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Title: I3 flakiness...
Post by: quixadhal on January 22, 2018, 04:26:11 AM
I like a good pastry as much as anyone, but I think flaky layers should be kept to biscuits and turnovers, not the I3 servers. :)

Code: [Select]
<: 20180122.055016.260 - INFO - (i3.c;int I3_connection_open(ROUTER_DATA *),6250)
 : Attempting connect to on port 8080
<: 20180122.055016.260 - INFO - (i3.c;int I3_connection_open(ROUTER_DATA *),6294)
 : Connected to Intermud-3 router *i4
<: 20180122.055016.360 - INFO - (i3.c;void i3_loop(),7071)
 : Connection to Intermud-3 router *i4 established.
<: 20180122.055016.360 - INFO - (i3.c;void I3_startup_packet(),1714)
 : Sending startup_packet to *i4
<: 20180122.055106.260 - INFO - (i3.c;void i3_loop(),7015)
 : I3 Client timeout.
<: 20180122.055106.336 - INFO - (i3.c;void I3_connection_close(bool),6327)
 : Closing connection to Intermud-3 router *i4
<: 20180122.055106.336 - INFO - (i3.c;void I3_connection_close(bool),6335)
 : Will attempt to reconnect in approximately 15 seconds.

*dalet will eventually connect, but loses connection randomly without any warning.  Since my ssh connection to the SAME host the mud runs on does NOT lose connection, it's clearly the I3 server dropping things.

Sure would be nice if we had direct access to the server side debug logs, so we could figure out if it's an actual code issue... or a network issue... or what.
Title: Re: I3 flakiness...
Post by: quixadhal on January 22, 2018, 04:33:04 AM
Oh, one other thing worth noting.... since I *CAN* connect to *dalet, but *i4 refuses to talk to me, it would seem the IRN connection is somehow broken.  I would guess that *i4 still remembers my MUD being back in Kalamazoo and refuses to accept the new IP address... *OR* perhaps when I get violently disconnected from *dalet, becaue it wasn't a clean disconnect, it never notifies *i4 of my being gone, so it thinks I'm still connected and won't accept a new connection attempt?
Title: Re: I3 flakiness...
Post by: Adam on January 22, 2018, 09:31:34 AM
Well, we did test ur connection on my test router and everything works flawlessly, even reconnects. So quix is right there is a definite issue with both current IRN routers.

Hopefully, with the introduction of *wpr and my router to IRN we can get to the bottom of this, I know I'll be making the debug logs public