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General / Trouble running/compiling
« on: November 14, 2006, 11:46:50 pm »

You need to provide a little more information on what platform you are running on. From the details you provided I will assume it is linux, the fact that ./configure and make install, did not work is an issue you need to resolve. On Ubuntu isssuing sudo apt-get install build-essential would install gcc and other related tools to let you be able to compile software from source.


General / Running driver on Windows
« on: November 13, 2006, 06:19:44 am »
Hi all,

My current activities seem to be keeping me away from LPC right now, but I hope to be back soon:) In the mean time, someone asked me about running ds2 as a service and I have been doing further work with jscript/hta at work s thought I would put an LPC/mudos spin on it at least. Although it relatively easy to get mudos to run as  a service(;en-us;137890">MSN help or">Cygwin ), the process of removing the service etc etc is slightly less straight forward, so for me the script is a handy way of running ds2 on a windows machine, when you want to hide the dos driver screen from the main window, to stop people closing it for you!

I decided to post a new version of the script in general forum (old script  here">here ) as it will help anyone who runs mudos on windows, not just ds2. This script needs to be saved as somefilename.hta to run or click">here to download it.   To run the script just double click on it and it will auto run driver, the buttons will explain the rest, once running.  

Any feedback appreciated.

You can also download file">here.


<META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
<TITLE>Run mudos driver</TITLE>

<Script Language=JScript>
var wbemFlagReturnImmediately = 0x10; //move to function?
var wbemFlagForwardOnly = 0x20;
var WinMgmts,ProcessName="driver.exe",wind=0;
var oShell=new ActiveXObject("WScript.Shell");
var mudhome="C:/ds/win32/"; //Path to driver

function Load() {
StatusId.innerHTML = "initializing";
var iTimerID = window.setInterval("UpdateService()",2500);

function UpdateService() {
var CheckStatus="Driver Not loaded";
var dDate=new Date();
if (HiddenWindow.checked){
try {
   var WinMgmts = GetObject( "winmgmts://./root/cimv2" );
catch(e)  {alert("Error in script: " + e);}
   var colItems = WinMgmts.ExecQuery("SELECT * FROM Win32_Process where Name='" + ProcessName +
    "'", "WQL",wbemFlagReturnImmediately | wbemFlagForwardOnly);
   var enumItems = new Enumerator(colItems);
      var objItem = enumItems.item();

      if (enumItems.atEnd() && !StopDriver.checked) //Checks if collection empty, will be true if so run the driver
      CheckStatus = "Loading driver.exe";      
      oShell.Run ("%comspec% /c " + mudhome +  ProcessName +
      " c:/ds/lib/secure/cfg/mudos.cfg >C:/ds/driver_log.txt",wind,false); //redirect not sending much to file
try {
   CheckStatus=objItem.Name+" is loaded ";
catch(e)  {CheckStatus="Driver not loaded " + e;}

   StatusId.innerHTML = CheckStatus+" at "+dDate.getHours()+":"

function ReLoad(){
function KillDriver() {
try {
   var WinMgmts = GetObject( "winmgmts://./root/cimv2" );
   catch(e)  {alert("Error in script: " + e);}
var colItems = WinMgmts.ExecQuery("SELECT * FROM Win32_Process where Name='" + ProcessName +
 "'", "WQL",wbemFlagReturnImmediately | wbemFlagForwardOnly);
var enumItems = new Enumerator(colItems);
var objItem = enumItems.item();

if (!enumItems.atEnd()) //Checks if collection empty, will be true if so run the driver
      StatusId.innerHTML = "<p>Driver is not running, so can not end task<p>";      

<BODY OnLoad="Load()">
<h1>Status of mudos driver.exe</h1>
<table width="100%" border>
<td>Driver Status:</td>
<Div Id="StatusId"></Div>

<td width=50%><Button Id="ReLoadButton" OnClick="ReLoad()" title="Click here to reset back to default values">Load Defaults</Button></td>
<td><Button Id="KillDriver" OnClick="KillDriver()" title="Click here to kill driver.exe.">Kill Driver</Button></td>
<td><input type="checkbox"name="HiddenWindow"value="1"> Tick to show Driver Window</td>
<td><input type="checkbox"name="StopDriver"value="1"> Tick to Stop driver auto restarting</td>
<td>Will need to kill driver to allow window to restart in open mode</td>
<td>This tick box does not kill the driver.</td>
Beta version all feedback to <a href="">Saquivor</a></td>

General / Unclear compiler error
« on: October 17, 2006, 03:28:38 am »

Saquivor starts to cast a spell.

A line numbering 37 appears out of the ether.

Its says


Hmm. That would appear to create a copy of an object in this room? If that is what you were trying to do.

Saquivor disappears again.

General / A little 'Road Trip'
« on: September 30, 2006, 10:34:12 pm »
*yawns* at Shigs why are u still moaning. U made your point now move on to something else.

General / A little 'Road Trip'
« on: September 30, 2006, 09:33:07 am »
I don't get what the big deal is here! The software is easy to use and allows people to share their ideas!

I wish more people would put effort into moving htings forward. Why not post a few code entries instead of moaning!


General / A little 'Road Trip'
« on: September 28, 2006, 09:11:24 am »

Can you ask them to add support for <a name =""> as it caused me a load of grief yesterday !!!


General / LPC Site Addresses
« on: September 27, 2006, 03:02:20 am »
I Hacked this out of Mud Connector a list of their LPMUDS :)

Search Results: 181 listings found for your search

  1.">The Land LPMud [[LP] LandLib]
  2.">The Lands of Evermore [[LP] EverLIB 2.6.4 (LDMud 3.3)]
  3.">Legacy of the Wyrm [[LP] MudOS running modified TMI 2 base]
  4.">Leviathan [[LP] Leviathan (NM IVa)]
  5.">Lima Bean [[LP] LP -- MudOS + Lima Mudlib]
  6.">LochNess [LP]
  7.">LooneyMUD [[LP] based on old Discworld]
  8.">Lormyr [[LP] Heavily modified from Ancient Empires MUD.]
  9.">Lost In Time [[LPmud] LP MUD]
  10.">Lost Lands [[LP] Skyfire Mudlib]
  11.">Lost Souls [[LP] Amylaar Lp]
  12.">Lost Wishes [[LP] MudOS TMI-2 Fully customized]
  13.">Lua-Uhane [[LP] Nightmare based mudlib]
  14.">LustyMud [LPMud 2.4.5]
  15.">Malevolence [[LP] Heavily modified H7]
  16.">Medieval Theatre [[LP]]
  17.">Merentha [[LP] Merentha/NM MM-2.03]
  18.">Midian [[LP]]
  19.">A Midnight Fantasy [[LP] Modified MudOS v22a41]
  20.">Midnight Sun [[LP] MudOS with custom additions]
  21.">Mittelerde [[LP] LDMud 3.3]
  22.">Moral Decay [[LP]]
  23.">MorgenGrauen [LPmud, property based, native German]
  24.">Muddy Waters [LPmud (CD)]
  25.">Mystic [[LP] Heavily Modified]
  26.">NannyMUD [[LP] Very extended LPMud]
  27.">Nanvaent [[LP] Driver: NANVAENT 3 (MudOS v22.1b21)]
  28.">NarutoMUD [[Smaug] NarutoMUD (Alpha)]
  29.,+The+Original">Nemesis, The Original [[LP] heavily modified]
  30.">The New Horizon [[LP]]
  31.">New Horizons LPC [[LP] Skylib 1.7]
  32.">New Moon [[LP] LPMud]
  33.">New Worlds [[Custom] LP Mud]
  34.">Nightfall [LPmud 3.1.2/mudlib NF3.0.0]
  35.">Nirvana [[LP] LP 3.1.02-DR]
  36.">Nuclear War [[LP] ** MudOS-0.9.18C1 Driver / 2.4.5 Lib  (Heavily Modified) **]
  37.">NuclearWarUSA [[LP] NuclearWar USA]
  38.">The Original Leviathan [[LP] Leviathan (NM IVa)]
  39.">OuterSpace [LP MUD]
  40.">Peril [[LP] MudOS v22.2b11  NM]
  41.">PixieMUD [[LP] LDMud 3.2.11]
  42.">Powermud [[LP] LPMUD 2.4.5 Heavily Modified]
  43.">Primal Darkness [[LP] Nightmare/Carnage]
  44.">Qalleon Swords [[LP] Cento Lib]
  45.">Quark [[Custom] QuarkMUD Alpha]
  46.">QuestMUD [[LP] -]
  47.">Ragnarok [[LP] customized LP server (magicmaps, databases, aliases, ANSI color, etc.)]
  48.">Reality's Edge [[LP] Slimewarp Library Version 1.amoeba.x^2]
  49.">Realm of the Magi [[LP] LDmud 3.2.9 + RotM Mudlib V2.0]
  50.">Realms of Chaos [[LP] ChaosLib 1.0/Nightmare 3.2]
  51.">Realms of the Dragon [[LP] LP]
  52.">Realmsmud [[LP] LDMud 3.2.9-Dev.489]
  53.">Regenbogen [[LP] LD 3.3,  basing on Morgengrauen's lib, BSX-extensions]
  54.">Renegades of the Imperial Alliance [[LP] Renegades Lib running on LDMud driver v3.4.1]
  55.">Revolution [[LP]]
  56.">RiftsMud [[LP] Custom Lib]
  57.">Round Table 3 [[LP] LPMUD 3.1.1 - DR]
  58.">RushMUD [[LP] Amylaar 3.2@141/2.4.5 COMPAT]
  59.">Seasons of  Almadyn [[LP] TMI-2 (heavily modified)]
  60.">ShadowGate [[LP] ShadowGate 1.5]
  61.">Shattered Realms [[LP] HIGHLY modified LP MUD running MudOS]
  62.">Shattered World [[LP]">]
  63.">SilberLand [[LP] minor patches applied to 3.2.1@141]
  64.">Simauria [[LP] [MudLib Sim 1.4.x] [Spanish]]
  65.">Star Wars Mud (SWmud) [[LP] highly modified Nightmare]
  66.">Star Wars: Force Wars (beta) [[LP] ?]
  67.">StarMUD [[LP] Custom (MudOS 22.2b13, StarLib 4.0b)]
  68.">StickMUD [[LP] LDMUD]
  69.">STYX [[LP] LP]
  70.">SuffeliMUD [[LP] LDMud 3.2.8/Suffeli Lib 0.3]
  71.">SumuMud [[LP] MudOS]
  72.">Synergy [[LP] CD Lib]
  73.">TAPPMud [LPMud]
  74.">Tauros [[LP] LDMud 3.3]
  75.">Tharsis Gate [[LP] Modified LP Mud 2.4.6]
  76.">Theramore Mud [[VME] Alpha Stage - Will be Modifying everything]
  77.">Thranduil [[LP]]
  78.">Top Mud [LPMud / Shattered World driver]
  79.">Traveller's Mud (Trav) [Amylaar's 3.2@286 driver, LPMud 2.4.5-tec LIB]
  80.">Tsunami [LPMud Custom Lib]
  81.">TubMud [LPMud]
  82.">The Two Towers [[LP] Highly customized TMI-2 1.1.1 mudlib on MudOS v22]
  83.">The Ultimate Galaxy [[LP] Dead Souls 2]
  84.">UNItopia [[LP] LDMud-3.2.9 UNIlib-mudlib]
  85.">The Unofficial Squaresoft MUD [[LP] Lima 1.0a6 / MudOS v22.2b12]
  86.">VargonMUD [[LP] MudOS]
  87.">Vincent's Hollow [[LP] MudOS v21.7-VH-980915]
  88.">Virtual Realities [[LP] MudOs]
  89.">Wallowing [[LP] LDMud 3.2.8-dev.190]
  90.">Walraven [[LP] SIMud Developmental Mudlib]
  91.">War of Gods [[LP] LP Mud]
  92.">Warlock [[LP] CD.04.07+MySQL, modified Genesis CDlib ver 01.00.03]
  93.">Winterkill [[LP] LPC]
  94.">Wonderland [[LP] lpc 2.4.5 Heavily modified]
  95.">Wunderland [[LP] LD 3.2.11]
  96.">Xyllomer [[LP] lpmud / dgd / own]
  97.">Zebedee [[LP] 03.02@311 modified]
  98.">ZombieMUD [[LP] LDMUD Driver, Zombie Lib]
  99.">Zynna [[LPMud] MudOS v20 DnD R16]
  100.">13 Kingdoms [[LP] Skylib 1.8]
  101.">3-Kingdoms [[LP] LP]
  102.">Abydos [[Custom] 100% Custom Delphi code]
  103.">Accursed Lands [[LP]]
  104.">After Hours [[LP] LDmud]
  105.">After the Plague [[LP] MudOS (CoreDump mudlib)]
  106.">Ages of Despair [[LP] MudOS driver on a modified TMI-2 mudlib]
  107.">Alatia [[LP] LPmud]
  108.">Aldebaran [[LP] own lib]
  109.">Anarres II [[Custom] MudOS A2-0.99.x series experimental LP driver]
  110.">Ancient Anguish [[LP] LPMud 3.2.1@141 (Native Mode)]
  111.">Ancient Empires [[LP] Modified for object persistance and performance]
  112.">AnderLand [[LP] NATIVE mode, driver version 03.02.1@137]
  113.">AndorMUD [[LP] Very extended LPMud]
  114.">Angalon [[LP] CD Mudlib, AD Driver]
  115.">Arkadia [[LP] CDlib]
  116.">Ascension [[LP] Dead Souls, Heavily Customized]
  117.">Asgard's Honor [[LP] DGD v1.2p2]
  118.">Astaria [[LP] Heavily Modified TMI-2]
  119.">AuroraMUD [[LP] MudOS, Custom lib (based on the Discworld lib)]
  120.">Bakhara [[LP] Lima-1.0a5 (sorta)]
  121.">Barsawia [[LP] CDlib]
  122.">BatMUD [[LP] Customized LPC driver.]
  123.">BlitzStrahl [[LP] Passion,]
  124.">ChaosMUD [[LP] MudOS Driver, with Customizations]
  125.">DarkeMud [[LP] the Darkelib]
  126.">Darker Realms [[LP] LPMud with custom modifications]
  127.">Darkness and Despair (DnD) [[LP] Heavily modified]
  128.">DarkRifts [[LP] MudOS v22.2b14 with heavily modified TMI-2 mudlib]
  129.">DarkWind [[LP] Heavily Modified]
  130.">Dartmud [[LP] LP Mud 3.1.2]
  131.">Dawn [[LP] LP]
  132.">Dawn of the Immortals [[LP] Custom MUDlib]
  133.">Dead of Night LPMud [[LP] Amylaar LPMud]
  134.">Deeper Trouble [[LP] LDMud, 3.2.9-dev.452]
  135.">Delphine [[LP] LDMud]
  136.">Demon's Gate [[LP] CD Driver]
  137.">Desolation [[LP] Lima Mudlib, version 1.0a8 (LPMud)]
  138.">Digital Horizons [[LP] 2.4.5 LP (Heavily Modified)]
  139.">Discworld [[LP] Discworld LP]
  140.">Divided Sky [[LP] Skylib 1.8]
  141.">DND-Legacy [[LP] Mudlib: DnD/Nightmare Classic]
  142.">Dragon's Den [[Custom] LPMud (MudOS)/Dragon mudlib]
  143.">Dragonfire II [[LP] Custom 2.4.5]
  144.">Dragonheart [[LP] custom]
  145.">Dreamverse [[LP] Nightmare -DreamIVr1.0]
  146.">Dreamweb [[LP] Customized LdMUD]
  147.">Dune [[LP] LP-Mud]
  148.">Elanathia [[LP] Modified]
  149.">Elephant Mud [[LP] MudOS v22]
  150.">Elysium LPmud [[LP] Custom 2.4.5 based lib on Amylaar 3.2.1]
  151.">Empires Of Magic [[MUX] MUX #10 [ALPHA]]
  152.">End of the Line [[LP] LD Mud driver]
  153.">END-OF-LINE [[LP] Amylaar]
  154.">Enkidu [[LP] Amylaar 03.02@319 Compat]
  155.">The Eternal Fantasy [[LP] Highly modified LPC-based]
  156.">Everdark [[LP] lpmud]
  157.">Eye of the World MUD [[LP] Revamped and rewritten (Originally TMI-2)]
  158.">Final Realms [[LP] LP mud with MudOS]
  159.">FinalFrontier [[LP] LDMud 3.3]
  160.">Flaming Coast [[LP] Discworld/Skylib 1.6]
  161.">Frontier [[Aber] LP Mud, 3.2 Amylaar driver]
  162.">GateWay [[LP] MudOS]
  163.">Geas [[LP] DGD]
  164.">Genesis [[LP] LPMud - CDlib 06.00]
  165.">Genocide [[LP] customized driver based on LP 3.2.1, custom mudlib]
  166.">Gryningstid [[LP] LDMUD]
  167.">Gueldenland [[LP] LDMud 3.2.11-dev.645]
  168.">Hall Of Fame [LP Mud 3.2.319]
  169.">Haven [[LP]]
  170.">Holy Mission - Remains from the Past [[LP] HerpModifications]
  171.">Holy Mission II [[LP]]
  172.">Hyperborea [[LP] with ANSI color support]
  173.">Icesus [[LP] Icelib]
  174.">IcewindMUD [[LP] MudOS]
  175.">IgorMud [[LP] DGD]
  176.">Imperial Expansion [[LP] real-time graphical space client (DirectX 9)]
  177.">Islands of Myth [[LP] Started from lima 1.0b3]
  178.">Kerovnia [[LP] LD-2.4.5-Kerov on LDMud 3.2.9]
  179.">Kingdoms [[LP] LPC]
  180.">KoBra Star Wars MUD [[LP] heavily modified]
  181.">Labyrinthus Latinus [[LP] 03.01.02 (pure LPMUD)]

General / Hello Folks!
« on: September 11, 2006, 08:06:44 am »

Well I must say this is very good news. Maybe I should reconsider looking a t other codebases and stick with DS2  B-)

The whole lpuni was starting to hack me off. So it is good to see there is a dedicated site to LPC, minus the organisational nightmares of other projects.

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