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Looking to Code.


I'm looking for someone to teach me to code in LPC.   I can currently build on a MOO Core and I would be able to build in OLC if I'm given a refresher course, it's been awhile since I used it.  But that's all I know.   I really want to learn to code so that I can create places for players to enjoy.  So if you have time and are willing please drop me a line letting me know.  I'm 26 and a fast learner, I'd like to think so anyway.  Look forward to hearing from you.  



I dont remember if I already mailed you, so here goes again!

I am co-admin over at Broken World, a really neat lpmud. If you want to learn to code, log on to disco.big.du.se 3000 and catch one of us wizzes and we can talk about. We always like to help teaching people as long as they are dedicated and motivated. We got lots of features and a really sweet mud going.



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