Author Topic: 2.4.5 Amylaar - Mudlib debate  (Read 2318 times)

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2.4.5 Amylaar - Mudlib debate
« on: May 16, 2012, 04:31:26 pm »
    I noticed a few posts about 2.4.5 (classic library) with modern drivers . Basically, they fall in one of the following catagories

- Older Players/Wizards that want to see that old magic retro revived
- Newer folks drawn by the realization that Warcraft, Star Wars, etc is nice art, but there's something to be said about 2.4.5 being a thronehall of the genesis of online gaming

I Debate
But why 2.4.5, why this one? One might see it Simulated in DGD, "scr scripted in Lima"... why? Because there's something there, admist the clutter that people WANT to see. What do you think that is? Old damage messages, Leo the Sage etc. The ultimately are disappointed when LDMUD or FLUFFOS provide "LIL" or a broken LDmud lib thats not compilable or playable. I for one, would like to see FluffOS or LDmud spin up 2.4.5 because I do believe if you give them this they will have a :

A Playable MUD, Using classic standard stats, levels and by giving homage and respect to what gave us online gaming. I think Wodan/FluffOS staff, LDMud groups could see a rise in their drivers if the following where done.


1) 2.4.5 on FluffOS.
2) Heaven 7 (2.4.5 ish) used to be runable under MudOS 9193c, use have to pair it with 3.0a Heaven 7 or earlier. It is likely this classic, could in theory actually fire up under FLUFFOS. 98% of Heaven 7 greatness was 3.0a or earlier anyhow (No disprect to Avatar). It just takes a little time by someone who can do it (knowlege). Angel's work should be revived.

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Re: 2.4.5 Amylaar - Mudlib debate
« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2012, 06:45:11 pm »
Well, as I indicated here, 2.4.5 seems to work under LDMUD if you use the correct options.

I suspect people like it because other mudlibs have grown in complexity to the point where it takes a good amount of effort to sit down and really understand how they function.  It's trivial to download Dead Souls and get it running, and start building rooms.  It's not so trivial to understand how the security system works, or what you need to do to properly add a new event so the verb system and the combat system both understand it.

In many ways, I think a lot of people want what Lima, Foundation, and perhaps a couple others tried to do... a mudlib which offers most of the core features with simple examples of common game mechanics that can easily and cleanly be replaced.  Unfortunately, many of those core systems evolved to be pretty complex.