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« on: April 10, 2013, 11:01:32 PM »
Crat did  great job with including /configure with most of the fluff distros. Kudos there. However FYI if you use FLUFFOS, you HAVE to to look over the the options.h from 2.26 file and see how it differs from say 2.15 fluffoS, cause there are compile breaking options ommited.

Really the configure script would be cool on the git server.

Second cavet, do not enable DB functions unless you have mySQL or similar setup fully. Its a deal breaker on the compile.

Third. Dont bother with less than GCC 3.3 its not gonna fly.

Fourth MALLOCS, there are many malloc options now. Incuding one JREMALLOC which allows for simultantionus actions. These shpuld all be in one area in the options.h file. Wrappers, can we use these, did anyone test lately? lets stick to one malloc even if its 32 for consistency sake on errors

DTRACE/.... PAIN in the AXehandle its seems to be missing most of the time or its like dtrace+compile is missing from localoptions and just drops compiles.

Fifth props to the old gods of MudOS, but really its come along way now insomuch as lpmud is very different from LdmuD,, its time to drop building mudos out of the loop. Rename Fluffos BuilD.MUdoS,bat  all the platform files are not only clutter, but confusing to newcomers. If there is some wierd license issue, im sure a pool of talented coders can emulate everything so theres no real money loss with renaming it fluffos

LIL the testsuite, should be noted broken on the windows package you cant test any  efuns. I havent tested linux

Moreover should we ask people to compile in debug mode for better feedback? the -03 64 is pretty hard core on gcc and it gets flakey sometimes. In the interest of the driver progress, should it not be so high by defualt

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Re: 2.26
« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2013, 01:01:17 AM »
testsuite is being fixed in next-2.27.  If you like please take a look there