Author Topic: JIT compiler revisited for Fluffos/dgd  (Read 1489 times)

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JIT compiler revisited for Fluffos/dgd
« on: November 05, 2015, 01:38:00 PM »
I noticed some old posts mentioning the inclusion of a jit compiler for fluffos might be in the works. Is this now no longer the case? I think that the upcoming 3.8 release of llvm with patchpoint and stackmaps might be suitable for this sort of thing. The work involved however is quite significant since fluffos unlike dgd has a lot of efuns and packages that directly manipulate the stack which would all have to be reimplemented to work with the new virtual machine. I am also curious also about the old c code generation that mudos IIRC use to have... Is this code still available somewhere? I am sort of curious how this problem was addressed given the plethora of efuns.

I am actually tempted to take a few months to work on this and give it a go. Converting the icode.c to generate llvm code directly and rewriting some of the apply and call hooks to call llvm::Functions pointed to by new program tables would be the main challenge.