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Sorrows mudlib v1.84
« on: January 04, 2010, 01:07:32 AM »
Back around in the late nineties, we released our mudlib as the Sorrows mudlib.  It was moderately popular and was adopted by a reasonable number of people.  As most of the developers left education for employment, maintenance and distribution was handed off to other interested parties.  Eventually, they also moved on and it was no longer available.

It was derived from the Discworld mudlib, and featured most of the standard bells and whistles that MUDs had in 2000.  These days, there is one mud that still legitimately uses it (Forbidden Forest) and two that use it against the license conditions (Lost Realms, Lost Legends).  That's the thing with releasing mudlibs, people make a few trivial changes and then decide that it has changed so much that it is effectively something completely new.

In any case, as I am trying to get as much of the code I have collected in my archives out there, I have made it available here:

Some of the custom systems that I developed were backported from my from scratch mudlib "Sorrows 2.x".  You can read about them on that page.  However, it has been so long that I have forgotten what made it of interest to the other adopters, and give reasons why it should be used.  But feel free to download the code and look through it.