Author Topic: Brand New Lib, New Mud. Needs new blood!  (Read 3383 times)

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Brand New Lib, New Mud. Needs new blood!
« on: February 16, 2010, 04:50:35 pm »
Hello LPmudders,
 Long story short, I have been working my ass off on a new mudlib with new concepts. I need/want help with this project. I need testers, and someone others who are interested in helping develop whats left of the mudlib including fine tuning and such.
 Short details: its a fantasy based mudlib, running on ldmud. Mudlib is designed with modularity -- lots of big concepts and some really awesome features that will be very appealing when opened.
 This is a good project. Contact me if you have interest in taking up a project. wedsall at g mail dot com