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runtime log
« on: October 02, 2013, 03:47:18 pm »
FluffOS v2.23-ds01
Dead Souls 3.7a7 (lots of modifications though)

I'm running this on ubuntu.

So I was going through my log files just for the heck of it, as well as the archives folder, and noticed a whole lot of runtime log files. Each runtime backlog is upwards of 100kb or more, which, in itself is concerning. I do not receive any runtime error messages through the admin character or through the driver output window.

I wouldn't even bring this up, except for the fact that I simply can not open the log file (/log/runtime) or any of the large runtime backlog files in the archive folder.

What's more, is I've noticed that the runtime log generates its large file when I execute a warmboot.

With that being said, I have indeed modified relative functions that a warmboot might affect, such as the eventDestruct() function on room files and such. I accept that whatever the errors are, are likely because of my own modifications to the library. However, my concern lies in the fact that I simply can not open the log files in question. A 'head' or 'tail' command throws an error, and I can not open them through ubuntu using gedit or other text editing software because the programs either hang or open junk text, depending on the program.

The error when attempting to open the file through the MUD is:

Attempted to read '\0' into string!
Object: /secure/sefun/sefun at line 154

..and then the usual trace errors.

I suspect that the driver is generating corrupt runtime log files, but I can't explain why, and have no experience with FluffOS to know what I'm talking about.

Would it be logical to assume that updating FluffOS might solve the problem? I'm not sure where FluffOS has gotten to right now. I understand there may be forked development, or that newer versions might not agree with current libraries.

At any rate, are there any thoughts to what might be going on?