Author Topic: A official statement of FluffOS 3.0  (Read 1432 times)

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A official statement of FluffOS 3.0
« on: September 07, 2017, 12:57:48 AM »
Status of FluffOS 3.0: FluffOS 3.0 (last release fluffos-3.0-20170831) is actively used by a few big chinese MUDs actively, right now. The primary channel for discussion is via an QQ group .  (a Chinese IM software). I am actively refactoring codebase and fixing any bugs reported anywhere. It's a living driver, with no big issues.

As for the other Libs and general direction of the driver codebase,  this is my statement:

1. The driver will have a rolling release, there will only be 1 version supported at anytime.  No patch will be backported into old releases. If you want to ride the train, then you have to stay with the train, try to migrate to latest version as soon as possible, otherwise it maybe difficult to do so later. (although very few breaking changes are going to be added anyway).
2. The driver will be mostly an runtime config based configurations style. Meaning there are a few knobs in the config file you need to tweak, very very few #define will be added.  That means also you won't need your local_options anymore, just keep your config file.
3. Anything (EFUN, features guarded by runtime config etc) is welcome to be added to the driver,  as long as it has reasonable coding standard and an basic tests.

If you have a lib, and you want to ride the fluffos 3.0 train, you are welcome to do so, I personally will help you find solution for any issues you might encounter during the transition.
If you have a lib, and you don't want to migrate to fluffos 3.0 , that's also fine, no one will force you to migrate, ever. Just ignore FluffOS3 and be happy.

The primary way to reach me is by creating a issue at  .