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2006 Dead Souls LPC Coding Competition Rules

Goal: To create an useful and interesting addition to the

stock Dead Souls 2.1 codebase. Entries will be judged

on a number of criteria including both technical and

style aspects.

1. To be eligible all Entrants must register via PM (Private Mail) to

Alexander_Tau on LPmuds.net Forum. You must include your full real

name, email address, & preferred Alias.

To participate in the Competition you must also log onto the

Competition Server at least once to deliver your Entry.

All Contestants must be prepared to provide 1 of 3 potential payment

methods should you win a prize:

1) Paypal account name (preferred)

2) Physical mailing address

3) Bank account information sufficient for a transfer.

2. The Entered code must run on stock version of DS 2.1

3. The maximum number of rooms that can be created are 2.

4. First prize will be $100 US, Second prize $50 US

and Third prize $25 US.

5. Only one Entry per person.

6. An Entrant is free to get help where ever they wish, but the

entry is registered as a single person's work.

7. Entrants are free to develop their Entry anywhere they wish,

it simply must be delivered to the Contest Arena before the

deadline. Once placed in your directory, it is a good idea

to test it. Any runtime or other errors will be

judged rather harshly.

8. Preferred focus for this Contest is either a unique NPC

or a functional machine or other device.

9. To qualify an entry must be both useful and detailed to a

reasonable degree. It may fit into the sample areas provided

with DS 2.1 but is not required. You may use any Theme

as a basis for your Entry. Names will be an important factor

in the Judging.

10. If it is vital to the operation of your Entry you may request

a small number of core Lib additions. These additions must not

interfere in any way with standard operations and may not alter

any core Lib processes.

If you need Lib additions for your Entry, you must inform the

Contest Staff at LEAST 1 week in advance of the ending of the

Contest. It is preferred that you supply your addition(s) as

an inheritable file.

11. Official Announcements, including the awarding of Prizes will

be done on LPmuds.net in the 2006 Contest forum.

12. Entries will be Judged by a panel of not less than three Judges.

13. This Contest is not open to anyone who lives in a Country, State,

or any other location in which it is not legal.

14. If you are under legal Adult age in your location you need a

Parent or Guardian's permission to participate, they must provide

information similar to an Entrant because they will accept any

Prizes you may win on your behalf.

15. The following specific actions will disqualify an Entrant:

1) Not providing complete and accurate registration information.

2) Stealing code or files from another Entrant.

3) Entering code that is not the Entrant's original work.

4) Not following the direction of the Contest Staff both on

LPMuds.net Forums, and the Contest Arena.

5) Violating the security of either Contest location in any way.

16. Judgement will take from 1 to 3 days after the close of

the Contest. If a large number of Entries are received then

this period may be extended.

17. Judges are limited in how much help they can give Entrants

during the duration of the Contest, please respect this.

18. LPmuds.net reserves the right to cancel this competition at any stage,

if circumstances arise outside of its control that would make a fair

Competition impossible.

19. Prizes unclaimed after 28 days will be deemed to have been forfeited.

20. By Registering an Entrant is accepting these Rules and agrees to

be bound by them for the duration of the Competition.

21. A minimum of 10 Entries are required for the Competition to take

place. If this requirement is not met, see Rule #18.

22. Contest Staff, and their families, are not permitted to join the


23. We reserve the right to modify or expand these Rules without


24. All Entries will be considered for inclusion of the next version

of Dead Souls.

25. All personal information provided in a Registration, or gathered

over the course of the Contest shall be kept strictly confidential.

We will not give out, sell or otherwise allow to be used, any of

this information. All announcements will be made with the Aliases.

Contest winners will be asked if they would like to have their real

names used. LPmuds would prefer this but we will not insist.


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