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And the wiinners is :P

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A big thank you to everyone entered the competition or even just dropped by to see what DS2 and LPC are about after seeing information about the competition.

I am posting an update as I am unable to get hold of Alex, I am hoping that the competition can be judged this weekend with winners being announced on Sunday/Monday depeneding on your timezone:)

Again many thanks to the people who took the time to send in an entry.


Apologies for the delays!

More info in the next couple of days...promise!


I'm sorry folks, but the news is bad.

Short version:

There were not enough entries. We only got 3, and the

minimum was 10. The contest has been cancelled.

Long version:

I feel *horrible* about this, and very embarrassed. For the

past few days we've been considering what to do, and I've

been brainstorming to find a way to make the contest a "success".

But the more I thought, the less reasonable it seemed. In

endeavors like contests with prizes, it is vital that all contestants

see fairness in how things are run. Especially when money is

involved, it's key to play things straight and stick to the rules.

In addition to the fact that if we went forward there would be

one guaranteed prize for each entrant (some contest!), is that

having set a precedent for changing the ground rules for the

competition itself would be bad. If/when we have competitions

down the road, I want people to know that they can rely on the

rules they read and abide by to compete.

I like the idea of awarding these entry prizes so that we can

say "see? You should have entered!", but I think that the cost

in fairness and credibility is too high.

I apologize to you three entrants. Please know that I have learned

important lessons about how this sort of thing needs to run, and

I don't intend to have another failed contest. Your code will not

be used for any purpose. Unless you need it returned to you,

I will be deleting it in the next few days.

Sorry for the disappointment, everyone. I promise to do a better

job next time.


I see no fault here.

The rules said a minimum of 10 entrants and that was not met.

I am disappointed that the turn out was so poor. I often got the impression that many people did not enter because they felt they had no chance against other 'better' programmers. I just want to say to those folks, that that impression was and is clearly false. In such a small field, even a newbie coder (with a clever and descriptive entry) has a shot at winning.

I look forward to the next Contest.


PS perhaps in future contests, an announcement could be made on other forums and sites, to expand the pool of potential entrants.

Well darn! I was hopeing for at least a good show for my entry to extend my host fees!


All kidding aside, I do fully agree with Crat that we need to stick with the rules as laid out. I also agree with Detah that some may have been put off because of their own percieved skill level.

But think of it this way- How else to get some experienced folks to go over your code with a fine tooth comb and (hopefully) give you some useful and positive feedback iregardless of how it compared to other entries?

btw- Can we resubmit the same entry in your next contest Crat?



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