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Drivers / Re: FluffOS-2.16
« on: June 16, 2009, 02:03:20 AM »
I would rather say this is an speed gain than an deployment gain.

If we want people to distribute their mudlib.

An signed dat file (all binaries) will be the best.

The problem here is we currently have compile time options, which certainly doesn't fit in the nowadays world.

I would say I am willing to add the binary support again.

After I've been able to port my chinese mudlib on to fluffOS

Drivers / Re: Sub-second timers
« on: June 12, 2009, 01:48:46 PM »
In terms of an round-based game.

Mudos is trying to be an fake-realtime game.

I think one thing we've been misunderstanding is that in mudos, there's no "guaranteed time". But there will be guaranteed heartbeat.

So you are saying "an cast needs 3 seconds, it's wrong, it should needs 3 heartbeats" while an heartbeat should be guaranteed to happen during an time frame.

So there's been 2 problems regarding the current driver.

1. It tries to catch-up with the real world by speeding heartbeat if you lost some time in loading object etc. so you will see "whack...whack......(whole server lag)...whackwhackwhack"

I don't think this behavior is correct.

2. There's no way to sort the execution order in an heartbeat time.

An workaround maybe set the heartbeat to 1/10s and you will be able to further adjust real attack.
well, the smaller the heartbeat you get, you also get an problem with doing that heartbeat to all the objects. it's simply not possible and it will lag at hell.

So an workaround maybe to start an separate heartbeat for objects that in combat. with an much shorter time period, well.. it needs another thread, and locking mechanism, synchronize stuff, which really just doesn't happen yet.

Drivers / Differennces Between Mudos V22.b14 and FluffOS
« on: June 12, 2009, 12:11:09 AM »
Hi, guys

It's very nice to see LPMUD is still so alive.

I am from china, where there's an small group of people like me working on LPMUD, but it's getting smaller and smaller. We've been focus on MudOS for an long time, but all the work is being lost during the time.

I start my plan recently to gathering the gold pieces lost in the chinese mud forum, patches to MudOS.

And it's good to know that FluffOS is doing very well. My question is , how much difference is there between FluffOS and MudOS.

Is there a lot of LPC semantic/behavior differences, will it be hard to port the lib from mudos to fluffOS? Is there an way to clearly see the changes being done?

Thanks again for the beautiful work!

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