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DS 2.2 to do list
« on: September 09, 2006, 03:41:12 pm »

The list will no doubt change, but today, this is

what it looks like. Note, this is written in a way such that

I can understand what it means. Don't be surprised if

some items don't make sense to you.

- affix armor to mount

- prompt

- you can was a spell on a scroll and save it for use later

- i forgot to code it so you drop things if you lose your hands

- They are following the same symptons I have had in that the router

doesn't think that the mud has registered, yet sends a mudlist and

chanlist back and also all chan packets.

- command mount to word

- train mount

- http logs

- ftp logs

- use save/restore_variable to limit save string length on findfun

- bear costume lets you get to shaman

- give mounts the same vision attributes as the player

- an OnPickUp-type of event

- vehicles

- you cant get it to look at it, you'll need to get it to look at it

- modify room CanReceive to act on contents of mounts & vehicles

- estates

- reminder ring

- You are now blocking intercreemote.

- necropsy nm3

- relative paths for exits in qcs?

- It is changing the \n to /n

- necropsy new lib

- 3d virtual sky over town & fort

- the tree is as good as new

- change jenny's "list" to "note"

- ask herkimer where is leo

- fix pistols

- design ranged weapon combat (same room only for traditional rooms, adjacent room effect for virtual rooms)

- "shoot rider on horse"

- lib_ds3.h

- define USE_LIB_DS3

- fort guards should key on visitor pass

- sysconfig

- prehensile npc's should refuse/not catch bombs and grenades, and if they see one dropped should get and throw them out of the room

- nonprehensiles should detain/trip/paralyze bomb droppers

- modify horse delete SetStat

- dead mount should buck off the occupant

- 64 bit linux


- muds that the router has no data for, ie the mudlist info_mapping section has a zero associated with it

- add SetMaxCarry to QCS

- AC?

- “set”, such as set ansi off

- combat command queues, with combos

- Detah <cre> it seems that says and all chat channels cause this resetting to default for screen.

- idef ENABLE_PERSISTENT then virtual rooms should save to disk


- check whether chan creation overwrites current settings


- "sassafras!"


- "say to" does not seem to work

- When using the admintool rather than encre to make someone a creator it makes them go netdead

-  when a creator typed 'copy /obj/room.c' it said lacked sufficient priveleges

- I guess SetAssist('orc') would have no affect on an another orc

    then. theyd always attack each other. Ill keep that in mind.

- Windows is changing long description to have /n not \n

- should the edit command for bboard work

- followup works but not respond

- help for “copy” is misleading

- command: enemies

- persistent map of where the bot is in relation to resources

- ask zoe for fee

- cmd throttling

- chan logs: log when not listening, and stop double logging

- heal me should do a recursive regen

- you feel some strength returning, parse_comm stand

- when you finger a player, the Birthday: line changes every time?

- make initfix ignore virtuals

- Nkeic has slain Nkeic

- UNKNOWN has slain Gjdjaojgcl

- users() needs an override to avoid obvious abuse

- Kill first rat has slain Kill first rat.

- using qcs in domain still h0z0rs customdefs line

- discourage recursing paths on bots

- cure c0ommand/emote is fukt

- you raise an excellent question. it is reasonable to expect a

    zero there to make people not idle ever, but i goofed. i will add that

    functionality to a future release

- raise emote is fukt

- having a hard time getting players to get rage and pk

- fix connexctions chan to handle invizzes

- use 3rd arg flag in to make command matching default?

- add command matching to verbs?

- have LIB_ROOM check for PLAYER_KILL and set playerkill for itself appropriately

- slithids/cingers

- psionocs

- players receive the wrong message when attempting to 'hist' a

    channel that they do not have access to. They get "Dead Souls Demo does not

    have that channel on record.". I think I understand why this happens, as

    'cre' is not in their channels array. I think it is clearer tho if they

    would get a message like "You do not have access to that channel."

- looks like bboards allow anyone to remove posts

- calling funs in admins, see command

- fix router log and router log rotation

- saquivor's npc and artbox

- call me->RemoveSpells("chain lightning")

- Amun-Ra@Moraelinost tells you: I noticed that many people seem to have items

    in their inventory that aren't visible.  /lib/std/item#...  I don't know

    how they're getting them.  Just thought I'd mention it.  I'm heading away

    a bit to return movies, but wanted to drop you a line.

- cant find info on this... can you make an object, such as a pool of water, drinkable without it being picked up?

- Darloth@Samantha's Mud <ds> heya - anyone know if there's a quick way of

editing something I already have an instance off? For example, if I wanted to

edit the file of an item in my inventory, without scanning it and then typing

ed /something/obj/blah.c... just a command such as 'edit <item>' ?

- meeting daemon

- su

- genoux

- Darloth@The Manor <ds> an interesting little quirk in the QCS - when you make

a room, the exit destination from the room you're in is absolute, and ends in

'.c'. However, in the room you just made, the exit back the other way is

absolute, but doesn't have the '.c'

- dummies get this: This object lacks a working init function. Please run initfix on it as soon as


- post_create() (for persistence)


- my verb wont update

- document qcs door stuff

- help resurrection

- help types

- CustomStats

- new local channels and the router

- list of properties?

- bitshifting

- rundown of where stat is used

- spell doc

- "Praxis is broken"

- SetUnique and negative inv numbers



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DS 2.2 to do list
« Reply #1 on: September 12, 2006, 09:18:36 pm »
So long as none of that is supposed to make sense to anyone other than you  :O)