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LP Heroes
« on: September 14, 2006, 10:14:11 am »

Hello all,

My name is Tigwyk, and I'm running LP Heroes, a superhero themed mud running DS2.1. Currently we're in very early initial stages of creation, mostly working on reworking the lib a bit, adding features I feel are lacking, and figuring out what sort of areas, skills, and classes will be available.

I've got some ideas lined up, a couple coders (but I don't consider them permanent because they have lives and they're only on-board because it's an interesting idea), and lots of enthusiasm.

I guess I'm hiring, since I do need more people. LPC experience is preferred, but not required. I'm teaching two LPC newbies to code so I've obviously got patience. ;)

There are almost no new areas yet, but we're working on that. We plan on having a bunch of different cities, starting with New York. I've done some lib work, and I'm working on getting a skilltree in place for the skill system I'd like to implement.

Please feel free to stop by and check it out, just make note that it won't look very different from a stock DeadSouls mud because the areas aren't ready yet.


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LP Heroes
« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2006, 09:24:44 pm »

I have to admit I have always had a fondness for the superhero genre, Champions was one of my favorite RPGs.

Just about how you intended to structure the game in terms of Players and NPCs.  What form of groupings are you considering, and how will they interact?

One aspect of the superhero realm is the scope of the stories, and the consequences they can bring. Conquer the World, enslave everybody, or even blow up the Planet are not atypical goals for modern supervillans. So I am curious about your ideas on storylines.

And a final question: What sort of overall feel are you going for? Traditional comic book style, modern comic style, movie style, cyberpunk, what?



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LP Heroes
« Reply #2 on: September 15, 2006, 11:07:56 am »

Let's see...

I'm hoping to have players and NPCs interacting together or against each other in colossal battles of epic proportions! Actually, haha... I plan on making NPC superheroes/villains and players as well. I'm hoping to allow players to create clans (supergroups) and maybe even NPC supergroups (with a little help). Players will be the most active, of course. Players will fight for good or for evil, saving innocents from danger or kidnapping innocents for cash.

I'm hoping to allow huge hardcoded quests as well as interactive wiz-run storyline stuff. The example I use right now is a bank robbery. A villain attempts to rob a bank... he wanders in, kills a couple guards, cracks open the vault, and grabs some cash. Now, if he does it quickly, he'll only have to fight some more NPC guards on the way out and maybe some NPC cops. If he's slow, he'll most likely have to fight a player hero, or an NPC hero. If the player hero responds first, he'll have some form of quick transportation to get to the scene faster than by normal means, and he'll have to duke it out with the villain to keep the peace. If the NPC responds first, the NPC will be moved to the area and the villain will have to fight the NPC to a) steal the money, and b) survive.

The storyline stuff will be fun, since wiz-characters will have their own heroes or villains to use in these events. For instance, if my hero is SuperTigwyk (on the side of good) I'll most likely be the leader of a group or something and I'll try to promote RP for the storyline event, saying perhaps "Come, Do-Gooders, let's rid this city of the rampant evil!" and either I'll clone some evil thugs, or perhaps even some wiz-character villains will come along to fight us. Who knows? Anything's possible!

For supervillains who really want to wreak havoc, they'll have to achieve greatness first. You can't have a little villain wandering around conquering the world. Well, he may conquer a small district of New York, but good luck fighting the Army (or the NPC Supergroups) to get past that. I do plan on allowing powerful supervillains to reign supreme if they actually manage to keep their control. If a supergroup (or hero) can't defeat the villain, so be it. The villain wins, he gets to decide what goes on, and most likely all his thugs will be cruising the streets looking to cause chaos. I'm hoping to add lots of features for 'ownership' of the city. The ability to extort civilians, payoff the cops, etc will all be available eventually. (Though if the heroes maintain the peace, then they are the ruling power but the city is still owned by the Mayor or whatever. Heroes aren't in it for the money, right?)

I'm not sure if I'll allow the world to be blown up, but we'll see what comes up in the future. ;)

As for the feel of the game, I'm planning on making it a combination of movie-style with comic-style. The players will be able to choose from a huge range of categories and powers to define their hero/villain, as well as costumes, weapons, player-owned buildings, vehicles, etc. PvP combat will be a blast, as players who can fly will be able to fight while in flight. (Fight or flight? Why not both!) I hope to combine a fun environment with enticing gameplay.

Players have the ability to gain rank (AAAA, AAA, AA, A), fame/notoriety, cash (of course!), henchmen/women, etc.

All this talk has got me excited, back to coding!