Author Topic: Localhost or VPS. Can I still connect?  (Read 5112 times)

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Localhost or VPS. Can I still connect?
« on: January 13, 2010, 07:26:31 pm »
Hello again!

I don't have a host yet and I was so impatient that I thought that I would try to run DS on my netbook. It worked, so I'm happy.  I have cable internet and as I understand it, I won't change IPs unless I disconnect the modem. That happens very rarely and only if my internet drops for whatever reason. But, according to the docs, I think that's fine, too. Since I should be able to reconnect should my mud name and password are the same? (Just making sure I have a good grasp on that? Please correct me if I'm wrong!)

Ok, I really want to just play around with DS, but I also like to socialize and hear real-time questions from other newbies other admins. I'm not sure if i'm connected to everything, though.

I got a few messages and are connected to: DS, Free_Speech, intercre, etc.  I don't always get messgaes, but I figured people are just not chatting (I hope!).  But, I followed the directions and tried to connect to IMC2. I 'add chan ichat' and nothing.  I checked the wiz/arch rooms and apparently I'm not approved.

So, my questions are really, does it matter if I'm on my home computer?

Also, what do I have to do to get a approved.

This any of this have to do with the "IMC2 daemon is currently unavailable." I get when I type any IMC2 command?

My name is realedazed when I chat on ds, but shouldn't it be realedazed@mudname?


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Re: Localhost or VPS. Can I still connect?
« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2010, 08:54:08 pm »
There are two kinds of intermud that DS supports. The first is "Intermud-3". It is
enabled by default, and it's what you're referring to when you talk about free_speech and
intercre. BTW, normal people have no business on the intergossip and free_speech channels.

IMC2 is enabled by default also, but on the Windows version of DS 3.0, it automatically
disables itself in the event of a connection failure. This is because the Windows version
of DS seems to have a very hard time dealing with an inaccessible IMC2 and causes
mud-wide lag as it times out. This is not the case with the unix version, and so the
unix version does not do this automatic disablement.

It happens that I noticed your mud connecting oddly to Intermud-3 (aka i3). This leads
me to believe there is something peculiar about your connection. Perhaps you are on
a wireless connection. Perhaps your cable modem's networking is flaky. Whatever the
reason, I suspect it caused IMC2 connection problems and subsequent disablement.
Just a guess there, but based on what you've said and my observation of your
connection to i3, not a complete shot in the dark.

My best guess is that running the Windows version of DS on a wireless connection is
the reason your intermud connections behave unexpectedly. At the risk of sounding
like an old curmudgeon, I suggest you run your mud on a unix box on a landline.
I'm pretty sure your networking issues would be resolved in short order.

As to "approval", there is no such thing required for IMC2 nor i3. Except, of course,
in the rare case of having been banned.


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Re: Localhost or VPS. Can I still connect?
« Reply #2 on: January 13, 2010, 08:57:27 pm »
Hi and welcome to LP land.

Of course it is perfectly fine to login to your own mud on your own home computer. Connecting to the host from the host gives you 2 options to connect. You may connect as localhost or your may connect via the standard telnet port. How you do this is dependent upon your particular mudclient.

Do not worry about the imc2 channels at first. The ones that should be active by default are the i3 channels (ds, dchat, ds_test, and intercre). Type a test message on one of those and if you do not get a reply from another mud, then you know you have a problem.

There is no 'approval' for connecting to i3 or imc2. It will automatically attempt to connect you. Sometimes the imc2 server is very slow or sluggish to approve new or rejoining muds. Dont worry about that at first. Once you get i3 channels active, then you can direct your attention to imc2. Try to get the i3 channels working first. They are completely independent of one another.

The @yourmudname part of the echo is suppressed, since you are obviously chatting from your own mud. When others chat on that intermud channel, you will see it in the form of Detah@Arcania. Hope to see you on ds chat soon.

Be specific about the problems you are encountering, what you did to generate the problem, any error messages that you see. Even better copy/paste the session to a post here and one of us can evaluate your problem. Also, you should state if you are on *nix or Windows version of ds. It is my observation that the imc2 channels are pickier with the windows version. I cannot confirm that for sure. Just my observation.

Good luck.

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Re: Localhost or VPS. Can I still connect?
« Reply #3 on: January 13, 2010, 10:20:54 pm »
Thanks! I know it was something I left out of my description, but I think you guys have nailed it. I have a spare machine that I'm planning on turning into a lunix box, so I'm guessing this is even more motivation for me to do so.

Thanks again and see you on the chat :)