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Fluffos 2.6
« on: April 21, 2007, 10:31:40 AM »
Just a quick note to announce that Fluffos 2.6 was released today.

For those that don't know Fluffos is the fork of MudOS that the DW mudlib runs on top of.  Wodan started making hacks/fixes to the driver at MudOS v22.2b11 and has carried on since then - read the changelogs in the archives for full details of everything that is added/removed/fixed.

The highlights of the 2.6 release are full compilation support for 64bit platforms, switch() working with numeric arguments and some performance icnreases to destruct()

It can be downloaded directly from or by going to and following the links from there.

Womble onwards


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Re: Fluffos 2.6
« Reply #1 on: April 21, 2007, 01:46:05 PM »
where working with numerical arguments means that you can't just do

case 1:
case 1..10:
but alse
case ..10:
case 1..:

perhaps the changelog wasn't clear enough :)

anyway there's quite a bit more that changed, so I'll just include the 1.x and 2.x Changelogs from the 2.6 release (2.6 at the end)


As MudOS is moving too slow to keep our driver hacks apart, we now call our own
FluffOS :)
new in FluffOS 1.36
Fixed crasher when doing restore_variable("(//)")
Fixed crasher when using 256 local variables in a function pointer

new in FluffOS 1.35
Fixed crasher when too many classes are used (parser using error result)
Fixed crasher with efun:: in function pointers when the efun override wasn't allowed

new in FluffOS 1.34
Fixed crashers in the reference keeping linked list
Fixed crasher when connections are not routed to any object
Changed compiling for -DDEBUG to work with modern glibc (turrican)
Fixed bug in regprop() (turrican)
Fixed crasher in max/min (woom)

new in FluffOS 1.33
Fixed typo in above line
Added vowel/add_a and num_classes efuns (Woom)
Added max/min/rell_MdN efuns (Woom)
Corrected functions/variables prototype (reported by Woom)
Changed makefile so make -j<number> works most of the time
Fixed ++ on LPC floats (reported by Woom)
Fixed error message + crasher in element_of()

new in FluffOS 1.32
Fix for nomask and shadows (
Make tab warnings optional (Skullslayer@Realms of the Dragon)
Compile fix in interpret.c (Skullslayer@Realms of the Dragon)
this_object() is now the default argument to base_name();
Fixed crasher in terminal_colour()

new in FluffOS 1.31
Fixed crasher in terminal_colour()
Changed heartbeats to run relative to mud time (time() in the mud) and never
   never skip them anymore
Changed eval cost code to use signals, removed kernel module code and the
   (VERY) slow fallback code there was before

new in FluffOS 1.30
added driver apply for mxp reply tags received from clients
fixed crasher in functions() (DEBUG mode, probably corrupted memory)
fixed optimizer bug (Pelle Johansson peljo105 at (from the
   mudos develop mailing list)

new in FluffOS 1.29
fixed bug in terminal_colour()
can now be compiled with tcc (you need to add a -DTCC flag)
no longer use alloca in bison

new in FluffOS 1.28
fixes to compile with other settings than the DW ones (Skullslayer@Realms of the Dragon)
fix in reverse DNS lookup (Skullslayer@Realms of the Dragon)
properly do the zlib stuff (Skullslayer@Realms of the Dragon)
terminal_colour fix (pinkfish)
new element_of efun which takes a random element from an array
readded pluralize cases that were accidently lost in the last version

new in FluffOS 1.27
update to terminal_colour() (Pinkfish)
added option to use mmap instead of sbrk for included malloc packages

new in FluffOS 1.26
check resets every 5 minutes
new malloc package (GNU)

new in FluffOS 1.25
fixed crasher in icode.c (Pinkfish)
close external ports for external commands(they don't need the telnet port etc)
new in FluffOS 1.24
added mxp support (Pinkfish)
updated with respect to MudOS v22.2b14

new in FluffOS 1.23
fixed crasher in sprintf
fixed crasher in compressed files (by pinkfish)

new in FluffOS 1.22
fixed compiling a development version
eval_cost reset for each call_out()ed function
some fixes to pluralize()

new in FluffOS 1.21
changed allocating structure for efun function pointers to allocate space for
   a full function pointer struct
fixed the bug in mapping *map=({([])}); map[0]["bing"] = 1;
no longer convert floats to doubles and back when they go on the LPC stack
warn for tabs and MSDOS ^M chars in source code
removed some debugging printfs

new in FluffOS 1.20
fixed some array size issues
cleaned up some source (used pointer + x to index instead of pointer
  • )

fixed some lint warnings
fixed compiling a DEBUG driver
fixed compiling with TRACE defined
added check for corrupted objects in debug mode
fixed buffer overruns and underruns in pluralize
new get_garbage() efun, return objects with no external references that are
   not in other objects and not shadowing anything

new in FluffOS 1.19
unlink the shared function name string in functions() before returning it.
fixed compile errors with the intel(R) C++ compiler(7.0)

new in FluffOS 1.18
call the mudlib crash function even when printing the error trace gave a
   fatal error as well.
added check for destructed objects in apply_low()

new in FluffOS 1.17
fixed writing over shared strings (yay const!)
fixed some buffer overflows

new in FluffOS 1.16
stop parsing after illegal to inherit error (crasher)
fixed some uninitialised variables
started using 'const'

new in FluffOS 1.15
many local buffers (on the stack) are now bigger to avoid overflow
class names, class member names and function names are no longer stored as
   name, but as classname, membername and funcname instead (for easier
now uses the v22.2 database code instead of forward ported v22.1
fixed bug in call_other type warnings

new in FluffOS 1.14
changed size of a local sprintf buffer from 100 to 1024 (100 must be really
   easy to reach)
changed object struct name field to obname, there are too many struct fields
   called name.
fixed malloc selecting code
removed part of the crasher fix of 1.13

new in FluffOS 1.13
fixed crasher in global_ref_list cleanup (just the crasher, i suspect the
   list is borken as well
added base_name() efun

new in FluffOS 1.12
updated with respect to MudOS v22.2b13
removed some mixing of signed and unsigned chars
added mmap based malloc option (MMALLOC)
added option to make call_other type errors warnings

new in FluffOS 1.11
shuffle() efun by Taffyd
crasher fixes (copied from divided skys)
memory leak fix (also from DS)

new in FluffOS 1.10:
fixed bug in reference_allowed where invis would stop working
changed the return value of save_object to the amount of bytes (uncompressed)
   after the line with the object name (#/global/player)
exit forked driver if exec fails in external commands, rather than having
   multiple drivers going.

new in FluffOS 1.9:
some small fixes to reference_allowed
fixed (i hope) endless loop in compressed output

new in FluffOS 1.8:
reference_allowed efun (by Taffyd)
fixed crasher in ... when used in building arrays (reported by Presto).
   avoid using it for that though, it's _very_ inefficient.

new in FluffOS 1.7:
return of the event() efun
member_array extended for partial searches and searching from the end of the
query_num(): returns the int argument as a string in the (1 -> one), optional
   second argument specifies where it starts returning "many"
query_multiple_short(): see discworld lib docs, done by Taffyd.

new in FluffOS 1.6:
this changelog is now in the FluffOS archive!
fixed crasher in dumpstat (used by mem_info)
added (optional) type checking for call_other calls
changed variable assignment type checking from warnings to errors, using the
   parser's warning system changed the current file/line variables, and
   this could happen during compilation...
updated options.h

new in FluffOS 1.5:
fixed crasher after errors in save_object. (reported by pinkfish)
fixed crasher in interpret caused by find_line return a pointer to a local var
fixed crasher with switch statements that only contain a default case, they
   are no longer allowed (reported by Vashti)

new in FluffOS 1.4:
added compressedp efun, it shows if an interactive uses MCCP (pinkfish)
fixed crasher in type checking code during compilation error (reported by
fixed crasher in compressedp

new in FluffOS 1.3:
fixed crasher with buffer overflow in output
fixed loading compressed save files

new in FluffOS 1.2:
updated with respect to MudOS v22.2b12
fixed eval cost bug for first object loaded after the preload
increased line buffer size for loading compressed save files

new in FluffOS 1.1:
Uses a kernal module to get cpu times.

FluffOS 1.0:
changes since MudOS v22.2b11 (as far as i can remember)
Type warnings added
compressed save files
eval limit is now based on time taken, rather than substracting random numbers
   to account for actions.

Many bug fixes :)



As MudOS is moving too slow to keep our driver hacks apart, we now call our own
FluffOS :)

Fluffos 2.6:
current_time is now 64 bit on 64 bit platforms, all ready for 2038 now, I think :)
fixed crasher in ed on big files with long lines (i hope)
new default arguments for destruct, virtualp, inherits (this_object) and ctime (time())
removed some code duplication in call_function_pointer()
   case ..1:
     return "low";
   case 2:
     return "middle";
   case 3..:
     return "high";
now works!

new WOMBLES config option that disallows spaces in ({ ([ (: :) ]) }) when used
   for arrays, mappings and functionals.

fixed 64 bit compiles so you don't need to use one specific compiler with no optimisations anymore

made the objects list double linked so destruct doesn't have to walk the whole
   list to find the previous object in the list.
fixed compiling without shadows support

Fluffos 2.5:
some pluralize() fixes (woom)
fixed zonetime() and is_daylight_savings_time()

Fluffos 2.4:
new efuns for sending telnet sequences:
   void request_term_type();
   void start_request_term_type();
   void request_term_size();
restore_object now calls restore_lost_variable() if a variable in the save file
   doesn't exist in the object, the arguments are the value and name of
   the saved variable.
fixed crasher in event() when one of the earlier objects destructs an object
   that still would have gotten the event.

Fluffos 2.3:
fixed event efun (from 1.40)
added MAX_INT and SIZEOFINT predefines (from 1.40)
fixed leftover PROT1V macro use
replace is an efun now
virtual base obs are no longer seen as clones

FluffOS 2.2:
removed some more object swapping code
fixed memory leak in restoring gzipped save files
improved LPC function profiling
fixed ref counts in class/array efuns

FluffOS 2.1:
added str_to_arr, and arr_to_str efuns to convert between strings and UTF-32 arrays
added strwidth efun
fixed refs() for strings

FluffOS 2.0:
different from Fluffos 1.36:

Changed integer type to 64 bit, and some other 64 bit cleanups, as 64 bit ints
change the way things work for the LPC side of things, I changed the major
number to 2.
removed swapping, the OS can do it much better than us.
removed LPC_TO_C as it has been broken for as long as i can remember (MudOSv21
removed the annoying PROT P1 etc macros if you still use a K&R compiler it's
   time to upgrade!
removed varargs.h support
removed warnings during compiling (with supplied localoptions file)
removed gdbm files as they couldn't even be used (no spec file!)
removed dw specific debugging code
added iconv support
      If activated:
      All text in the mud is UTF-8
      int set_encoding(string); //sets the encoding for this_players
      string to_utf8(string, string); //convert enc encoded str to UTF-8
      string utf8_to(string, string); //convert UTF-8 encoded str to enc

some additions to pluralize() (woom)
new functions in dwlib package (woom)
     mixed abs( int | float );
     mixed assemble_class( mixed * );
     mixed *disassemble_class( mixed );
     mixed fetch_class_member( mixed, int );
     void store_class_member( mixed, int, mixed );