Author Topic: New RealmsMUD core library  (Read 81 times)

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New RealmsMUD core library
« on: December 04, 2017, 04:16:15 PM »
I'll start this with a caveat: I'm not yet prepared to officially release this. There are some things that are very much not completed that would make trying to run a mud with this less than ideal:
  • some rather useful player commands like the emote/soul stuff and (heh) help
  • some of the wiz commands (like a way to administrate the role-based access control and the more "mundane"/useless wiz commands (like ed ;) )
  • The player party system
  • The player's crafting interface
  • Non-equipment carry-able items (drinks, food, crafting materials)
  • Some of the crafting blueprints are not complete
  • I've identified a few lower priority defects that need to be fixed prior to release
  • I do not have a master.c or any sefun stuff included in this repo. I will, but the hacks I've done to get things to the point where I can wander around on a mud with this lib are just that - hacks. I need to follow proper procedures for these (since they're critical components!) and create automated tests for them.

So, while I'm happy to share what I have (and would certainly enjoy feedback), I would very much appreciate that none of this code make its way into another mud just yet and have updated my license to clearly state this. There are some areas that are still changing a lot and I absolutely do not want to support users yet since they would be trying to hit a rapidly moving target.

Anyway, those interested can look at the lib at:

It is password protected (I don't have the ability to do anonymous access) and various web front-ends I found for git without just setting up my own instance of GitLab were rather lacking. The security-conscious person in me cringes at the thought of posting user auth stuff on a public forum, but if you send me a message here (or e-mail me: My user name here plus my domain should give a pretty good clue as to my address.), I'll be happy to set you up.

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Re: New RealmsMUD core library
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2017, 09:14:50 AM »
I just put all my stuff on github.  You can manage your local repository with whatever system you like and push a copy to github for "release" whenever you want.  No need to actually USE github for anything beyond a public repository host.