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« on: September 15, 2006, 07:49:57 pm »

This is the error:


*call_other() couldn't find object

Object: /realms/zaroth/area/room/sample_room (/lib/props/inventory.c) at line 28

'<function>' at /secure/save/creators/z/zaroth (<function>) at /:0

'cmdAll' at /secure/save/creators/z/zaroth (/lib/command.c) at line 93

'cmd' at /secure/cmds/creators/update at line 109

'eventUpdate' at /secure/cmds/creators/update at line 148

'CATCH' at /secure/cmds/creators/update at line 148

'create' at /realms/zaroth/area/room/sample_room at line 22

'SetInventory' at /realms/zaroth/area/room/sample_room (/lib/props/inventory.c)

at line 79

'eventLoadInventory' at /realms/zaroth/area/room/sample_room

(/lib/props/inventory.c) at line 63

'eventLoadItem' at /realms/zaroth/area/room/sample_room (/lib/props/inventory.c)

at line 28

Trace written to /log/catch

/realms/zaroth/area/room/sample_room: Error in update

*call_other() couldn't find object

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« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2006, 07:59:25 pm »

that room is trying to load inventory that doesnt exist.

that is what that error means.

so either you damaged customdefs.h, or the objects in question

dont work.

remove these two lines:

MY_OBJ "/table" : 1,

MY_NPC "/fighter" : 1,

and try again.

Also, please dont make new threads for the same problem. Just

reply to your own previous post.