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About TMI
« on: January 01, 2007, 12:37:18 pm »
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

The TMI Mudlib from The Mud Institute was an attempt to create a framework driven mudlib for the MudOS LPMud driver. It consisted of many contributors to MudOS as well as people who became influential in the LPMud community. When TMI began work in 1992, a mudlib was generally packaged with the both an LPMud driver and a complete world built on top of the mudlib. As a framework-driven mudlib, the goal of the TMI mudlib was to provide only examples for world objects and place the burden of building a working world on the game developers using TMI.

TMI never realized its vision and shut down. It was quickly followed, however, by TMI-2. Unlike TMI, TMI-2 was somewhat independent of the driver team. It leveraged elements of the original TMI mudlib and eventually released a somewhat workable mudlib. Though it never achieved the success of its sibling the Nightmare Mudlib (also based on the original TMI mudlib), it did influence many developers and the lessons learned with TMI-2 led to the successes of the Lima Mudlib.

Though Lima leveraged learnings from TMI-2, it is important to note that Lima is a completely independent codebase.

TMI-2 is still available, and often used as a learning tool, but not typically used today for new LPMud development.