Author Topic: old / abandoned muds - anyone have one?  (Read 2135 times)

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old / abandoned muds - anyone have one?
« on: November 10, 2009, 04:54:11 am »
Hello I am wanting to know if anyone out there has an old / abandoned / etc mud (ie a playable mud that used to have some players). If so i have professional hosting i am paying for but are hardly using and I am offering to host one of these for no charge and i will register a domain name for it and advertise to some extent to see if we can get any players. If you have one that is not complete then i am wanting to try my hand on porting it to dead souls lib. If anyone knows if any of these are available for download or if you happen to have some old code sitting around or a complete mud then please let me know.
Also i am willing to offer free hosting for someone wanting to start a new dead-souls mud.