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About Phantasmal
« on: January 01, 2007, 01:07:21 pm »
From the Phantasmal site, under a presumed fair-use:

 The Phantasmal MUDLib is a DGD MUDLib under active development. It's the best free MUDLib for DGD if you want to build most of your game for yourself, or if you want something unlike a traditional MUD. It has a  project on SourceForge. Current and older releases can be downloaded there.

Phantasmal is my personal attempt to learn DGD, to contribute to DGD, and to put together a MUD server implementing certain things I think are cool. It isn't an attempt at a full-scale professional server. It certainly isn't an attempt at anything like the current crop of Diku derivatives. At the moment Phantasmal focuses on features that few other MUDLibs provide, though it skimps on some of the old standbys. For instance, it has an excellent help system, recompile-in-place, scripting, and some interesting input and output systems like UNQ and localization. However, it currently has no combat system at all.