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Competition Ending Time


Hi Everyone,

I had hoped to check with Alex about the competition closing time, but I am making a post here to confirm it, in case I he does not come online today.

According to the competition server  alcatraz.wolfpaw.net 8000. there is just over 9 hours from the time of the forum post to get your entries in, Please let Alex, Cratylus or myself know if you would like to make an entry before the deadline still.

If all fails mail me within the deadline, but your code must work  without modification on DS2.1.

So if you are interested it is not too late and all entries are valid, this is not an uber elite comp! I am an LPC newbie myself,so please do not be put off by your experience level!

All the best,


You can email me at saquivor@monkeyx.net


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