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Please remove this thread, it no longer applies.  Thank you.

Have you gotten any offers?



Contest Judge

2006 Dead Souls LPC Coding Competition

The Ultimate Galaxy I


Status: Alpha, playtesters welcome

TUG Forum: http://www.crazybri.com/crazyforums/viewforum.php?f=55


I'm always open to submissions for stock areas to add

to the DS lib. If you don't find a good fit anywhere, you're

welcome to hang out on Dead Souls Demo and help add

stock areas.


Well, we are always looking for new friends to code on the Broken Word. We are Lp with the old nanny export lib (totally recoded though) as lib. We got lots of nice features, for players and wizards a like and they are way too many to list here.

The world is seamless, thought through, well themed and quite fun. We have a lot of totally unique stuff when it comes to guilds, areas, races, etc.

As for coding... I think we are more like the muds "in the old days" rather then the new and "organized" muds. We code on the fly and use a lot of common sense of what can be added directly without approval. Players seem to enjoy this semi-chaotic ongoing beta state (which really isnt beta).

We are stable... Been up for soon 7 years. Been at same place all the time until recently when we had to move.

Interested? Drop me a line and we can talk. :)

And feel free to read the previous post here that I made for new wizards.


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