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LPmuds.net 2006 Dead Souls LPC Coding Competition FAQ

* Why?

Why not? The competition has been arranged to try and stimulate some interest in lpmuds.net, LPC in general and the DS2 mudlib.
The main purpose of the competition is just to try and have some fun whilst coding in LPC. So please enjoy yourselves and remember to have fun.

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* The Prizes

First Prize$100 (USD)

Second Prize$50 (USD)

Third Prize$25 (USD)

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* Timescales

Competition Registration Starts09/10/2006

Competition Registration Ends06/11/2006

Competition Ends20/11/2006

Winners AnnouncedTBA

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* Guidelines for Entries

* The aims is to produce an interesting addition to the DS2 mudlib. Some basic examples are shown below:-

* This could be a cool sentient NPC that interacts with players and other NPCs

* An object that extends the abilities of a player

* A new mud command

* Or what ever your imagination can come up with as long at is runs on  a stock version of DS 2.1

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* Relationship to Dead Souls 2

The aim of the competition is promote the use of the forums and Dead Souls 2 usage.
Although Cratylus has kindly agreed to host the competition on one of his servers. The competition is being run by Alex and Saquivor, so if you have ANY questions regarding the competition then they should be direct to Alex and myself and NOT Cratylus, as he will not be able to help you.

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* Rules


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* Can I still get help with my Entry, or do I have to do it completely alone?

You are free to use all the normal resources of LPmuds.net to create your entry. There is one small limitiation however: The people who are have signed up to be Judges have to limit how much help they can give you.

So you may ask one of them for assistance as you normally would, but do not expect them to generate lines of code for you. They can ONLY point out an error in code they see, not fix the code for you or suggest ways to improve the code.

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* Why do I have to deliver my entries to the Competition Server?

Because we need a place to test them, and that is the place that has been set up for it.

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* OK so where is the Competition server ?

You will find the competition server at alcatraz.wolfpaw.net 8000.

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* Why do I have to join LPmuds.net to register for the Contest?

Because we are the Host, we are doing this Competition for a number of reasons but one of them is to promote ourselves.
Registration with us is quick and easy. We will not sell your personal infomation, nor bombard you with spam.
Join the Forum, send a PM with the required information, and you are ready to roll. Check back here for Contest Announments as you get your Entry ready.

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* Experience Level Required

The competition is open to people of all experience levels! So if you are new to DS2 or LPC do not let that put you off. The entries will be tested from both a players perspective and a creators perspective.

A full list if how the entries will be marked can be found below.

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* How entries will be scored

The list below details how entries will be marked. Each category can score a maximum of 10 points.

* Technical Difficulty

* Documentation

* Playability

* Orginality

* Coding Style

* Usefulness

* Detail

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* Code Template

All files submitted for entry must include this comments template.

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Object Name: Informal name of object/code
Author(s): Names and Project Name
Email/Contact Info:
Mudlib Version: DS 2.1
Usage Example:
I pledge that this program represents my own program code. I pledge that any
code contributed to DS2 can be distributed freely as long as all header
information is kept intact.

* Judges


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* Can I include Lib changes to suport my Entry?

A small number of Lib ADDITIONS are allowed. The additions must not interfere with the work of others. The proper way to do this would be to create a header file that can be inherited my your Entry or the Lib file you need to expand.

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