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Title: Compiling on modern Linux
Post by: Kaylus on March 23, 2020, 02:49:36 am
Hey everyone,

I was actually looking to get both Heaven 7 (v4 and Avatar) compiled recently; to get them working with anything past 3.3 will take a massive amount of work I think but I can't seem to get them working on any version of 3.3 - It appears like it might be related to the XERQ/ERQ utils. I've tried on AWS Linux (Redhat/Centos essentially), Ubuntu 18, and OSX - every time I get similar outcomes:

* When logging in as soon as the selection is made to login the driver segfaults but untraceably (unknown ??)
* Sometimes on v4 (depending on driver build) it crashes on the lsword.c heartbeat, but commenting that out goes back to the above.

Has anyone managed to get this running recently? I'd like to take a stab at cleaning it up but hoping I can shortcut past the segfault bit ;-)