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Thank you for your answer, I guess I should reword that question about I plan to map out the world first to:

I plan to build all the rooms in the world first on my spare time what library would be best for this?

But you gave me alot of good advice, I guess I'll be monkeying around for a while.

Hello everyone. Please bear with me while I try to organize my thoughts into several questions. This is mainly for advice as I've built on a circle based mud before, and have a bit of programming experience. Thankfully I learn languages very fast, unfortunately I forget them in about the same amount of days that I used them for.

I want to build a MUD using LPC for various reasons but not from scratch, having one room to start in and a room building operation will help me alot, I plan to code the rest myself. It will include combat eventually.

What I want in it:
-Combat and Item system similar to Shadowrun Pen and Paper RPG with unlimited stats(its a dice based system)
-No leveling system, advancement based on karma like Shadowrun(has multiple types of karma for different ways of earning experience)
-Multiple types of magic, not fire, water, etc, I mean multiple types of casting magic, for example: arcane magic, chi, divine magic, etc with seperate magic pools(like magic task and combat pools in Shadowrun)
-critical multipliers on weapons like Dungeons and Dragons
-Multiple damage types for each magic type/weapons etc
-Multiple guilds and clans where you can be a part of a clan, guild, and whatever but not part of two or more of a single type

What I don't want:
-The system to be overly complicated for the player
-anything done bad

I plan to build this over a very long time because I assure you I want to make a quality MUD. Now to get to the question portion of this post. Since I am new to Actually developing a mud that I myself have to run, I need basic information:

WHat kind of program will I need to begin building this MUD?

What kind of Drivers will I need to but this particular kind of MUD?

I want to begin first by just mapping out the entire world on my spare time, what library would be best suited for this?

Where can I learn PLC when I am ready to start coding this game?

What kind of internet connection will I need once I am ready to let testers use the mud, or when I get some more builders/coders to work on it with me?

How would I go about making a score sheet?

How would I go about making the dice system?

HOw would I create a character creation system when I am ready?

What kinf of advice do I need that I haven't already asked about(this is probably the most important question)?

Anyone want to help(have to ask just for sanity's sake lol)?

Any and all answers that aren't flame or off topic will be greatly appreciated. I have the general direction for my mud to go, a theme, and a database with all the information I'm going to need to make it(except those pertaining to code and how to make the mud itself!). Thank you in advance!

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