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Hello all! We are looking for experienced coders who is interested in helping bring an old mud back to life!
We are using a LIMA based "fully customized mudlib", we do not use add_action(), we're building a new and modern version of Nuclear War MUD, we're Inspired by but not restricted to it, and we value readable and modular code.

If this is something you are interested in helping with, please stop by 4080 and talk to Tsath or Stanach!

We also have a discord server you are welcome to stop by and chat with us as well.

We will be looking forward to hearing from You!


Mud Administrators

Stanach and Tsath

General / Been Gone for while
« on: August 22, 2018, 09:46:31 pm »
Well I have been gone for a while. I return to see what is new in the mud world. So dead souls --->dead?  No more updates etc

Drivers / which driver would you use?
« on: August 07, 2017, 04:11:27 pm »
Hello all,

If you had a choice of using a driver today, which driver would you use? LDMUD, DGD or FluffOS?

Might be asking too much, but why do you like that specific driver?

I am trying to decide on which driver to move forward with. Have the lib booting with dgd, ldmud, can make it boot with fluffos, just not sure which to move forward with?


Drivers / Re: MudOS-0.9.18C3
« on: March 20, 2013, 12:17:11 am »
Ok.. changed #define HEARTBEAT_INTERVAL 999999 and recompiled driver and it works.

Guess I need to see how much work it is going to move to FluffOS.

Drivers / Re: MudOS-0.9.18C3
« on: March 19, 2013, 11:12:30 pm »
Well the same driver i compile works beautifully with the lib on 7.04 ubuntu vm, will not work on Ubuntu 11.0.. Sucks. The driver I compiled on 11 worked on 7 ..

Drivers / Re: MudOS-0.9.18C3
« on: March 15, 2013, 02:06:51 pm »
Thanks for all the Feed back. I wish I had more information to give you. With no errors in the Debug.log file, not sure what information to give you.

I can say that the the Mud was shutdown on a box in the UK this past year and the lib had no issues. It was tar and gzipped. No changes was made to the lib.

Only thing that changed was items in the Makefile to get the driver to compile.


Drivers / Re: MudOS-0.9.18C3
« on: March 15, 2013, 01:23:06 am »
No sir did not built it in 64 bit mode.  That error I posted was the whole error that i receive every once in a while. I really wish i had more errors to post.

this what I see when driver boots and debug.log is empty

MudMOS 0.9.18C3 (Linux)
loading config file: config.mud
Can't stat <./driver>, ignoring old binaries.
Try invoking the driver using the full pathname.
init_addr_server: connect: Connection refused
Loading init file etc/init_file
Preloading: room/desc 0.00
Preloading: room/room 0.00
Preloading: room/adv_guild 0.02
Preloading: room/church 0.02
Preloading: obj/living 0.00
Preloading: obj/monster 0.00
Preloading: obj/weapon 0.00
Preloading: room/post 0.00
Preloading: room/convoy/westConvoy 0.02
Preloading: obj/daemons/secondd 0.00
Preloading: obj/daemons/toplist 0.00
Preloading: obj/daemons/lottery_d 0.00
Preloading: domains/Gov/std/gov_d 0.00
Preloading: obj/daemons/uniqued 0.00
Preloading: obj/daemons/crashd 0.00
Preloading: domains/Areas/suburbs/ledough/area 0.00
Preloading: domains/Areas/city/bigfoot/area 0.02
Preloading: domains/Areas/suburbs/azatoth/area/area.c 0.00
Preloading: domains/Areas/city/keif/area.c 0.00
Preloading: domains/Areas/city/evil/area 0.03
Preloading: domains/Areas/city/evil/area2 0.00
Preloading: domains/Areas/outskirts/mastermind/area 0.00
Preloading: players/raavak/area 0.00
Preloading: domains/Gangs/Club/area 0.00
Preloading: domains/Areas/city/mutants/area 0.00
Preloading: domains/Areas/city/school/area 0.00
Preloading: domains/Areas/research/loke/biolab/area.c 0.02
Preloading: domains/Areas/city/loke/hotel/area.c 0.00
Preloading: domains/Areas/suburbs/miko/area2 0.00
Preloading: domains/Areas/city/thorwald/area 0.00
Preloading: domains/Areas/city/quake/area 0.00
Preloading: domains/Areas/research/sigmund/area 0.02
Preloading: domains/Areas/city/poldark/center/area 0.00
Preloading: domains/Areas/city/poldark/radio/area2 0.00
Preloading: domains/Areas/city/poldark/swim/area3 0.00
Preloading: domains/Areas/suburbs/darkvader/area 0.00
Preloading: domains/Areas/city/grimm/area 0.00
Preloading: domains/Areas/outskirts/muncher/swamp/area 0.00
Preloading: domains/Areas/suburbs/chained/area 0.00
Preloading: domains/Areas/desert/mike/area 0.00
Preloading: domains/Areas/suburbs/armitage/area.c 0.03
Preloading: domains/Areas/research/maz/area.c 0.00
Preloading: domains/Areas/research/doctohr/area 0.00
Preloading: domains/Areas/suburbs/cocteau/area.c 0.03
Preloading: domains/Areas/research/macconen/area.c 0.02
Preloading: domains/Areas/research/bismuth/area 0.00
Preloading: domains/Areas/research/arik/area.c 0.02
Preloading: domains/Areas/outskirts/kryton/area 0.00
Preloading: players/wishbone/area 0.00
Preloading: domains/Areas/city/firehouse/area 0.00
Preloading: domains/Areas/outskirts/cygnus/area 0.00
Preloading: domains/Areas/suburbs/hari/area 0.00
Preloading: domains/Areas/outskirts/nickenuck/area.c 0.00
Preloading: domains/Areas/research/berne/area/area 0.02
Preloading: domains/Areas/outskirts/nam/area 0.05
Preloading: players/wishbone/area2 0.00
Preloading: domains/Areas/suburbs/nedo/area.c 0.02
Preloading: players/wishbone/area3 0.02
Preloading: domains/Areas/suburbs/pip/area/area.c 0.00
Preloading: domains/Areas/city/rule/area 0.00
Preloading: domains/Areas/city/crematorium/area 0.00
Preloading: domains/Areas/city/cemetary/area 0.02
Preloading: domains/Areas/city/one/area2/area 0.02
Preloading: domains/Areas/city/toast/area.c 0.00
Preloading: domains/Areas/suburbs/dilvish/area.c 0.00
Preloading: domains/Areas/city/hiron/area.c 0.00
Preloading: domains/Areas/suburbs/alara/factory/area.c 0.00
Preloading: players/mindmaster/area2/area.c 0.03
Preloading: players/william/areas/hovershop/area.c 0.00
Preloading: domains/Areas/city/stanach/barbershop/rooms/area.c 0.00
Preloading: domains/Areas/jungle/recon/area.c 0.00
Preloading: domains/Areas/jungle/mindmaster/area.c 0.00
Preloading: domains/Areas/jungle/one/area2.2/area.c 0.00
Preloading: domains/Areas/outskirts/brad/area.c 0.00
Preloading: domains/Areas/city/crack/area/area.c 0.00
Preloading: domains/Areas/desert/utsa/area.c 0.00
Preloading: players/wishbone/area4 0.00
Preloading: domains/Areas/city/elle/area 0.02
Preloading: players/william/areas/desert/area 0.00
Preloading: domains/Areas/city/goldilocks/area 0.02
Preloading: domains/Areas/city/skrper/area 0.02
Preloading: domains/Areas/research/mindmaster/shaat/area 0.03
Preloading: domains/Areas/newbie/bombshelter/area 0.00
Preloading: domains/Areas/city/embassy/area 0.00
Preloading: domains/NG/Areas/mayhem/area 0.00
Preloading: domains/NG/Areas/lancefernam/area 0.03
Preloading: players/mycon/gamblers/area 0.00
Preloading: players/mycon/worldcup/area 0.00
Preloading: domains/Areas/city/daily/area.c 0.02
Preloading: players/snickher/lounge/area.c 0.00
Setting up IPC on port 4080.

Drivers / Re: MudOS-0.9.18C3
« on: March 15, 2013, 12:44:40 am »
hi thanks for the response. 

Most of the time when I boot the mud there is no errors at all.  But 1 out of 10 times I will get an issue with the status command. math: log(x)

with (x <= 0.0) will be the error.

If you attack an NPC you well get one attack and nothing else. But if you leave the room and come back into that room NPC will hit you again once.


Drivers / MudOS-0.9.18C3
« on: March 14, 2013, 11:36:07 pm »

I have an old mudlib that is running on MudOS_0.9.18C3 with a custom lp2.4.5 lib. I have been able to get the driver to compile on Linux 12.2

with Gcc 4.7, but the heartbeat is not working more then 1 to 2 seconds. My knowledge of drivers is very minimal.

If anyone has any suggestions or would like to help in any way. I would greatly appreciate it. 

If you would like to take a look at the mud itself, I have it running at 4080.


Dead Souls Support / Re: DS combat
« on: December 20, 2010, 02:43:47 pm »
Added you code to a Stock DS 3.0 and was able to get it put in with no problems! thanks for sharing the code.

Only thing I noticed is that the prompt still shows 500/500 but you get the tick showing you are healing 1/410 etc.

I would need to change what to reflect the new combat to make it read the hp's correctly in the prompt? or point me in the right direction to fix the prompt.



Drivers / Re: MXP Support
« on: August 22, 2010, 12:27:42 pm »
I hate to bring up an old topic, but trying to find out as much info on MXP that i can. I see people tried working on mxp with ds. I am interested in adding it to my mud that is using the DS mudlib. If anyone has any advice or information to help me in this matter i would greatly appreciate it.


Promotions / Looking for Builders/Coders
« on: August 13, 2010, 10:32:39 am »

I am developing what i call Nuclear War Mud 2. Basicly the first Nuke was build on lpc 2.4.5. I am taking some of the old stuff from that mud and moving it over to use DS mudlib.

The mud will basicly have a Theme evolving around a city called Abacus after the world has been through a Nuclear war. Crime is rampid, the city is trying to move away fro Martial law. There is new cities that have pop up around the world and travel to and from those cities is starting to happen.

If anyone is insterested in helping or would just like more info you can email me at


Dead Souls Support / MXP for DS
« on: August 13, 2010, 10:06:47 am »
Would like to impliment MXP in DS. If anyone has tacked this and has it working, would you be willing to share?

Dead Souls Support / Re: help with code
« on: July 18, 2010, 11:13:25 am »
thanks cray, Didn't see that example :) will look at it.

Dead Souls Support / Re: help with code
« on: July 18, 2010, 10:40:54 am »
Got most of what i want working.
What i am doing is letting people toss worthess stuff in trash can for recycling and getting a 2 dollar reward for it. It works fine but the check i have to see what the value of the item is, is not checking and letting me toss it anyway. here is my code, if someone has some pointers on why it isn't working i would appreciate it.
Code: [Select]
#include <lib.h>

inherit LIB_STORAGE;

void create() {
    SetShort("a recycling bin");
    SetLong("This is a blue trash can, marked with "+
            "the letters \"/dev/null\".");
id (str) { return str=="trashcan" || str == "can"; }


toss (str)
  object ob;
  string item;
  int i,reward;
  if (!str)
    return write ("Usage: 'toss <what>'.\n");
  str = lower_case (str);
  if (!(ob = present(str,this_player())))
    if(!sscanf(str,"%s in trashcan",item) || !(ob=present(item,this_player())))
      if(!sscanf(str,"%s in the trashcan",item) ||
write ("You don't have that.\n");
return 1;
  if (ob->SetValue() > 10)
    return write ("That item is too valuable to toss.\n");
  if (ob->drop())
    return write("That item cannot be tossed.\n");
  if (living(ob))
    tell_object(ob, this_player()->GetName() + " tossed you away!\n");
    write("Naughty boy!\n");
  ob = deep_inventory(ob) + ({ ob });
    for(i=0; i < sizeof(ob); ++i)
  write ("The trashcan starts grinding the " + str + ".\n");
  say (this_player()->GetName() + " tosses " + str + " in the trashcan.\n");
  call_out ("reward", 2, this_player());
  return 1;

reward (who)
  tell_object(who, "You get 2 dollars from the trashcan for showing tidyness.\n");
  say(who->GetName() + " gets 2 dollars from the trashcan for showing tidyness.\n",who);

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