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General / SetBaseCost
« on: January 12, 2010, 11:41:19 am »
I've grepped and poked and prodded and can't find where SetBaseCost is actually defined.  In create.c it points me to eventModCost in Money.c which still doesn't define SetBaseCost  (It looks like there is no REAL SetBaseCost and there is a lot of backwards compatibility functionality (or so I assume) before I go off and hack out an Actual SetBaseCost function I figured I'd ask the Guru's.

Why am I looking you ask?
I am hacking the weapons to have weapon defaults:
All short swords will share base stats and then depending on the actual object (A Flaming Short Sword) I want to enforce specific Defaults so that I don't have two Flaming Short Swords made by different builders that have different stats.  I have been able to find and hack most of my Defaults but can't locate this magical SetBaseCost() function.  Any pointers are much appreciated.


LPMud 2.x and Amylaar / Filter(object(), x, y, z) question
« on: September 23, 2008, 01:24:45 am »
Okay, so I'm confused by the filter man files.

Here is what I am trying to do:

Dead Souls Support / Read Menu questions:
« on: June 27, 2008, 11:43:30 am »
straight out of pub.c in Yslrim:

Code: [Select]
int readMenu(object who, string str) {
    string array tmp2 = ({});
    string array tmp = ({ sprintf("%:-20s %:-7s", "Drink", "Cost") });
    object ob = present("lars");

    if( !ob ) { // lars is dead!
        this_player()->eventPrint("The menu is too bloodstained to read.");
        return 1;
    foreach(string *item in keys(ob->GetMenuItems())) {
        tmp += ({ sprintf("%:-20s %d electrum", capitalize(item[0]),
            to_int(ob->GetCost(item))) });
    foreach(string element in tmp){
        element = translate(element,  this_player()->GetLanguageLevel("Edhellen"));
        tmp2 += ({ element });
    tmp = tmp2;
    // show the menu a page at a time
    this_player()->eventPage(tmp, MSG_SYSTEM); // MSG_SYSTEM means ignore blocking
    return 1;

Which is called from this little gem in the main room definition:
Code: [Select]
SetRead("menu", (: readMenu :));

So what I need to do is be able to pass the bar keeps name into the function so that it can be inherited into any and all "Inns".

General / Weather System
« on: January 16, 2008, 02:23:03 am »
Weather White Paper.

I started work on a weather system two years ago before I dropped out of the scene.  Well I'm back and am going to hack my way through this system.

Have an easy customizable weather system, which effects rooms as allowed by objects in the room.

This is just a quick puking of ideas as I get them all out and not an official white paper.

  • Each Realm/Domain has it's own weather system.
  • Attributes that factor into the weather: Humidity, Barometric Pressure, Climate, Season, Tempature
  • Attributes modifable by rooms: Climate, Tempature
  • Weather Effects rooms: Weather creates: Rain Puddles, Banks of Snow, Lightning Storms
  • Wind
  • Accessible so that spells can modify local (domain level)

Rose Street
This is Rose Street. It runs in front of the Whitedove Inn.
Rain is poring down from the sky.  Done
A puddle of rain is on the ground.
Ashon is here.

>l sky
It is raining hard, the wind blows from the east. in progress

>listen rain
The rain is lound.

>smell rain
This is a wholesome spring rain.

(Hold out an OPEN Container)
>fill bucket rain
Ok.  The Bucket is now filled. Very Difficult?

Anyways, any suggestions, or ideas on what else you want out of the Weather System, since it is one of the most demanded systems, yet has never been done?

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