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Title: pulsecheck mod
Post by: detah on September 12, 2006, 08:54:57 am

I edited the pulsecheck command to make it a little more informative.

Replace the 2 write statements in


with the following:

   write(ob->GetName()+"'s heartbeat timer length is "+ob->GetHeartRate()+".\n");

    write(ob->GetName()+"'s tick timer length is "+ob->GetHeartRate()*10+".\n");

    write(ob->GetName()+"'s hp/mp/stp regen per tick is "+ob->GetHealRate()+".\n");

These units of time are commonly refered to as a combat round and a tick (aka the natural heal rate).  The third item is the regen rate, ie. how much hp you heal each tick. This rate is affected by several factors including whether you are poisoned, intoxicated or sleeping.

In DS the 'regen rate' is the same for hp, mp and stp.