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Gurba Gathering / Gurbalib 0.43 beta available
« on: March 22, 2010, 03:13:57 PM »
Gurbalib 0.43 beta is a next step in the development of Gurbalib.

Compared to the previous release, it is much more robust, has enhanced security, and many smaller improvements and tweaks.
It is bundled with DGD 1.4.2, and optional sprintf and regexp packages.

You can download it from

Also, see the Changelog file provided there for more information on what changed exactly.


Drivers / DGD 1.4.2 released
« on: March 18, 2010, 07:52:02 PM »
On behalf of the DGD team, I have the pleasure to announce the availability of
DGD 1.4.2

It can be downloaded from:

New in this release:

  • Windows port is now a console application and builds with VS2010 (express edition)
  • Network extensions available on Windows
  • On Linux, Solaris and BSD variants, swap and dump files > 2GB are now supported
  • status() now returns large numbers as floats
  • The source code has been 'ansified', sorry, no more K&R, and, no more Amiga support.
  • Some changes and a bugfix to the extensions interface
  • Fixed the precompiler
  • Some documentation improvements
  • and more..

This is the work of a number of people, see the Changelog file in the
distribution for more information.

One contributor to 1.4.2 must be mentioned here:

The ansifying efford and improvements to the Windows version were
done by Stephen Spiller, many thanks for doing this rather back breaking job.

Enjoy the new release, and if you find any bugs or issues, report them to us
through the bug tracker on

Drivers / DGD 1.4.1 released
« on: February 18, 2010, 05:50:23 PM »
DGD 1.4.1 has been released today, it can be downloaded from

New in this version:

  • Support for // style comments
  • Integration of the network package (disabled by default)

Intermud /
« on: August 12, 2009, 04:44:53 AM »
Last year, the website dropped of the net, and the domain expired.

I picked up the domain, and created a new website with intermud related information.

Gurba Gathering / Gurbalib, near future and current svn version
« on: April 06, 2009, 08:25:44 AM »
A number of current developments in the svn version:

  • in-place recompilation: this allows you to update the code in all objects and their clones without needing a reboot. For those used to other lpc drivers, the 'deal' with this is that the objects in question are not replaced, hence all object references stay valid. Yet all objects and clones will get the new functionality inmediately.
  • Support for using DGD as a persistent server. This requires the in-pace recompilation. What this means is that Gurbalib now handles using statedumps, and can properly restore and continue from one. Also, Gurbalib should not require reboots or such for updates or changes.
  • Limited support for using Gurbalib to build a persistent world, cleanup and reset can be disabled and it is possible to drop an item somewhere, leave it alone for years, and then find it back when you return.

This weekend, we did some radical changes to the implementation of the this_player() and set_this_player() afuns. This makes them work as one would expect, but is having some repercusions. Mostly, there are a number of places in the lib that made some bad assumptions about what this_player() should be pointing to. Many of those have been fixed, but there are bound to be a few left still.

Also, somewhere this week most likely, a new security system will be committed to svn. Some details:

The new security system is capable of verification of all programs (not just objects) on the stack, and can be configured with 3 levels of security:
1. Only verify the rights of the current object
2. Only verify objects on the call stack (this mode is practically identical to the mudos/fluffos stack security implementation)
3. Verify both objects and inheritables on the call stack

As a consequence of this new security system, /obj/user.c, /obj/player.c, /std/user.c and /std/player.c will all be moved into /sys/
This allows for reducing the privileges of almost all code outside /sys and /kernel.

Other things expected in svn soon:
  • new currency system
  • new inventory handling

The repository is at svn://

On behalf of the Gurbalib Resurrection Project,

Gurba Gathering / The Gurbalib resurrection project
« on: March 06, 2009, 09:17:26 AM »
Gurbalib is a mudlib that was originally written for DGD 1.1 by Fudge (Erlend Simonsen).

It is a very lightweight lib that offers a rather complete set of game features, much more then found in any other publicly available lib for DGD.

Nullinfinite, Cerihan and me have spent a fair bit of time on making this lib run on DGD 1.2 (both the 'stable' and 'experimental' versions) with or
without network package (note that intermud 3 support only works when using DGD with network package)

There is one component from the original Gurbalib 0.40 distribution still missing, the FTP server, and we expect there to be a number of minor bugs
still relating to the conversion to DGD 1.2 (and much stricter typechecking).

We hope to wrap up an initial release this weekend, in the meantime, you can already try the current codebase by using the public subversion repository at

Once done with the initial release, there is a number of functional improvements queued for testing and integration, including much improved filesystem security and an enhanced event daemon.

Please review the included installation instructions for setting up the lib, and the copyright files for information on usage and distribution.

With many thanks to Fudge for letting us use his original work to 'do whatever we want with it' and to those who helped testing this so far.

On behalf of the Gurbalib Resurrection Project,

Drivers / Networking package for DGD experimental (1.2.132)
« on: December 12, 2007, 02:48:35 PM »
As mentioned in another thread, I adapted the network package for DGD to work on modern versions of the driver.

I made a new package available today that includes:
Somewhat cleaner code
Removal of a compiler warning
Handling of outgoing connections in non blocking mode
Working precompiler
Some LPC files for emulating MudOS' mud mode connections.

This started as a bit of a challange due to a post on the DGD mailinglist, but turned into a serious project since I got way more result then I had expected and it turned into a very useful project for my own mud.

I'm aiming at moving my mud to the latest DGD version in late december and am testing the patches in the meantime.

Since it turned into somewhat of an official project, I created a webpage for it and will try to keep the package uptodate with modern DGD releases. Bug reports and patches are welcome, mail them to or contact me on I3 (aidil@WOTF) or in-game ( port 23)

The new package can be found at

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