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Title: Computer and Emotes
Post by: vakuta on October 05, 2006, 08:46:45 am

Phew, what a hard time I've been having.  First thing first, the problem with my old computer.  Any help anyone could give would be much appreciated.  It was working fine all day, then all of a sudden, I go to turn it on, and it comes on, but during the startup, *click* it just blinks off on me.   :'-(  It is a laptop, HP computer running Windows XP.  It is also my old server.    :-(  Any ideas on what could be wrong are much appreciated.  My dogs chewed up the powercord a bit so that may be the problem.  So now I am downgraded to running the lib on a Windows ME computer.  I tried to modify the grin emote in /save/soul.o to say 'grins evily' instead of 'grins stupidly'.  I also tried to add 'demonically' to the adverbs, and now the grin emote is broken, and I cannot do emotes of any kind (I get an error in startup  (devil) )  Here is the code for /save/soul.o:


Emotes (["hippy":(/"Yippee!",(["":(/({({"are",}),"Punk rocker $agent_name $agent_verb going to scream, \"%^BOLD%^CYAN%^Yippee!!%^RESET%^\", 'cause it's the thing that only eats hippies!",}),({}),/),]),/),"grin":(/"Grin at whom?",(["at LVS":(/({({"grin",}),"$agent_name $agent_verb at $target_name.",}),({}),/),"":(/({({"grin",}),"$agent_name $agent_verb stupidly.",}),({}),/),"LVS STR":(/({({"grin",}),"$agent_name $agent_verb $adverb at $target_name.",}),({"-",}),/),"STR LVS":(/({({"grin",}),"$agent_name $agent_verb $adverb at $target_name.",}),({"-",}),/),"STR at LVS":(/({({"grin",}),"$agent_name $agent_verb $adverb at $target_name.",}),({"-",}),/),"at LVS STR":(/({({"grin",}),"$agent_name $agent_verb $adverb at $target_name.",}),({"-",}),/),"STR":(/({({"grin",}),"$agent_name $agent_verb $adverb.",}),({"-",}),/),"LVS":(/({({"grin",}),"$agent_name $agent_verb at $target_name.",}),({}),/),]),/),"lutra":(/"Do what?",(["LIV":(/({({"know",}),"$agent_name $agent_verb $target_name will ask $agent_objective a question $agent_nominative can just feel it.",}),({"-",}),/),]),/),"tongue":(/"Tongue whom?",(["at LVS":(/({({"stick",}),"$agent_name $agent_verb $agent_possessive tongue out at $target_name.",}),({}),/),"":(/({({"stick",}),"$agent_name $agent_verb out $agent_possessive tongue.",}),({}),/),"LVS":(/({({"stick",}),"$agent_name $agent_verb $agent_possessive tongue out at $target_name.",}),({}),/),]),/),"nuzzle":(/"Nuzzle how?",(["LIV":(/({({"nuzzle",}),"$agent_name $agent_verb $target_name.",}),({"-",}),/),"STR":(/({({"nuzzle",}),"$agent_name $agent_verb $adverb.",}),({"-",}),/),"STR LIV":(/({({"nuzzle",}),"$agent_name $agent_verb $target_name $adverb.",}),({"-",}),/),"":(/({({"nuzzle",}),"$agent_name $agent_verb.",}),({}),/),"LIV STR":(/({({"nuzzle",}),"$agent_name $agent_verb $target_name $adverb.",}),({"-",}),/),]),/),"strut":(/"Strut for whom?",(["LIV":(/({({"strut",}),"$agent_name $agent_verb $agent_possessive stuff for $target_name.",}),({}),/),"":(/({({"strut",}),"$agent_name $agent_verb $agent_possessive stuff."

     Adverbs ({"wildly","gradually","impatiently","hello","wryly","hard","stupidly","vaguely",,"regretfully","sadly","lovingly","loudly","desperately","respectively","passionately","gleefully","respectfully","solemnly","angrily","slowly","toothlessly","profusely","tearfully","enthusiastically","seductively","happily","interestedly","apathetically","mercilessly","evilly","goodnight","vociferously","mischeviously","hapiky","excitedly","intently","shabbily","goodbye","violently","oddly","disgustingly","demonically"})


So any help, much appreciated.   :<

Title: Computer and Emotes
Post by: capo on October 05, 2006, 09:19:32 am
Please repost in a readable format, use the code brackets... etc.
Title: Computer and Emotes
Post by: cratylus on October 05, 2006, 09:24:35 am

Zaroth, it looks like you've posted the soul.o file.

That's a data file.

It's not inteded to be edited by hand.




Title: Computer and Emotes
Post by: cratylus on October 05, 2006, 09:25:56 am

Also, please note that Dead Souls is not suported on

Win3.1, 95, 98, or Me.



Title: Computer and Emotes
Post by: cratylus on October 05, 2006, 09:53:46 am

Also, I misposted. I meant to post this url:


But #80 is instructive as well.

Please note, the FAQs honestly, truly, for real have useful

information for you, and aren't there to just take up space.

I know this probably sounds callous and even a little

hostile, but you have *got* to start using the available

documentation as a resource. That's what it's there for.

This board is meant for support, and you're not being discouraged

from using it, Zaroth. I just want to point out that it's faster,

more effective, and generally less painful if you try to help

yourself first, too.