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Where can I create?

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We do have the Competition Arena set up for all registered Contestants. But if anyone has a DS server that they would like to offer to Contestants as design space, this would be the place to say so.

Capo, I know you have already offered, but could you respond with your address and any other necessary information.

Contestants will need Wizard status, so if you have any special Rules or Conditions on your offer please mention them here. If you have made signifiant changes to your Lib you might need to describe them. Entries need to run on stock DS 2.1.



Contest Judge

2006 Dead Souls LPC Coding Competition

The Ultimate Galaxy I


Status: Alpha, playtesters welcome

TUG Forum: http://www.crazybri.com/crazyforums/viewforum.php?f=55

Hi all,

I'll gladly offer space on my mud for people to design on. It's a mostly stock DeadSouls 2.1 lib, and the minor lib changes won't affect anything you'd normally code, so if it'll run on my mud, it'll run on the competition mud.

Address: lpheroes.com

Port: 6666

I'm on all the time, literally, so I'll encre you as soon as you ask, but if I don't respond you should either check out Capo's MUD or try me again in a while. (I work a full-time job so I'm not always paying attention to the mud.)

Good Luck, Contestants! (Myself included!)


That's right, Im willing to give temporary wiz status to anyone that wishes to participate in this contest.

Address:  haven.mudmagic.com

Port: 7000

Send me an email at haven_mud@yahoo.com letting me know who you are, what character name you intend to use, etc, or just stop by.  Im normally around all day!

Special rules:

Do not edit any file other than what's in your /realms domain, that's it.  Right now my staff is small, and limited to just my partner and myself.  

As we're up 24/7 Haven is a good spot for anyone who doesn't have space of their own.  Just let me know.

Like Tig my mud is running on DS 2.1 and the changes to my lib involve areas other than rooms, npcs, objs, weapons, etc.  So you will be able to enter the competition.

It is also possible to build on Dead Souls Demo, and

folks may be tempted to do that.

However, please note that Dead Souls Demo contains a lot

of alpha code, so it might be best to build on a mud that

is 2.1, to make sure the entry will be compatible with the

contest mud.


LPUniversity would be happy to host a Dead Souls mud for individuals to develop on. If needed, just let me know.

Note: You can already access a dead souls mud on our mud-farm but it resets every 24 hours (ie. don't save anything you don't want to lose on it).
Cody A.W. Somerville


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