Author Topic: Networking package for DGD experimental (1.2.132)  (Read 2271 times)

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Networking package for DGD experimental (1.2.132)
« on: December 12, 2007, 02:48:35 pm »
As mentioned in another thread, I adapted the network package for DGD to work on modern versions of the driver.

I made a new package available today that includes:
Somewhat cleaner code
Removal of a compiler warning
Handling of outgoing connections in non blocking mode
Working precompiler
Some LPC files for emulating MudOS' mud mode connections.

This started as a bit of a challange due to a post on the DGD mailinglist, but turned into a serious project since I got way more result then I had expected and it turned into a very useful project for my own mud.

I'm aiming at moving my mud to the latest DGD version in late december and am testing the patches in the meantime.

Since it turned into somewhat of an official project, I created a webpage for it and will try to keep the package uptodate with modern DGD releases. Bug reports and patches are welcome, mail them to or contact me on I3 (aidil@WOTF) or in-game ( port 23)

The new package can be found at
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