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DGD 1.4.2 released
« on: March 18, 2010, 07:52:02 pm »
On behalf of the DGD team, I have the pleasure to announce the availability of
DGD 1.4.2

It can be downloaded from:

New in this release:

  • Windows port is now a console application and builds with VS2010 (express edition)
  • Network extensions available on Windows
  • On Linux, Solaris and BSD variants, swap and dump files > 2GB are now supported
  • status() now returns large numbers as floats
  • The source code has been 'ansified', sorry, no more K&R, and, no more Amiga support.
  • Some changes and a bugfix to the extensions interface
  • Fixed the precompiler
  • Some documentation improvements
  • and more..

This is the work of a number of people, see the Changelog file in the
distribution for more information.

One contributor to 1.4.2 must be mentioned here:

The ansifying efford and improvements to the Windows version were
done by Stephen Spiller, many thanks for doing this rather back breaking job.

Enjoy the new release, and if you find any bugs or issues, report them to us
through the bug tracker on
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