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Title: Update about RealmsMUD mudlib
Post by: Maeglin on May 08, 2020, 10:54:45 am
It looks like it's been a few years since I last posted about the RealmsMUD mudlib. It has been developed against the LDMud driver and works really well against version 3.6.1. A defect was introduced in the driver's 3.6.2 version related to regular expressions that did break one minor feature - that defect has already been resolved by the LD team, and is resolved for the 3.6.3 release. If you want to use a different driver (FluffOS, DGD, etc) you will need to change a few of the efun calls. I once had a list of the exact ones that are affected, but I seem to have misplaced it.

Anyway, about the lib... In the last few years, I've added a few thousand more hours of dev time to the project and even did an "official" release a couple months ago. I won't rehash all of the goals since my other posts are still pretty visible on this forum, but a quick summary: I wanted to create a "modern mudlib" that people could use for their projects. I'm by no means done, but do have a pretty feature-rich lib already in place with 614 of the 678 planned features currently implemented.

If you're interested, you can peruse at: https://github.com/realms-mud/core-lib

In the repo, in addition to the lib itself, you can also find a few demo videos, setup instructions, some incomplete documentation (I put in a concerted effort to... uhhh... start it), and some good examples on getting started in /guilds, /tutorial, and to a lesser extent, /areas (this latter being a work in progress)