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new lib new concepts
« on: October 17, 2009, 03:49:32 PM »
Hello all,
 I've been working on a new mudlib for a few months now in hopes to lunch sometime late 2010. I'm posting this here in case anyone is interested in a side project - from what I can tell most or you are busy running your own muds so I don't expect much response. Also if anyone is looking to participate in something new.. I could use a hand in the following areas ( Experienced administrators or developers please):
- game balance (really need help here)
- map building
- area building (not that important yet, already have lots of areas)
- guild design and skill/spell creation

 I'm trying to accomplish something which is a bit different than traditional muds or MMO's. I'm trying to remove emphasis from directly setting things like armor class or weapon class in lieu of a more realistic approach. For example in most MMO's if you somehow get your hands on the best weapon you're more than likely going to be dishing out the DPS of the weapon you're using. In a realistic approach that weapon might be worth a certain percentage of your attack potential, but isn't the only factor. Certainly 'good' equipment will stick out from crap equipment.

 Balance is very important to me and so is having a good long-term appealing mud - I don't think you can have one without the other.

 Some features in place already that might spark some interest:
 * gear saves over reboots
 * formation-based party system
 * unlimited races, currenly I wrote about ten races using the template
 * global skills and spells, which are presented to players through joining guilds
 * unique combat system: multiple limbs, racial limbs, weight based wielding limitations, critical hits, dodge etc lots of combat features
 * granular conditions like stun: anywhere from a weak stun which could blur your speech and vision to a complete stun where you're effectively unconscious
 * graphical continent maps for the 'terrain' type areas. hand coded areas are placed throughout
 * questing standard including communication/search/action based questing - very easy to build
 * read the link below for more info..

This link is basically a long list of notes I've been taking

 Not sure when I'll check the forums here again so if you're interested in this for any reason please email me. wedsall at gmail

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