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[FluffOS] ATCP, GMCP, < and > characters
« on: March 29, 2012, 09:58:26 am »
I've found something weird about the ATCP/GMCP protocols and the < > characters in FluffOS.
My server is running FluffOS 2.22 and the negotiation is going:
Code: [Select]
OK we are willing to enable telnet option TERMINAL_TYPE
OK we are willing to enable telnet option NAWS
MCCP v2 negotiated!
SORRY, we are NOT WILLING to enable this telnet option.
server sends telnet option terminal type
checking mccp start seq...
MCCP version 1 starting sequence

But checking has_gmcp(find_player("rutseg")) gives 1.
Result is my client things I'm not running GMCP but seems the server does, and the result is > do not appear and anything after < is not shown until a > arrives.

If I connect to Discworld, the only line changing is instead of ATCP appears GMCP. Which I think is generating all the mess.

For more information check:
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