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Dead Souls 3.0
« on: December 30, 2009, 12:34:36 pm »

* Dead Souls 3 is released.

* For the next few months, expect only security or minor maintenance fixes.

* DS development continues, in parallel with the dev of Dead Souls Prime.


In December of 2005 I released Dead Souls 2.0. Those were innocent days!

The point of DS2.0 was an updated Dead Souls that actually ran
(it was, by then, non-trivial to get the 1998 DS 1.1 working),
and had examples enough to let newcomers into the joys
of LP conveniently. It even had this crazy newfangled online
creation thing called QCS!

Over the next four years I kept refining DS2 and updating it,
learning all sorts of things along the way, having a swell time
with both the code and the community. The goal for DS3 changed
a few times, but its essence was always "a lib I feel comfortable
building in"...and last year I articulated the implied corollary,
"and that I'll make into a game mud."

In December 2008 I made a promise to release DS 3 and transition
to a focus on developing a game mud with it, and that's a
promise I'm keeping today. It's tempting to keep doing dev
until everything I want is included but I recently read
an article about what happened to the development of Duke
Nukem Forever
, and I saw that same "it's not perfect yet!"
thing happening to me.

Instead, DS 3 is now released, and it's great. From creweb to
charmode and the thousands of fixes in between, the four years
of improvements and innovation and polish make it a fit and
proper successor to DS 2.0, perhaps an even greater step up from
2.0 than 2.0 was from 1.1. While I didn't get all the toys in that
I wanted (new job responsibilities and new baby pretty much
put the whammy on getting vehicle combat done), and DS 3 ain't
perfect, it's pretty darn ok.

Having said all that, while I (and some awesome helpers!) have
refurbished the house, the foundation was laid by the Ascended
Elders, and I'm eternally grateful to the legions of people
who put together the original Dead Souls I was fortunate to
find and be able to carry forward.

I'm also grateful to the many testers and coders who contributed
to the DS project since 2005. From driver haxing to bugfinding
to multilevel map algorithm development, there's plenty I would
not have done on my own, and I salute those LP stalwarts who
helped improve what's now DS 3.

So...what's next? Well I'm not going away, for one thing. Note
that the new release is "3.0". I'm still Crat, and that guarantees
I've missed some jot or comma somewhere and we'll need a 3.1
soon enough. And I'll still be doing that stuff. And who knows,
I might even release a big fat 3.2 and 3.3 and 3.4, with...well
whatever crazy things occur to me between pints of Guinness.

But that's not my focus for now. For now I'll be carefully shepherding
what little robocode time I have (and it's not much...I wasn't kidding
about the kid and the job!) into preparations for making
Dead Souls Prime a normal game mud. I've no announcements about any
timeframes on that, by the way, and may not announce anything
for many months. But do remember I'm pretty ok at making good
on my threats ;)

Anyway, as usual, the not-completely-trivial changes from 2.0 to 3.0
are listed here:

And you can download Dead Souls 3 here:


"A still more glorious dawn awaits"

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Re: Dead Souls 3.0
« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2009, 01:31:12 pm »
So c'mon, comrades! We need to release even better 4.0 before 2012!
I think, therefore i may be wrong.
Please note that if you met a Raudhrskal in a place that's not related to muds, it wasn't me. *sigh*... back when I started there was zero hits on google for that name...

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Re: Dead Souls 3.0
« Reply #2 on: January 03, 2010, 04:35:17 pm »
In the start of this new year I would just like to wish everyone a good, healthy and fortunate one.

@Crat: thanks for pulling the cart along and take care of your newborn.
Always remember that the early bird gets the worm first, but the fi...*SNAP*...second mouse gets the cheese.

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Re: Dead Souls 3.0
« Reply #3 on: February 03, 2010, 10:17:59 am »
Good stuff. Thanks Cratylus.