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any wizard material around?


Heya all!

I am co-founder of Broken World, an "old" lpmud located in Sweden. We recently lost our connection to the rest of the world so the game has been down for a month, but we are up again at another university in about a week.


We need more wizards. We NEED people who are potential admins. As it always has been have the mud been runned by me and Dizzy with the occassional support from other competent people. Even though they still stick around on a on and off basis, we need people who are willing to code somewhat more regularly.

We are laid back and we have a lot of fun. The mud feature lots of really nice stuff and it is a seamless, thought through world. Our homepage is currently down due to above reasons, but you can always do a search at the topmudsites for "broken world".

Feel like doing some work on a nice and homey mud? Want to know more? Drop me a few lines and we'll talk!


Alright, a few specifications about our mud:

1) A flexible and fully customised security system that allows any wizards

    to be in charge of access to his or hers files (read/write/exceute/etc and         admins can override).

2) A time system that keeps track of days, nights, weeks, months, years, seasons, etc and ways to actually use that smoothly in the game down to detail level.

3) A property system that keeps track on any- and everything like colors, materials, holiness, etc.

And much more...



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