: Tacitus asks: Thanks Cratylus. Could you set up like a forum or something for us?

2006.09.10-19.05: Cratylus says: The name will eventually change, once wolfpaw resets stuff on his end.

2006.09.10-19.05: Cratylus says: Sure no prob i'll do it now.

2006.09.10-19.05: Tricky says: Hmm... A lpuni forum on ds and a ds forum on lpuni. :).

2006.09.10-19.05: Chronos laughs.

2006.09.10-19.05: Tacitus giggles.

2006.09.10-19.06: Chronos says: If you need to email me, please use the address Tac provided.

2006.09.10-19.07: Chronos says: I'll address the email problem on the site once it's back up.

2006.09.10-19.07: Aten says: Ok, thanks.

2006.09.10-19.07: Chronos smiles happily.

2006.09.10-19.07: Chronos says: Np.

2006.09.10-19.07: Tacitus says: Also, Aten + Karri, I need to setup e-mail for both of you.

2006.09.10-19.07: Karri says: OK, thanks, it was not working from there.

2006.09.10-19.07: Aten nods solemnly.

2006.09.10-19.07: Cratylus says: There. you guys can communicate on the lpuni forum.

2006.09.10-19.07: Tacitus grins stupidly.

2006.09.10-19.07: Karri says: Got that one too, thanks Crat.

2006.09.10-19.07: Cratylus says: Np.

2006.09.10-19.07: Aten says: Appreciate it.

2006.09.10-19.08: Tacitus asks: Karri * Aten: Can you e-mail me both your full name and your current e-mail addresses?

2006.09.10-19.08: Karri asks: To what e-mail?

2006.09.10-19.08: Tacitus says:

2006.09.10-19.08: Karri says: Ok.

2006.09.10-19.08: Aten says: Ok, got it.

2006.09.10-19.09: Tacitus says: Once we get that information, we'll set you up with your own accounts PLUS <alias> as well.

2006.09.10-19.09: Karri nods solemnly.

2006.09.10-19.09: Karri says: K.

2006.09.10-19.09: Tacitus says: For example, you can e-mail chronos at AND

2006.09.10-19.09: Aten says: K.

2006.09.10-19.09: Tacitus says: I'll brief you more on it once we get it setup.

2006.09.10-19.10: Aten nods solemnly.

2006.09.10-19.10: Tacitus says: The account will also give you access to a google calendar and gtalk.

2006.09.10-19.10: Tacitus says: Anyhow, I think thats all.

2006.09.10-19.10: Aten says: Ok.

2006.09.10-19.10: Karri smiles happily.

2006.09.10-19.10: Tacitus asks: Anyone have anything to add?

2006.09.10-19.11: Chronos says: Yes.

2006.09.10-19.11: Tacitus grins stupidly.

2006.09.10-19.11: Chronos says: My dinner groweth cold.

2006.09.10-19.11: Chronos grins stupidly.

2006.09.10-19.11: Karri waves to Chronos.

2006.09.10-19.11: Zac says: Mmm, food.

2006.09.10-19.11: Zac says: My dinnereth itheth almosteth doneth.

2006.09.10-19.11: Karri says: Go eateth.

2006.09.10-19.11: Tacitus asks: Cratylus: Do you think we could take over the domain after you transfer your wolfpaw account to

2006.09.10-19.11: Tacitus says: We'll pay for it.

2006.09.10-19.12: Cratylus says: It's a possibility we can discuss.

2006.09.10-19.12: Tacitus nods solemnly.

2006.09.10-19.12: Tacitus exclaims: Alrighty!

2006.09.10-19.12: Chronos says: Word.

2006.09.10-19.13: Tacitus looks around.

2006.09.10-19.13: Tacitus says: Once we get our new website setup.

2006.09.10-19.13: Tacitus says: I think we're going to have a rockin' time :].

2006.09.10-19.13: Chronos grins happily.

2006.09.10-19.13: Tacitus says: Make sure to look out for people who could fill those positions I mentioned earlier.

2006.09.10-19.13: Tacitus says: As always, feel free to e-mail me or send me an IM at any time.

2006.09.10-19.14: Chronos says: Yeah. I'm wearing too many hats. I'm getting whiplash when I get dressed.

2006.09.10-19.14: Tacitus says: And besides that, I guess I declare the meeting over :].

2006.09.10-19.14: Tacitus says: The next meeting will be....

2006.09.10-19.14: Tacitus says: The 24th.

2006.09.10-19.14: Tricky says: Well, I got rid of my editor's hat... *grins*.

2006.09.10-19.14: Tacitus says: Same place.

2006.09.10-19.15: Tacitus looks around.

2006.09.10-19.15: Karri stands up.

2006.09.10-19.15: Karri curtseys.

2006.09.10-19.15: Karri waves.

2006.09.10-19.15: Memrosh bows.

2006.09.10-19.15: Memrosh waves.

2006.09.10-19.15: Memrosh looks around.

2006.09.10-19.15: Tacitus bows.

2006.09.10-19.15: Cratylus waves.

2006.09.10-19.15: Memrosh leaves north.

2006.09.10-19.15: Cratylus goes home.

2006.09.10-19.15: Karri is gone from this reality!

2006.09.10-19.15: Karri unwields a serrated 8-inch carving knife.

2006.09.10-19.15: Karri removes a beautiful gold ring.

2006.09.10-19.15: Karri removes a wizard's hat.

2006.09.10-19.15: Karri removes a robe.

2006.09.10-19.15: Tricky begins flying and rises up off the ground.

2006.09.10-19.15: Tacitus laughs.

2006.09.10-19.15: Eugenides begins flying and rises up off the ground.

2006.09.10-19.15: Aten looks around.

2006.09.10-19.15: Aten stands up.

2006.09.10-19.15: Aten bows.

2006.09.10-19.15: Eugenides looks around.

2006.09.10-19.15: Aten waves.

2006.09.10-19.15: Chronos smiles happily.

2006.09.10-19.15: Aten leaves north.

2006.09.10-19.15: Tricky stops flying and lands gracefully.

2006.09.10-19.16: Zac looks around.

2006.09.10-19.16: Zac sprays air freshener.

2006.09.10-19.17: Chronos smirks.

2006.09.10-19.17: Tricky looks around.

2006.09.10-19.17: Chronos looks around.

2006.09.10-19.17: Chronos looks around.

2006.09.10-19.17: Chronos looks around.

2006.09.10-19.17: Chronos looks around.

2006.09.10-19.17: Zac leaves north.

2006.09.10-19.17: Tricky goes home.

2006.09.10-19.17: Chronos goes ho

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community council meeting
« Reply #2 on: September 24, 2006, 01:23:23 pm »

The meeting log will be available here:">

To enter the conference room, log in as a creator and

type: goto /domains/campus/room/conf

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community council meeting
« Reply #3 on: October 08, 2006, 04:30:00 pm »