Author Topic: Foundation lib bundles released  (Read 2759 times)

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Foundation lib bundles released
« on: February 25, 2008, 04:26:19 PM »
The Foundation I and II libs are now enfluffled and can be
downloaded here:

They are really not for newcomers to LPC. While it's not impossible
to use them as your first lib, it is probably not a good idea.

However, if you, for example, are experienced with DS but don't like
its combat or limb system or whatever, these libs give you the same general
development framework of the old Nightmare/DS libs, but without the
clutter of game content you dislike.

And of course, it's vastly easier to use these than it is to use Lil!

I've released both in the interest of completeness. Be aware that both
probably contain lots of bugs and problems and so on, and if you
use them, it's because you're a do it yourself type. So expect to
really do it yourself.