Author Topic: Primal Darkness - seeking a builder, a coder, and many players  (Read 2961 times)

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Hello everyone,

I am one of the admins on Primal Darkness, a dark fantasy MUD that has been around since 2000. We have a medium-sized world and a small but steady player base, and we're looking to increase both of those!

Currently there are only a few active coders and we'd like to add another. Our mudlib was originally Nightmare 3, but it has been (and continues to be) heavily modified. The driver is a recent, stable build of MudOS. We only need one more coder for the time being, and s/he would be working under the two admins with a healthy mix of specific projects and doing your own thing. I'm more than willing to teach LPC techniques, but you should know some LPC already and, preferably, good programming practices in general. This is a live MUD so it's important to keep bugs, slowdowns, and crashes to a bare minimum! This position would work on almost anything, potentially - new backend systems, cleaning up existing code, new and useful commands, running events, etc.

To expand the world, we are looking for a full time builder. Creativity and drive are the most important things to have here - we can teach you how to build and take care of any complicated stuff. We do not currently have any OLC system setup, though it's planned to have one eventually. This person would usually just have to clear his/her areas with the admins - there will be few assigned projects. Also important for this position are good grammar and spelling.

Lastly, we're always looking for more players, so anyone who wants to drop by and try us out can do so at port 5000. We have over 20 races, over 20 classes, and a world ready for you to get lost in.

Anyone looking to apply for a position should contact myself or Stormbringer on the mud. You can also email me at the address listed in my profile.